Fine Arts Gallery Past Exhibitions

  • Moon Pie

    Fall 2020 Capstone Exhibition: Studio Art

    A virtual exhibition featuring Bachelor of Fine Arts senior students from Professor Robert Sherer's ART 4990 class:

    Michelle Beadles
    Jane Erwin
    Tracy Okai
    Adrianne Sawyer
    Livie Wang

    Image: Livie Wang, Moon饼Pie, 2020, 11x17, watercolor & gouache.

  • Art as Activism Winners

    Art as Activism: Social Justice and Sustainability

    November 11 – November 20, 2020

    presented by CIFAL Atlanta Distinguished UN-SDG Ambassadors

    Two CIFAL Atlanta Distinguished United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2020 Ambassadors  created this exciting initiative, Art as Activism: Social Justice and Sustainability, funded by RCE Greater Atlanta. Ambassadors Allison Yates and Cam Lorys developed the plan for this event during their time together in the CIFAL Atlanta program. Allison and Cam wanted to be able to develop a project that incorporated both social justice and environmentalism. As a result, they believed the creation of an exhibition of art made completely out of recycled materials that followed a social justice theme would work perfectly for their goal. The Ambassadors presented a virtual lecture for our November Last Wednesday Lunch program on November 18, 2020. During the virtual presentation, three award winners were announced to be given prize money to donate to one of ten charitable organizations working to solve issues of social justice or sustainability. 
    Featured Artists: EuGene Byrd, KC Nugent, Brandon Huelskamp, Amanda Reif, Kristine Kim, Tatiana Veneruso, Sara Jones, Dylan Carter, Gabi Madrid, and Judy Souriyarath.
    Award Winners:
    1st Prize Winner: Dylan Carter for his work, Eunomia, created with tempera and acrylic on election advertisements, sharpie on a textbook, and metal wire mesh, displayed on a miniature dress-form.
    2nd Prize Winner: Tatiana Veneruso for her work, Building a Nation, created using found wooden toys, marker, charcoal pencil, and acrylic paint.
    3rd Prize Winner: Brandon Huelskamp for his work, Befouled Bower, an accordion book made from mixed materials. 

  • Laboratory Installation


    October 2 – November 6, 2020

    In this atelier, KSU architectural photography students created an investigational space where they explored architecture, light, spacial relationships, and conceptual thinking through photography and video. The gallery was transformed from traditional art exhibition space into a visible studio.

    Visitors were invited to view first-hand, the creative process artists undergo in making their work. Over the course of this five-week installation, this transformative space permitted the audience to witness the artist’s experiments, edits, critiques, distillation, and process toward making refined works.

    Featured artists: Brittany Bowden, Scott Brown, Elayna Gorshenin, Amari Haller, Sarah Jaston, Chloe King, Marc Mills, and Eric Woods. 

    Installation view of Laboratory exhibition. 

  • image of infectious creativity

    Infectious Creativity

     This Fine Arts Gallery exhibition presents diverse works created during quarantine by P-12 art educators. As part of the ongoing partnership between the KSU School of Art and Design and the metro Atlanta visual arts educator community, Infectious Creativity shares a glimpse of the creative processes of front line educators. The juror for this show was Louise E. Shaw, curator of the David J. Sencer CDC Museum at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

    Image: Lurking by Suzette Spinelli.

  • Maddi Smith

    Cuban Super Heroes

    Wilson Building, KSU Kennesaw campus Virtual tour courtesy of Shane McDonald. Read more.

    Presented as part of KSU's 2019-20 Year of Cuba. 

    Image: Orisha by Maddi Smith.

  • Capstone 1

    Spring Capstone I Exhibition: Studio Art

    Virtual Exhibition -- Senior Exhibition, Studio Art4990
    Professor Robert Sherer
    Spring 2020

    Image: Velveteen Rabbit Spread by Haylee Barrios. 
  • Capstone 2

    Spring Capstone II Exhibition:Graphic Communications

    Virtual Exhibition: Graphic Communications, ART 4980
    Professor Craig Brasco
    Spring 2020

    Image: Space: An Explorer's Guide by Micah Nibbs.

  • Capstone 3

    Digital Animation Capstone/Owls Film Festival

    Virtual Senior Animation Reel Exhibition, Digital Animation
    Professor Sandee Chamberlain
    Spring 2020

    Image: Benjamin Russell.