Spring CAPSTONE I Exhibition – Bachelor of Fine Arts Majors

Senior Students

Haylee Barrios

  • Haylee Barrios is a recent graduate who studied Illustration at Kennesaw State University. Her main interests consist of pattern design, children’s book illustration, and editorial illustration. Inspired by the warm and graphic style of vintage children’s books, Haylee focuses on creating images reminiscent of her childhood. With her use of playful subject matter, Haylee creates interactive and endearing pieces that can be enjoyed by many.

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  • The pieces I chose to exhibit in this show are meant to create a nostalgic response from the audience, and to provide a sense of warmth and comfort. I’ve always been drawn to fun, whimsical subject matters and I enjoy creating images that people can easily relate to. I wanted to create timeless pieces that can be found anywhere. These illustrations are made so that they could be interacted with and enjoyed by anybody.

    I find simple shapes and bright colors the most appealing to work with, as well as rough, layered textures. Most of my inspiration comes from nature and my childhood memories, as well as old school illustrators such as Alain Grée and Eric Carle. These images created a positive reaction from me growing up, so I want to continue creating that response from others.

Hanson Bassey


  • Lava
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Modern Plague
  • Owl
  • Hanson Bassey is a transnational 3D artist / sculptor from Nigeria. He has a genuine interest in the unique combination of artistry and technology. His had the opportunity to work on many projects for various studios.

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Summer Davis

  • Summer Davis is an American photographer whose work explores self, and ourselves in relation to others. She questions what drives people to follow through with their actions. Growing up in a suburb outside of Atlanta, Georgia has allowed Summer to experience many different types of people, but overall, she sees the majority of the population as the reason for ecological devastation. She is best known for her dead-pan style and color images that focus on the disappearance of rural landscapes in the changing environment of the South. She documents the evolving landscapes around her to call attention to suburban sprawl, and how it is causing the fading culture of quaint small towns in rural America. Summer’s photographs allow viewers to internally question their actions and their consequences.

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  • Morph

    Poet and scholar Jaláluddin Rumi once wrote about how one’s personality is only used in relation to how they exhibit themselves toward other people. When one is alone, they do not have to demonstrate who they are or how they act because nobody else is there to make them self-conscious. However, extended isolation can cause certain individuals to forget who they are over time. Their mind takes over and makes them start to imagine false realities. Their sense of self become more abstracted and fluid as they melt into the air that surrounds them.

    This series of photographs visually explores this concept of the abstraction of one’s reality when they are left with only their thoughts. A sheet veils a human form, making it hard to tell what pose the person underneath it may be in. The black and white compositions evoke a sense of drama, chaos, and stillness all at once.

    Longer periods of seclusion cause the mind to become more convoluted. Loneliness leads the identity of a person to become disassociated, and eventually they may lose all sense of self. The body form becomes less human-like and harder to recognize as it morphs into organic shapes. Atmosphere joins body, and the fluidity of this union mimics that of one’s ability to show different sides of themselves around others. Who are you when you are alone?


Juliebeth Delgado 

  • Juliebeth Delgado is a graduating senior in Kennesaw State University.  She is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking. Her love for illustrations and sea life has influenced a lot in her work since she was young. Through her art she likes to tell stories and creating surreal worlds with sea life. In addition to printmaking, the artist likes to explore with other media’s like watercolor and black light paint.

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  • My art involves a lot of printmaking techniques such as relief and screen prints. Relief prints give my illustrative stories a more dramatic look to them while my screen prints illustrations give them a softer dream like design. Through my art, I also like to explore other medias like watercolor and bookmaking. With my bookmaking, I like to tell personal stories not just about me but also about others. I always believed in people carrying stories that are unforgettable and that’s what I like to illustrate.


Dylan Doyle

  • I live for new experiences. Whether it’s using unique mediums and techniques in the arts, diving into unconventionally philosophical concepts, or exploring the wonders of our planet, I’m constantly seeking inspiration. I use the creative process of 2D and 3D visual art to express scientific and philosophical ideas ranging from universal patterns to global theologies. Common themes throughout my work deal with the Fibonacci sequence, duality, reincarnation or infinite incarnations, and esoteric spirituality and symbolism. I am unrestricted with the use of specific mediums. Art is my medium and it is a means of communication. I do not consider myself an “artist”, this label is just a tool for me to explore thought. I am a visual philosopher, both thematically and aesthetically.

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  • Philosophy is the culmination of my creative process. At an early age I was motivated to think deeply about reality and my place in it. This led to the observation of patterns in myself and the world around me. Inspired to become “enlightened”, I thrust myself into esoteric and theological reading. Realizing the correlation of these subjects and modern the modern sciences, I had discovered my passion in life. In my 2D and 3D work I am exploring the connections, rhythms, and patterns of the Universe, through a variety of mediums and styles. Duality being the overarching theme, metal and wood the main medium. I aim to present a high-end aesthetic that permits the viewer their own perspective theme/meaning, which allows me even more insight into the piece, ultimately reflecting myself. The understanding of my psyche through the creative process is to me, just as, if not more interesting than the work in which it creates. Being able to see the world as my reflection and vice versa has deepened the philosophy inspiring my work, including the look; highly polished smooth areas, contrasted by dark, ominous textures. Organic and geometric forms coalescing. Universal patterns such as phi ratio, toroidal flows, and sacred geometry.


Kendra Elorza-Bray

  • Kendra Elorza-Bray is an African American multimedia artist who explores African spirituality, portraiture, gender, race, and a variety of different subjects. She is an artist who uses her knowledge of traditional, digital, and 3d mediums to express concepts surrounding what it means to be black. She is best known for customizing dolls into Art dolls as Seasonal Frostbite online.

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  • When the medium hits the surface, I’m focused, confident and full of life and energy. I apply, thick, bold, strokes of paint to create a balance between realism and a painterly like quality to my work to draw the viewer in. When I paint, the medium is just as important as the subject matter and how it’s applied. The surface of my canvas and or drawing surface reveals a lot about me when one looks upon my work closely. You can feel the delicate intimacy I have with my medium. I choose to express myself in portraiture using black women and African American issues as my favorite subject matter. I paint their various skin tones with unexpected colors that you wouldn’t expect to see in dark skin tones. I often paint them with various crystals as I believe they promote healing and in our community black women need that healing more than ever.


Antonio Herron

  • Antonio Herron began his art career in 2016 with the development of his namesake brand, Antonio Michel. Up until University level, the artist was self taught, and started to gain recognition through social media by creating portraits for different influencers, musicians, and celebrities alike. Once in the University, the artist started to merge his passion for both fashion and art to create his brand, which offers clothing inspired by modern luxury and “streetwear”. Supporting himself and the brand through college, the artist has done countless commision works for musicians, brand owners, and personal clients.

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  • These works are created in the image of the current world in which men and women covet and obsess over ideal beauty and aesthetic. Each composition has its subject surrounded by white space, symbolizing perfection. At first glance each piece appears to be a composite image of some feature of typically beautiful woman, but with further examination, there are elements of edginess and terror. Overlays of cracked glass and chains (in earlier pieces, with spikes) surrounding/wrapping/going through the subject represent the reality of imperfection beyond meets the eye, and an attempt to control what we see within the composition, i.e, women.


Emmie Huffman

  • Emmie Huffman is an illustrator with a special interest in archaeological illustration. She has studied fine art and illustration. She has a passion for art history and discovered that through illustration she can combine her interests in history with technical skills in draftsmanship. She has experience working closely with museums and historical sites.

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  • The breadth of works I create span from technical illustrations to fine art illustrations. I have a special interest in technical illustration, specifically archaeological illustration. The ability to make ancient culture accessible to the modern world through my illustrations is important to me. I believe all objects have a story to tell, and my job is to make their stories accessible to everyone. I also dabble in fine art illustrations for my own personal interests and passions. The subjects I touch on are specific to women’s issues, including body image and stigmatized issues, such reproductive rights. I make confrontational art to help normalize topics deemed too taboo for open discussion.


Sadie Launder

  • Sadie Launder is a multimedia artist specializing in drawing and painting. Her abstract oil paintings are comprised of bright colors and movement. Her work also includes realistic paintings as well as subjective ocean-life watercolor pieces.

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  • In this series of oil paintings I wanted to put most of my focus on representing color and movement. I chose to use oil paint as my medium for these abstract pieces because It gives the paintings more depth, and almost makes them appear wet. I draw inspiration for these artworks from fluid forms such as water, lava, and gel. Allowing the forms to interact with one another and flow around the canvas helps to move the viewer’s eyes around the piece. Carefully placing the bold colors evenly around the artwork helps to keep my pieces balanced to give a sense of peaceful interaction of the organic forms. 


Hayley Leavitt

  • Hayley Leavitt is an American multimedia artist who explores the differing view of the human experience in the world, and the impact of the psyche on reality. She is best known for her use of oils and watercolors, and her research on the influence of freedom on creativity and motivation.

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  • Hayley Leavitt is an emerging nationally exhibiting multimedia artist and internationally known researcher. Her artwork explores the experiences of our environments, both urban and rural. Her research focuses on the effects of freedom and choice on creativity, productivity, and motivation. She is best known for her reductive processes of painting: carving away lines to show the layers underneath in oil and encaustic medias, and the use of wax and masking fluid to do the same in aqueous medias.

    She creates paintings based on universal experiences of places, as we grow up and travel environments reflect the growth of humanity and we ourselves reflect our environments. Nature brings about peace and invokes childhood memories of exploring and getting lost, experiences of mystery and wonder. Suburban and urban landscapes have their own charm and mysteries. Hayley seeks to impart an experience to the viewers of her work, to see the world through her own eyes.


Sarah McClymond

  • Sarah McClymond is a printmaker and mixed media artist from Atlanta, GA. Her upbringing as a child of academicians/ theologians heavily influenced her interest in classical mythology and narratives. Her work explores themes related to feminism, the occult and the subconscious with deliberate references to religious myths and archetypes. She also has an appreciation for low-brow illustration and creates pieces that reflect the dark humor and absurdism of the everyday.

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  • The selected pieces represent my artistic vision and create narratives exploring themes of dreams, the subconscious and the female search for power and enlightenment. Using the medium of printmaking, I rely heavily upon linework, high contrast compositions and selective use of color to create bold and dark pieces. Nude figures explore atmospheric spaces and encounter monsters and messengers. Stories are told in their own worlds which exist in one frame. Personal experiences are also mined to explore the horror and the sublime in our everyday world.


Jordan Mills

  • Jordan Mills is an Atlanta based multimedia artist who will graduate from Kennesaw State University with a BFA in Fine Arts (Drawing & Painting) In May 2020. She is most known for her hand-cut, organic wood canvases, use of epoxy resin and authentic crystals to create abstract pieces of art. She is inspired by the remarkable and unique energy that different crystals are able to transmit and hopes to create pieces that are able to transform and improve the energy of the rooms they are displayed in.

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Lily Novotny

  • Lily Novotny is an emerging Georgia-based visual artist who studied painting and drawing at Kennesaw State University. She aspires to be a gallery artist, and is seeking exhibition opportunities in the Atlanta art scene. She is interested in portraying the human experience through surrealist renderings of the human figure.

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  • I am a painter that mostly works in aqueous media. I like how ink and watercolor produces a mixture of soft and hard edges, and how the pigments mixed with water provide various transparencies. My work tends to have symbolism in it that tells a story about the human experience, but people will connect with the imagery differently. It has spiritual facets that are meant to make the viewer reflect on themselves. The soft quality of my pieces contrasts to their fierce imagery; the varying translucence adds to the ethereal ambiance of the paintings.


KC Nugent

  • KC Nugent is an abstract and conceptual artist whose work focuses on the emotional reaction of color and shape, and how that relationship determines the outcome for the piece by the viewer. Through the use of various mediums, the goal of her art is to attempt to reflect the subconscious idea of emotion in a universally understood language.

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  • How does the visual relationship between simple but intentional color, shape, and line allow for a viewer to interpret the emotion of the piece? When using color, shape, and line and fluctuating between each one as the focus, how does the meaning of the piece change? Does it even change? Or is it all based on what the viewer sees? I see this as something I am struggling to tackles because as I am creating these pieces, to me, certain parts of it stand out more than others. This also stems from the fact that each step in creating the piece informs the next decision I make. For example, how I decide to use to line to make the shapes tends to influence what colors I decide to fill those shapes in, and even if I have a decided color scheme before I paint, the process of painting itself tends to ultimately make the decision of the path I end up following. Ultimately my question is: is that connection and path obvious to the viewer? Does it make a difference visually? Or is that just how I process the creating the pieces?

    I see color theory as a way that I experiment with communicating feelings or emotions, and I started the semester wanting to push myself in this aspect. Because I have been allowing myself dive into this, it has been interesting to seen how it fluctuates when I go in with a decided scheme versus when I just allow myself to decide as I am mixing the colors. I also started this class out with exploring a certain shape that I discovered late in the summer, drawing it over and over until I got bored of it. Now that I feel like I’ve allowed for the idea to naturally morph itself into something else, I am feeling freer in my shape creations and allowing my hand to take over and just draw them out, almost as if they were maps inside my head. If I am honest, I am not sure if my process of doing these things has any meaning to anyone else but me, because for me emotion is something that really controls everything I do. My problem with the idea of emotion as a theme though is most people think of it and assume they will represent it through the human face and facial expressions, which I think it very much overdone. Instead, I think the way that I am trying to achieve it allows for the viewer to have more room decide what they get from it rather than what I could possibly be forcing onto them. My ultimate goal of my work in this class is to really push myself to discover how using my emotions and intuition in my creation of these pieces really becomes a deciding factor in how they turn out


Cassidy Odell

  • Cassidy Odell was born in Atlanta in the early 90’s and grew up in the area, she considers herself to have been born an artist and can’t imagine life without creating new things. Cassidy has a great love for nature and the outdoors, you can often find her hiking or taking photographs outside, and this love has greatly influenced the overall style of her art. She also enjoys cooking, being with animals, her job as a Photographer, and learning about the world.

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  • The works that I have chosen to display in our Senior Exhibition Gallery were chosen primarily because they show the diverse ways that I approach Ceramic Art. I have always loved to experiment, to discover new ways to do or to look at things, and to feel like in doing so I am creating something entirely different than anything I’ve done before. The thought processes that go into the pieces I make are constantly evolving; a big part of my life has been acknowledging the need to adapt to changes as they occur and to swim with the current rather than fighting against it. I consider the art that I make to be a series of semi-intentional actions that then lead me to unexpected results, I then attempt to accentuate those results in an artistically balanced way.

    The goal in all of this is to let the universe have a hand in my art. I feel that by letting go slightly and allowing the natural forces of physics and the world affect what I create, I can somehow interweave a little bit of magic, or whatever word you prefer, into what I do. After my time at KSU within the incredible Ceramics department we have, I have accumulated a sense of my ceramic style and the processes I enjoy using; the purest porcelain I can find, crystalline glazes, brilliant raku finishes, and delicate finished pieces that reflect my personal artistic style.



Wesley Sanders

  • Wesley Sanders is a native Georgia artist, and was self-taught from a young age in Drafting, painting and sculpture. After entering the labor force for the better part of a decade Wesley began attending Georgia Highlands College and then Kennesaw State University to receive a Bachelors of Fine Arts and to hone his personal artistic styles. Wesley Sanders is a pluralist with interests in several forms with a special concentration in watercolor and digital sculpture.

  • For the past 18 months I've been experimenting with two vastly different mediums in particular. The first is the use of traditional watercolor painting techniques, but with a more organic nontraditional form of paint (wine reduction). For my three-dimensional work I have been experimenting with emerging virtual reality and 3D printing technology. The subject matter of the works has been drawn from 20th century illustrators that inspired me as a child. Artists such as Brian Froud and Frank Frazetta. This subject matter is also tailored to the medium, a futuristic Art Deco inspired look for the three-dimensional and a more rustic turn of the century look for the 2D. 


Alyssa Smith

  • Alyssa Smith is a Metro Atlanta based artist who creates abstract sculpture. Her Father, who is an avid craftsman and survivalist, raised her to have a love for making things and spending time outside, which inspired her to become a sculptor. Alyssa’s pieces explore the interactions that humans have with urban and suburban wildlife, as the sculptures also function as environments for native flora and fauna. Her love of mythology underpins her design aesthetic, which combines organic and geometric shapes to create something that feels other-worldly.

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Sheala Tabb

  • Sheala Tabb was born in Queens, New York in 1996. At the age of twelve, she began to take an interest in drawing and creating fictional characters. This fascination was brought on by admiring the artwork she would see from others on the internet and becoming inspired to create her own.

    After she graduated from high school, Sheala decided to further cultivate her drawing skill by pursuing a Visual Arts degree in college. After taking a class in illustration, she noticed that it was a subject she really enjoyed. She wanted to create art that told a story and that was an interest that had persisted ever since she first started drawing. Upon coming to this realization, Sheala made an immediate move to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration.

    Sheala often delves into the theme of combining nature and fantasy in her illustrations. She values presenting the viewer with imagery that can spark the imagination and our natural environment comes in a variety of shapes and colors that continue to inspire her.

    Sheala currently lives and works in Canton, Georgia.

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  • I am an American illustrator who uses a digital medium to create detailed painterly images that display a feeling of softness and fantastical beauty. My goal is to tell a story with my works, setting the mood with the use of contrasting colors and experimenting with dynamic poses and expression in the subject. I explore subjects of fantasy and nature in my illustrations; flowers are a significant and consistent source of inspiration. I am currently producing a series of illustrations in which I am taking certain elements of flowers, whether it be physical aspects or its floriographic meaning, and personifying them into fantasy characters.