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Bachelor of Arts Degree

We are thrilled you are considering becoming a KSU Dance major! As a dance major, you will have the opportunity to develop your technique, artistry, and movement style, perform as part of the KSU Dance Company, choreograph, study abroad in Israel, participate in dance research and dance production, take a myriad of masterclasses, work with guest artists, gain professional experience in the dance field, and so much more. Our beautiful studios are located in the metro-Atlanta area, with close access to a thriving artistic community, and our Dance Theater is only one of it's kind in the region, specifically built for dance. Our incredible faculty and staff mentor our students and are valuable resources, providing opportunities and aiding in the growth, dreams, and success of our students.

Ready to take the next leap? We invite you to schedule a tour and audition with us! Keep reading for additional information regarding our program.

  • We hold both in-person auditions and accept video audition submissions on a rolling basis. Our in-person auditions are directly followed by an info session and Q&A with our faculty and staff. 

    Information regarding our auditions can be found here, in addition to our Dance Major Audition Application. We partner with Acceptd to host our applications.

    Transfer Auditions
    Students who wish to transfer to the Department of Dance at KSU from another institution or from another department follow the same audition procedures as new students. A special audition may be scheduled for students who wish to enter the program at a time when regular auditions are not scheduled. Please e-mail for questions regarding the transfer of dance courses from a previous institution.

Our liberal arts degree in dance is designed to provide our students with a diverse and comprehensive curricular experience, preparing them for a variety of career options in dance and other related fields. Students select from two concentrations: modern or ballet. The core curriculum prepares students with a theoretical and practical experience of dance, while the 15-hour concentration allows students to develop technical proficiency in the area selected. The foundational core of this program is the artist-scholar model, which drives our creative and scholarly endeavors at Kennesaw State University (KSU).

  • The Modern Dance concentration offers KSU students a 15-credit hour program of study in movement principles and skills specific to contemporary forms. Our students develop a solid technical foundation to build their artistic and expressive potential, and they learn sustainable and healthy approaches to dance. Our esteemed faculty members encourage students to explore modern dance forms and improvisational practices, while at the same time fostering somatic awareness, individual expressivity, and critical inquiry. Students perform in new works and have the opportunity to train with a wide variety of guest artists who help prepare them for work in this exciting and ever-changing field. 

    Modern Concentration Academic Map 

    In addition to the core curriculum, coursework in the ballet concentration includes:

    Choreography I 

    Choreography II 

    Modern Dance II 

    Modern Dance III 

    Modern Dance IV 

    Dance Improvisation 

    Musical Theatre II 

    Ballet Dance (Levels II – IV)  

    Jazz Dance (Levels II-IV) 

    Body Conditioning and Somatics  

    Special Topics courses (varies by semester)

  • Our 15-credit hour ballet concentration emphasizes anatomical principles, dynamic alignment, core strength, balance, flexibility, musicality, artistry, and qualitative aspects of movement. Students investigate traditional and contemporary ballet forms to expand their artistic expression and awaken their understanding of this artform. Our KSU Dance faculty members have studied and performed with acclaimed ballet schools and companies in the U.S. and abroad. Our guest artists series provides our students with masterclasses, workshops, and the opportunity to perform in repertory works choreographed by esteemed visiting artists.   

    Ballet Concentration Academic Map 

    In addition to the core curriculum, coursework in the ballet concentration includes:

    Choreography I 

    Choreography II 

    Pas de Deux/Pointe

    Ballet II 

    Ballet III 

    Ballet IV 

    Musical Theatre II 

    Jazz Dance (Levels II-IV) 

    Modern Dance (Levels II – IV) 

    Dance Improvisation 

    Body Conditioning and Somatics

    Special Topics courses (varies by semester)

The 3-credit applied professionals skills requirement allows students to receive academic credit for professional internships, gain practical experience in the field, and opens up career opportunities post graduation. The senior seminar and senior project requirements ensure that graduates gain a creative and scholarly understanding of the art form.

  • Students are encouraged to complete the above requirement only at the junior and/or senior academic levels (after obtaining 60 or more credit hours). Students work with our faculty internship advisor to find and apply for a dance internship that best fits their dance career goals.

Click here for the online version of the BA in Dance in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog

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We offer special topics courses each semester, some of which have included Commercial Dance, Hip Hop, Jiri Kylian ballet repertory, Site-Specific Choreography, Contemporary Partnering, and Digital Profile.
*Please note that the course offerings are subject to change at the department's discretion.

  • At the time of acceptance into the program, students will be advised about course scheduling and technical level placement*. Our incoming dance majors participate as a cohort in the first semester and take similar courses, designed to facilitate community growth and learning. We recommend all students make an academic advising appointment with our dance advisor upon acceptence into the program. All freshmen KSU Dance majors admitted to KSU are required to attend an orientation where they will register for their first semester of classes and learn valuable knowledge to aid them in their journey at KSU.
    *The individual course instructor reserves the right to request a student to take a different level technique course if the student is not technically at the level appropriate for the course.

  • The Department of Dance recognizes and values the labor, achievements, and knowledge of professionals in the field of dance. For consideration of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), the department requires the equivalent of ten years of professional performing experience in a nationally or internationally recognized dance company. The performing experiences of career practitioners differ widely, and for this reason, PLA for students will be considered on a case-by-case basis by a faculty committee. After review, faculty evaluators make a recommendation to the Chair who approves the PLA credit in the Department. Thirty credit hours is the maximum allowable credit for PLA, typically used to test out of 2000 and 3000 level courses.


The dance minor is designed for students who wish to continue their dance training while pursuing another major field of study offered at Kennesaw State University. Of the 15 credit hours required for the dance minor, 9 must be taken at the upper division level.

Click here for minor requirements in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog

A dance minor can be requested under the Student Records tab in Owl Express. E-mail once the request has been submitted.