Christopher Adcock

  • I am an artist heavily focused in digital artwork, yet I do have the ability to work in other mediums. A large part of this focus comes from my enjoyment of animation and my general comfort that I’ve come to grow with the medium. Some of my other art influences have come from a few other largely digital forms such as video games and anime. The influences can be seen in a lot of my fan art but also in the style that have formed in my characters that I draw. The heavy contrast and use of lighting that I build when rendering piece comes from my likeness for atmosphere and building scenes and worlds. While the practice of digital media and art is largely new, it is starting to become the main medium for a large amount of the main stream media nowadays. Yet while I do focus heavily in the digital side of art, I do try to mix things up with some graphite and ink drawings as well while not as consistent. But overall I like to focus on the building of atmosphere and rendering to convey the feelings of what I’m trying to create, whether it be characters going on a sea voyage or a painting of myself as Nikolai Tesla.

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Seth Byrd

  • Little Bun is the story of a bunny that learns the value of friendship after an accident forces her to slow down. I wrote it last summer while attending an artist residency, and decided to write a story to entertain my instructor’s 5 year old daughter. I was inspired by the mountainous landscape and windy rolling hills of rural Vermont, and imagined this bunny character that loved to run around. I then turned the poem into a short, and chose a simple graphic style that would have a children’s book feel along with limited animation. 

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Graham Capri

  • I wish the world could be aesthetic, loving, and hopeful everyday like those flowery shoujo animes from the 90s with the glittery eyes. Everyday could be a good day, doing a hobby you're passionate about, being hilariously extra with your friends, and self love. Disappointingly since the world is not that way, maybe that’s why it’s so nice to see a movie with the world so simple. This short film is a small piece of what a dreamy kind of world that could be inspired by all the wonderful Queer and Poc friends and family in my life, from the Queer black boy following his dreams as a dancer, the soft Asian boy whisked away on a journey, and the elegant young black woman realizing how beautiful she is. Life can be simple, pretty, and dreamy maybe at least for a moment.

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Savannah Davenport

  • As an animator, I love bringing life and movement to ideas and images. For this film, in particular, I want to express the idea that even though something is hurt or broken, you can still make something beautiful out of it if you try. The idea for my film is inspired partially by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which is the art of repairing pottery by putting gold in the cracks so that they are visible. The idea of Kintsugi is that it shows the history of the piece and that the cracks should not be hidden but embraced as something beautiful. I express this idea by having the yeti help the poor barn owl heal by using his skills he has developed with glass. The owl is sad and depressed until the yeti helps make her imperfections beautiful again.

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Herple Ellis

  • Eternal intertwines themes of nature, solitude, serenity, and friendship into one experience. The naturalistic environments provide a canvas for how one can exist in such a beautiful world but be buried in their mind by inner conflicts that mask the beauty that surrounds them. Like a dense cloud passing by, those that enter your life are blurred by internal struggles. However, It only takes a moment to look up and realize those who have been there all along, and to realize that although you’ve lost so much people still care. Eternal is about perseverance, about getting back up, and about walking through that cloud to see how beautiful life has always been.

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Breanna Lowe

  • The Secret Collector is based on a poem written by Seth Byrd in the summer of 2019. Unlike most of his work, which is usually for young children, I felt that this poem fit into the horror genre and with its strong imagery and tragic outcome, I could not resist making a film out of it. As a fan of horror film and literature some of my biggest inspirations are Artists like Edgar Allen Poe and Tim Burton and I have waited for a moment to create something with that same eerie aura I feel from their work. That is why for the style I decided to go with something that looked a bit sketchier and more kinetic using frame by frame animation, a process in which you hand draw each motion the characters make as its own illustration. To achieve this, I used the 6B Pencil in Procreate and animated the entire film in that program. While it was definitely more difficult to make my film using that software, since it is not made for animation, I am very pleased with the outcome and I can only hope that the film is as creepy as I intended to make it.

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Sabrina Lynch

  • ‘Dave and Duck’ is a film I collaborated on with a fellow artist, Layne Morgan. We started with two characters that I had created, Dave and Duck, then Layne created a third, Alan, for them to interact with throughout the film. We wanted to create something comical and agreed having them try to rob a gas station would leave a lot of possibilities for mishaps and shenanigans to happen. We brainstormed the plot by throwing around ideas and dialog, and we tried to put ourselves in each character’s shoes to figure out how we thought they would behave in given situations.

    As we finished most of the script, I went ahead and started the storyboards and Layne started on the backgrounds. We hired a few incredible voice actors to bring our characters to life and pieced the dialog together so we could start animating. I did a majority of the film’s animation, including hand-drawn and rigged animation, while Layne created all of the backgrounds and did some of the hand-drawn animation. I pieced together the film with sounds and music that we thought fit the best for what we had available. The process took a lot of hard work and many hours, but by the end we had something we both felt incredibly proud of.

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Melissa Mims

  • I never looked to become an artist. I actually was drawn to the sciences when I was little.  I wanted to become a marine biologist. Nevertheless, I have bins and bins full of paper packed with drawings of characters and storytelling pages. In school I would draw in eraser on the desk so I wouldn't get in trouble.

    This wasn’t really a hobby, it was an obsession.This was before what I knew what anime was or DC and Marvel was. I would watch Winnie the Pooh and have daydreams of me living in that world.For me, my art is a crumb trail to relive moments that wringed out concentrated emotion. Whether it was joyful, or painful, ethereal, or nothingness I could step back into that feeling for a second to remember that feeling. Remembering who I was and what world I was in.

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Layne Morgan

  • Dave and Duck is what me and my film partner, Sabrina Lynch, consider a comedic adult short film. The idea was conceived out of Lynch’s two characters, Dave and Duck, and the idea of them being duo of criminals. Together Sabrina and I constructed the narrative of ‘What would happen if a man and a duck robbed run down gas station in the middle of nowhere?’ and I think that’s exactly what we created. With an ill planned robbery, a whiny teenage gas station attendant, a poorly concealed ‘gun’, and an anthropomorphic duck that has no concept of monetary value, what could possibly go wrong?

    What was interesting about our film experience is that we were the only team of two in the capstone, as most of the other students chose to do their films individually. Since we were a team, Sabrina and I had to figure out how to split up film responsibilities. While Sabrina took on Puppet animation and the lip-sync, I worked on the background designs and the hand animation. When designing the backgrounds for Dave and duck, I wanted them to look muted and a little dirty. To achieve this look I overlaid real-world textures to give them that dingy feeling and this would also help the 2D flat colors of the characters pop. When creating the film, we decided to use both puppet animation for the larger scenes provided by Sabrina and hand animation for some of the subtle movements provided by me, this gave me an opportunity to really focus on lining up movements and work on timing in my frame by frame animations. Though I did enjoy the hand animation, I feel although I enjoyed the background work even more and would like to pursue that more in the future. This was a great experience for me and I feel like I learned how to work in a team on an animation and truly got to develop a story from start to finish. I’m proud of what we made, and I believe its a great first step out into the world of animation.

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Tiffany Nance

  • Making “Guardian,” my animated senior film, has taught me a lot. It’s shown me how I manage my work, how much I can accomplish in a short amount of time, and my strengths during a project. It’s also given me the opportunity to learn new things and fully immerse myself into a creative process over a long span of time. Being able to just fully animate and work on every aspect of a film, from design to sound to actual animation, has been very eye-opening and inspiring. Even though it’s a lot of hard work, animating that intensely and thoroughly is a nice taste of the career I hope to have so I’m very thankful that this project gave me this opportunity and experiences.

    This film also gave me a new perspective on my art. Personally, my art has grown and developed over the years as I have. I think my demo reel shows this process fairly well. There are animations from the first animation class I ever took and there are snippets from my senior film. The animations and work I’ve chosen to highlight are all ones I think have merit and show off my skills. I’ve worked hard and learned so much over the years and it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to see that change and development in my art.

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Emily Odum 

  • I am a Georgia-based illustrator with 3 years of experience working freelance on digital and traditional commissions. Most of my illustrations are inspired by nostalgic childhood video games, animated television shows, and my two cats, Mochi and Minmo. My body of work ranges from mature and macabre to lighthearted and whimsical with the different styles that I use being just as versatile. I am a strong visual storyteller and enjoy incorporating the personality of a character into their design and the environment they live in.

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Adilene Padilla

  • I am a Latina artist, based in the Atlanta area. In my life I have dealt with internal struggles with beauty, race, and sexuality. I translate this into my art in a mashup of glamour and horror. I use glamour as a starting point for social political statements, and horror as a source of empowerment in my art.

    When it comes to the glamour aspect of my art, I often use pinks and purples to convey nostalgia of 90s and early 2000s media aimed at girls. The ideals that media during this time pushed affected me in many ways, both positive and negative. I love the aesthetics of cartoons, comics, and movies of those eras, but the messages ranged from empowering to misogynistic. These stories limited me in what I thought I could do with my life, and it took years to overcome these battles. I still hold nostalgic love for the aesthetics of that era, while being critical of the faults that media of that time holds. By using this aesthetics, I try to pay homage to the media that helped shape my work, while deconstructing the messages of beauty, gender, and sexuality that were forced upon me.

    When it comes to horror, I have a special love for the grotesque and terrifying. Growing up I was surrounded by folktales of ghost women who drown children and monsters that wander the night. As I grew and started watching true crime documentaries with my mom, I became very aware at a young age of real-world monsters. This gave me many fears and anxieties. I started using horror in my art to express these fears I have. Insecurities I had about myself made me feel like a monster, and now I use monster girls in my art to convey insecurities and fears surrounding gender and social ideals. I use monsters and horror as a source of empowerment. In the words of Guillermo de Toro, “Monsters are the patron saints of imperfection.”

    I make my art digitally because it makes my art more accessible to the public. I hope by making my art more accessible, I can connect to those who relate to the topics I show in my work.

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Benjamin Russell

  • Creating this film was an enlightening endeavor. Not only was this creatively cathartic, but also incredibly humbling. My respect for the people that create animated films and shows has only grown, as I tried to take on a herculean effort that was only a fraction of what many professionals have accomplished. I hope to one day stand shoulder to shoulder with these men and women and create something they would find praiseworthy.

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Colleen Shull

  • My work is deeply intertwined with my observation and of movement and emotion in animation. From the time I was very young, I was obsessed with cartoons. Some thought that it was just normal childish interest, but little did they know I was studying, observing every little line movement and color change. Finding out each millisecond of a cartoon is a completely different image, that flows all together in one smooth motion; it felt like a million doors of opportunity opened for me. Across all mediums that I’ve worked with, I always seek to bring out the motion of a still image. The concept of stagnant art is not one that I follow. In my eyes, if there is no movement to the piece, there is no emotion either. Emotions can convey the most raw energy, the most indescribable of feelings all across the spectrum. It’s almost cathartic, being able to express myself not only in making animation, but in watching it as well. I hope to reach an audience that enjoys my movement and emotions, and to be inspired like I am when I watch similar pieces of work. 

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Sedriauna Simpson

  • Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sedriauna Simpson and I am a Digital Animation senior. For my senior capstone project, I had to create a two to five-minute short film of my choosing and go through the stages of pre-production, production, and postproduction as a film would in animation industry. My short film is titled Blossoming and draws from real life events as well as fantasy. My film centers around two Black/African American college age women both being bisexual, as they journey through the stages of being roommates, to friends, to a romantic relationship. The story also explores the middle ground of what it means to come out with one party being accepting while the other is not and, in the end, hoping that acceptances comes from all around. We get to see roommates blossom into a romantic relationship and the main character blossom into her own sexuality and come to accept herself. Although cliché in sense many can relate to this story and it gives representation to Bisexual black/African women who may often feel underrepresented/unseen in films.

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Kayci St. Clair

  • I’ve loved animation for as long as I can remember. As a kid I loved animated shows like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Power Puff Girls. I grew up making little flip book animations in the corner of my notebooks at school and on sticky pads. I found a kids’ website called SketchStar that had a crude animation program that I was completely obsessed with. I even started my own little animated series on there and had a small following. I’ve always found the ability to make a drawing move magical. I love that animation brings characters to life and can create entire worlds and I can’t wait to start doing it professionally.

    My short film Splash was partially inspired by my years on the YMCA swim team in my hometown. When I was young, I was absolutely terrified of the water and hated going to swim lessons every summer. Eventually I learned to swim and went from swim lessons to the swim team where I was terrified of the diving block. It’s only a few feet of the ground but as a kid it seemed like miles. At my first meet they told me I could just dive from the side of the pool instead of the block but when I got up there everyone else climbed up and I felt pressured to do so as well. I had never done it before and was surrounded by about a million parents and kids. The whistle blew and I did the mother of all belly flops off the block and lost the race, so I can definitely relate to what my characters go through in Splash. They feel that same pressure to impress their peers.

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Savannah Stone

  • I describe my art style as graphic and whimsical. In most of my works I use exaggerated line work and bright colors to capture a hyper-pop type aesthetic. I strive to create light hearted images that are easy to enjoy.

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Angelo Sutton 

  • Hey! I’m Angelo! I’m a guy who loves drawing. In particular, I enjoying animating, storyboarding and designing my own characters. I’m always coming up with new characters and ideas.

    I specialize in digital art, but I enjoy making traditional pieces as well!

    I’m an animation student currently attending Kennesaw State University. I will be graduating soon! When I’m not drawing, I love listening to music and reading.

    If you want to contact me you can reach me at

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Lucy Walker

  • Howdy, I’m Lucy Walker from Tifton and part of the graduating Digital Animation class of 2020. My senior thesis film is about having a set goal and how often times, no matter how you may picture your goal being completed, life has other plans for you, be it Sasquatch hitchhikers or monstrous pigeons. Sometimes life takes a very unsuspecting turn and things look like a fiery train wreck, but somehow in the end we find a way to survive it and make the best of the situation.

    I cannot thank my family, friends and professors enough for their encouragement, help, and kindness through this semester. The film is currently still being tweaked for the student film exhibition now scheduled for December.

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Ceara Williams

  • First Flight goes through small moments of city life through the eyes of a drone controlled by children. Each character leads a different life represented through scenery, color and musical score to give them their own mood and characterization. Different scenes bounce back between peaceful moments and comedy as the characters interact with the viewers observing them. This film represents the simple moments of life when such a busy world is all we see.

    The idea for this short film began with me and my husband trying to decide on a concept for the animation and ended up on the idea of a bird flying through a city which later became a drone. The simple color schemes with strikingly unique characters in each scene pay homage to the classic Disney short, Rhapsody in Blue. This also influenced the decision for each character to have a specific piece of music as the short uses its strong musical score to drive the characters in their city life. I hope the viewers of this film will take away the idea to appreciate the simple moments of our always changing lives.

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