Spring CAPSTONE II Exhibition – Graphic Communications

Seniors in ART 4980

Sally (Yeseul) Cho

  • Sally (Yeseul) Cho is a graphic designer from South Korea who currently resides in sunny Marietta, Georgia. She is expected to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Concentration in Graphic Communications from Kennesaw State University in 2020. Sally’s major skill sets lie in the world of brand identity design and print design. She is committed to shift mindsets, inspire innovation, and unleash movements through the power of branding. Her work transcends style with the constant exploration of typography, imagery, and illustration. She is currently available for freelance projects.

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Natalie Dettman

  • I'm a soon to be graduate (May 2020!) of Kennesaw State University with a BFA in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. I’m thankful that I get to do something that makes me excited to wake up in the morning, and I have a particular love for branding, typography, and sustainable design. I’m inspired by Swiss style, collaging, and vintage national park art, and am always eager to learn. When I’m not designing, you can find me exploring the great outdoors or daydreaming about my next roadtrip.

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Brendan Dufek

  • Hi! I am Brendan Dufek, a graduating designer from the class of 2020. My journey into the field of art began about 12 years ago, when I first picked up a drawing pencil and began teaching myself illustration. I stuck with Illustration for awhile, and honed my skills. Once I reached college, I decided that I wanted to branch out into a new form of art, and with a little inspiration and help from my loving fiancée, I began my journey into Graphic Communications. While Design is my chosen field of study, I am always striving to find new ways of incorporating art into my work. This includes Photography, Illustration, Portraiture and much more.

    I am grateful for all of the support and inspiration from all my family, my fiancée, and my peers as I have gone through this journey here at Kennesaw. I couldn’t have done any of this without you guys. Hooty Hoo!

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Arielle Grant

  • Visual artist, Arielle Grant (ARI), prides herself on excellent craftsman ship, innovative concepts, and her overall understanding for all things art. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, ARI is a true lover of anything that is outdoors. She's always game for an adventure. She enjoys discovering foods, exploring new places, and learning fun facts. She is passionate about animals, self-expressions, equality for all, but most of all art.

    Inspired by life itself, ARI uses her experiences as the motivating drive behind all of her work. Her design skills in combination with her limitless creativity sets her apart. Her love for creating has allowed her to view life in all colors. Art allows ARI to express herself without boundaries. She lives to creates and creates to live. With hopes to use herself as a vessel, she aims to create the purpose to not only educate, but to also bring joy to others. At 27 years old, ARI feels as though this is just the beginning and is only getting better with time. 

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Brooke Hataway

  • Brooke Hataway is an Atlanta based graphic artist. She specializes in had drawn elements for her designs and prefers to use illustration and organic shapes in favor of rigid shapes and forms. She has been awarded two times in a row for the 2019 and 2020 GDUSA Graphic Design Awards. And she loves packaging design. She is graduating May 2020 with a B.F.A. in Art with a concentration in Graphic Communication.

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Cindy Jodesty

  • Cindy Jodesty is a Graphic Designer and Marketer. When Cindy was a child, her first love for art started with drawing and painting. Her passion for design came when she began taking visual arts classes in college. Her curiosity and passion for art and design have always been a form of how she expressed herself. During her college career, she gained experience working as an intern. Cindy has worked for many companies in the design, advertising, and marketing industry, including Southern Graphic Systems (SGSco), The VIA Agency, and LDX Solutions.

    Cindy is always up for a challenge and gives 100% to all tasks. Her curiosity is the driving force to push herself in all things in life. Cindy has participated in design and marketing competitions. As a result, she won many awards and team competitions. She enjoys freelancing and creating brand identities for small businesses and nonprofits. Cindy believes the creative process is a crucial part of any project. Making sure to understand your client, their needs, company, and vision is a key element. Cindy enjoys reading, drawing, and listening to music in her free time. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Her definition of fun is watching a movie and having a good laugh.

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Audrey Lockstedt

  • I am Audrey Lockstedt, an award-winning graphic designer about to graduate Kennesaw State University with a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Communications.

    All my life, I have loved two things: animals and art, but I was always told that I could never get a job in either of those fields. After graduating high school, my mother encouraged me to go to a local college for degree in art. I started at KSU in the fall of 2015 focusing on a BFA with a concentration in drawing and painting. After taking some core classes, and with the influence of my professors, I found a new passion for graphic design and changed my course. I now happily work as a graphic designer at Create! Graphix, a print shop based in Kennesaw, GA.

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Micah Nibbs

  • Micah Nibbs is a graphic designer whose work focuses on simple, clean, and impactful designs and on bringing a more modern design aesthetic to his subject matter. His works range from logo design, brand building, and package design, to app design and web design. His concepts often explore the topic of space and the potential for the future exploration and colonization of the planets. Micah was born and raised in DeKalb county Georgia, where he was homeschooled until attending college. His love of art took hold at a young age and after several years of using more traditional mediums he was introduced to graphic design his freshman year of college. Nibbs expects to graduate in 2020 with a degree in Art with a BFA Concentration in Graphic Communications. In addition to several graphic design awards and being named one of the 2020 students to watch, Nibbs has also received many academic awards including being named to the Dean’s List, and the President’s List for several semesters in a row.

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Maggie Owen

  • Maggie Owen is an artist who primarily focuses on graphic design, photography, and illustration. She earned her BFA at Kennesaw State University and briefly attended Young Harris College, where she began her art education through a mixture of folk artists, printmakers, and filmmakers. She has been awarded two GDUSA awards and has photography displayed in the KSU permanent collection and the Fortezza di Montepulciano in Italy. A firm believer in making art using on-hand materials, some of her favorite media are 20 cent BIC pens, a broken 15” Macbook, and a nearly 50 year old Nikon film camera handed down by her dad. Maggie is currently based in Atlanta, but is planning to move to Denver, CO in July 2020. Until then, you can often find her looking for bones and other trash-treasures at the lake, on the side of the road, or in the backyard in her black stompin’ boots.

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Nikki Petrow

  • Nikki Petrow was born in Long Island, New York. Nikki currently lives and works from Kennesaw, GA. In 2020, she will be receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Graphic Communications from Kennesaw State University. She specializes in graphic design work such as advertising publications, and branding. Nikki has built her portfolio with designed publications, branding and advertisements for places, events, and organizations, product packaging, user experience design, and motion graphics. Nikki is now working towards moving into her professional career as a graphic designer.

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Kyla Resnick

  • I am a creative professional specializing in print design, packaging design, illustration, and murals. I currently am the Communications Director for Wildwood Baptist Church, where I am responsible for all visual and written communication, including managing the church’s various social media accounts, assisting the different ministries with marketing collateral, and branding sermon series. On the side I work as a freelance muralist, and have completed thirteen murals since 2018. I have won prestigious awards from Graphic Design USA in the categories of graphic design, packaging design, and web design. I will be graduating in July from Kennesaw State University with a BFA in Art with a concentration in Graphic Communications.

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Logan Stephens

  • I am soon to be an alumnus of Kennesaw State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts concentrated in Graphic Design.

    I am at my best when faced with a design challenge that pushes the the limits of my knowledge and experience. Designing is not simply creating something that looks professional or carries a message. A beautiful design is ineffective if the audience and purpose have not informed the creative direction. With the understanding of those two things, a designer can make informed decisions about when and how to break design rules and norms. This provides the ideal opportunity to produce original designs and concepts.

    I have worked with a number of businesses, organizations and individuals to help tell their stories, sell their products, and communicate their ideas.

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Joseph Tari

  • Hello! My name is Joseph Tari and I am a graphic designer. I graduate from Kennesaw State University in May of 2020 with a bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, with a concentration in Graphic Communications. I have been creating digital artwork since 2014 and I am proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and XD.

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Erin Walsh

  • I was born in south Florida and am currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I will soon be graduating from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts concentrated in Graphic Design. I love creating energetic, expressive designs packed with individuality. I am always open to taking on new challenges and am expanding my knowledge and ideas. I believe it is very important to push creative thoughts in order to form unique designs that portray a message with purpose. 

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Emily White

  • I am an aspiring Graphic Designer in the Atlanta area.

    I come from a small town but that doesn’t mean my ideas are small. I love creating intricate designs that work. I am proficient in all Adobe Creative Cloud Programs. I am earning my BFA in Graphic Design from Kennesaw State University in May 2020, and I am ready to put it to use. I have a big love for the sunshine, dogs, plants, and everything outdoors.

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Amber Williams

  • Amber Williams is a graphic designer in North Georgia. She grew up in the rural Blue Ridge mountains surrounded by beauty and nature; as a result, her design sense is rooted in authentic whimsy. Fun yet practical design is always her end goal. She has worked in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and enjoys doing projects involving youth and entertainment. She is proficient in almost the entire Creative Cloud Suite, with the most experience in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Amber’s passion lies in combining illustration with design. She is excited for her future in the design industry.

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Savannah Winn 

  • I am a soon-to-be graduate of Kennesaw State University with a B.F.A in Graphic Communications and a minor in Engagement Marketing.

    As a creative problem solver, I find the niche that intersects visual storytelling with marketing know-how in order to effectively communicate ideas. I tackle design challenges through informed decision making that is supported by a process of research and exploration. I believe that effective design is both visually intriguing and conceptually innovative.

    My multi-disciplinary “toolkit” includes illustration, motion graphics, print media, branding, and everything in between. However, I am insatiably curious and always eager to learn new things. I want to help businesses and individuals bring their ideas to life in order to achieve their measurable goals through powerful design.

    When I am not working on cool projects, you can find me swing dancing or geeking out over vintage typography.

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