Student Resources

  • College of the Arts Academic Advisors are on hand to assist you move smoothly through your program of study. Advising will take place virtually through Microsoft Outlook Teams video conferencing and via email. In order to make an appointment for virtual advising please go to and make an appointment with your advisor, like you normally would. Advisors will send an "invite" to you via KSU email. Please "accept" the invitation and it will be added to your Outlook calendar. Before your appointment time, a screen will pop up to the side asking you to “Join Meeting.” You will need to be online and logged into your KSU email on the day/time of your appointment. Your advisor will virtually call you via Microsoft Outlook Teams on the day/time of your meeting, and your advising session will begin.

    Questions? Please email

    Your Academic Advisor Can Help You: 

    • Define and clarify academic goals
    • Apply to programs
    • Monitor the progress you are making towards your degree
    • Ensure the correct course sequencing 
    • Register for courses
    • Learn about academic policies and procedures
    • Acquire information about support services on campus such as:
      • Counseling and psychological services
      • First year and major advising
      • Financial aid 
      • University admissions
      • University housing
      • CARE center
      • Health clinic
      • Tutoring/writing centers

     Who Is My Advisor?

    • Marvin DeWitt, Tia Merriweather, Tori Thompson and Sara Wilgus

      To schedule an appointment with a SOAAD academic advisor, please visit

      General advising questions? Please email

      Virtual Appointments
      Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

    • Amy Reynolds and Hannah Buhler
      To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please visit

      General advising questions? Please email

      Virtual Appointments
      Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

    • Marvin Dewitt and Susan Grant Robinson
      To make an appointment with Marvin Dewitt or Susan Grant Robinson, please visit

      General advising questions? Please email

      Virtual Appointments
      Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

    • Amy Reynolds and Karen Robinson
      To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please visit

      General advising questions? Please email

      Virtual Appointments
      Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

  • You may find more information about College of the Arts academic programs at the following links:

    Undergraduate Catalog

    Art & Design Academic Programs

    Dance Academic Programs

    Music Academic Programs

    Theatre & Performance Studies Academic Program

  • Internships are valuable tools in translating classroom theory to real-life skill. The Department of Career Planning & Development can help you consider what internship will suit your needs. 

    Information is available on the College of the Arts page on the Department of Career Planning and Development Arts website, including details of the academic requirements by major. If you have questions, please reach out to COTA's Career & Internship Advisor, Claire Beaudro, tel. (470) 578-6555 or email

  • image of claire beaudro

    The College of the Arts has a dedicated Career & Internship Advisor, Claire Beaudro. Claire is ready to answer your questions about anything career-related and looks forward to meeting you. Questions? Ready to make an appointment? Contact her via email or call the Department of Career Planning and Development at 470-578-6555.

    Career Planning and Development has a host of student resources available on their site. You may also find these online resources particularly helpful as you prepare for your career.

    The National Association of Colleges and Employers emphasizes career competencies essential to student success after graduation. This article describes the top four competencies desired by employers that you are learning here in COTA!

  • In the College of the Arts we recognize that you are a dedicated artist/scholar with a deep commitment to the arts and that you have made a brave choice to pursue your passion. It is our mission to make sure that you have access to the resources you need to achieve your goals. 

    • Freshmen applicants fall into two categories at Kennesaw State:

      A. Students who have never attended another college and have graduated from high school within the last five years are considered traditional freshmen. 
      B. Students who graduated from high school within the last five years, have attended another college or university, but have earned less than 30 semester hours or 50 quarter hours of transferrable college credit are considered transfer freshmen. 

      In order to gain acceptance into a major in the College of the Arts as either a freshmen or transfer freshmen, follow the steps detailed below:

      1. Submit your application to KSU

         a. Freshmen Admission Requirements

      2. Review and complete the admission requirements for your intended major. 

    • Students who have completed at least 30 semester hours or 50 quarter hours of college credit are considered to be transfer students. If this does not apply to you, please refer to the admission information for freshman above. In order to be accepted into a College of the Arts Program as a transfer student, you must do the following:

      1. Submit your application to KSU

      a. Transfer Admission Requirements

      2. Review and complete the admission requirements for your intended major.  


  • If you are currently enrolled at Kennesaw State University and interested in becoming a major in the College of the Arts, we welcome your interest in our programs. Please be aware that acceptance to many of our majors involves some additional steps either prior to or in addition to declaring your intent to change majors. Please carefully read the information about your intended major/degree prior to proceeding, and review the next section "Declare a Major." 

    • The School of Art & Design offers six degree programs, three minor programs, and one certificate program for aspiring artists, historians, and teachers: 

      • The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, with concentrations in ceramics, drawing and painting, graphic communications, photography, printmaking, sculpture, sequential art and Illustration. 
      • The Bachelor of Science in Art Education
      • The Bachelor of Arts in Art History
      • BFA in Digital Animation
      • BAT in Apparel Textile Technology
      • Master of Arts in Teaching Art
      • Minor in Apparel and Textiles
      • Minor in Art History
      • Minor in Classical Studies
      • Certificate in Apparel Product Development

      If you are interested in pursuing either the B.F.A. or the B.S., you must apply directly to the School of Art & Design and submit a portfolio of your work. Please note that as these are professional degree programs, the earlier you begin your course of study, the better. Do not wait to complete your General Education coursework before applying, as it is unusual that students can complete these degrees in less than three years from the time of acceptance to the major.

      There are specific deadlines by which you must submit your portfolio, and it is important that you submit your portfolio as early in your college career as possible. At the same time that you submit your portfolio, you can also request credit for studio art courses based on courses taken at another college or university. Carefully review the information on the School of Art & Design website before you submit your portfolio:

      Art Admission Information 

      If you are interested in B.A. in Art History, you may declare the major by filling out a form in the School of Art and Design Office, or by requesting it through Owl Express.

    • Dance offers a Bachelor of Arts in Dance with concentrations in ballet and modern/contemporary, as well as a 15-hour dance minor. 

      If you are interested in pursuing the B.A. in Dance, you must apply directly to the Department of Dance and complete an audition for the faculty. 

      Auditions are held on specific dates each year, and you must submit your application at least one week in advance of your selected date. 

      Our dance minor may be an option for you if you wish to continue your dance training while pursuing another major at KSU. An audition is not required for the dance minor; contact the Department of Dance directly for more information.

      Dance Academic and Audition Requirements

    • The School of Music has highly engaged faculty, committed students, and dynamic programs designed to help you become an accomplished performer, teacher, and scholar in the 21st Century. 

      Degrees offered:

      • The Bachelor of Music in Performance, with concentrations in instrumental performance, jazz, piano, and voice
      • The Bachelor of Music in Music Education, with concentrations in band, choral, general (elementary), and orchestra
      • The Bachelor of Arts in Music with concentrations in composition, theory, musicology, ethnomusicology, and voice. 

      All programs in music, including the minor, require a separate application to the School of Music, and an audition on a principal applied instrument or voice. If you are interested in the B.A. or in music education, you will also be asked to complete an interview with the faculty. If you are interested in composition, you will submit a portfolio of work in addition to your audition and interview. 

      Please note: You must be in good academic standing with the university (minimum 2.0 adjusted GPA) in order to become a major or minor in the School of Music.

      Auditions are held on specific dates each year (in November for January acceptance, and November, February or March for August acceptance). It is important that you apply and audition as early in your college career as possible, as it is unusual that you would be able to complete a degree in music in less than three years from the time you are accepted as a major. Carefully review the information about auditions on the website below before applying:

      Music Admissions Information 

      Our music minor may be an option for you if you wish to continue your music training while pursuing another major at KSU. Contact the Department of Music directly for more information.

      All ensembles are open to any student, and, while some do require an audition for placement, others are open to any student who wishes to participate. The ensemble auditions are separate from admission auditions.

      Music Ensemble Information

    • The Department of Theatre & Performance Studies is a distinctive undergraduate program that includes theatrical production, musical theatre, storytelling, performance of literature, performance art, and the performance of self in everyday life. 

      The Department of Theatre & Performance Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Performance Studies with concentrations in acting, performance studies, design/technology, and musical theatre. 

      Please note: While no audition is required to become a major, you must have a minimum 3.0 adjusted GPA to become a major. 

      Theatre Admissions Information

      Auditions are held separately each semester for theatre and musical theatre productions, the KSU Tellers storytelling ensemble, the Kennesaw Improv Society (K.I.S.S.), the Music Theatre Ensemble, and the Music Theatre Practicum. Typically, these fall within the first full week of classes each semester, and often in late April or May for early productions the following fall.


  • Whether your College of the Arts student is your first child to attend college, or whether you are a seasoned parent of college students, we recognize that your role in your student’s life changes dramatically when they come to us. The information below is intended to help you understand this new role, and become an effective partner in your student’s success.

    • Now that you have a college student, your access to information about your student’s records will change. FERPA is a Federal law that is administered by the Family Policy Compliance Office (Office) in the U.S. Department of Education Department (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99). FERPA protects the privacy of student education records. This law applies to all schools that receive funds under any program administered by the U.S. Department of Education. This U.S. federal law gives students 18 years of age or older, or students of any age if enrolled in any postsecondary educational institution, the right of privacy regarding grades, enrollment, and even billing information, unless the school has specific permission from the student to share that specific type of information.

      Click here for additional information about FERPA.

      In short, what this means is that university employees may not discuss a student’s educational record with a parent or guardian over the phone or in person without consent of the student. As a parent, this is going to be one of the biggest changes you will face. As long as you keep in open and honest communication with your student, however, this should not be an obstacle for you in supporting their progress. Remember that your student will continue to rely upon you for advice, and in doing so, will likely share with you how they are doing in their classes. Your student can also give us permission to include you in conversations about their record by filling out the form below. Use this wisely, however, because we want your student to take responsibility for their own education as they become the wonderful adults you have prepared them to be. 


  • Pathways to Success at KSU Quick Reference Guide 

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    • Office of the Dean
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    • School of Music
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    • Visual Arts
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    • Dance
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    • Admissions
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    • Financial Hardship
    • Scholarships
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    • Card Services
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    • Career Planning & Development
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    • Counseling
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    • CARE
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    • Disability Services
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    • Health Clinic
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    • Orientation
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    • Police
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    • Registrar
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    • Study Abroad
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    • Technology Support
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    • Veterans Resource Center
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    • Writing Center
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      English Building, 242