Educational Mission

Students on a field trip during the exhibition Laboratory, 2015.About the ZMA's Education + Outreach Program

Inspire, challenge, and explore ideas by providing access to art and creativity.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ZMA Outreach and Education Program is to provide access to art and ideas that are unique and contemporary. To do so, we:

  • Present experiences that inspire participants through creativity.
  • Employ a variety of learning styles, so participants are an active part of their educational exploration.
  • Develop activities that reach beyond the museum walls by promoting visual literacy.
  • Act as a conduit for interdisciplinary programs through partnerships that challenge what art and a museum can do.

Through these initiatives the ZMA Outreach and Education Program seeks to open previously closed doors, help decipher complex information and meaning, and offer guests a different perspective of the world around them.

The ZMA Education and Outreach Program works on behalf of our immediate and greater community including: the students, faculty and staff of Kennesaw State University; lifelong learners; educators; museum enthusiasts; and museum newcomers. We celebrate multiculturalism and welcome those who have been traditionally underserved.

For more information, contact us at or 470-578-3223.