KSU Dance Major Virtual Audition Application

Virtual Audition Application

Due: Monday, April 27, 5 p.m. 

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Important: If you are not currently a student at Kennesaw State University, you must begin your application for university admission before you apply to the Department of Dance. It is not essential that you be fully admitted to the University at the time of the audition, however, you will need your KSU ID number and Net ID generated by the university admission application to complete the dance audition application form. If you have already submitted your KSU application, here are the instructions for locating your KSU ID and Net ID.


Audition Requirements:

In place of the onsite audition, students should submit an application, including a two-part video guided by the links below. We understand that you most likely will not have access to a dance studio and the video requirements were designed to be performed in a small space. The ballet barre can be filmed in your kitchen using a chair or your counter as the barre. The two required parts of your audition may be videotaped separately or together. 

Link to Ballet Barre:

Combinations can be performed on one or both sides. You are welcome to record while following along with the link or separately.

Link to Modern Combination:

Use the link to learn the modern combination and submit video performing the complete combination.

Students interested in the Dance Minor are not required to audition. The audition requirement is only for students interested in the dance major.

Admission decisions will be made within two weeks following the audition and applicants will be notified of the audition results via e-mail.

For questions regarding the dance major virtual audition application, please e-mail: