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  • Photo of Master Craftsman completed project for the Acworth Police Department.

    Master Craftsman: Classroom to Community

    May 11 – July 10, 2021

    A retrospective of artwork created to date in the KSU Master Craftsman Program will be showcased in the Fine Arts Gallery. The Master Craftsman Program is a design and fabrication workshop for students housed in the School of Art and Design. The Program is led by Director and Lecturer in Sculpture, Page Burch.

    Over the last four years, the Master Craftsman Program has partnered with various municipalities and organizations, such as the City of Kennesaw, to collaborate in designing and creating public works ranging from manhole covers to large sculptures. KSU art and design students are involved in the process from start to finish, helping to conceive of designs and honing their skills while executing the creation of new public art. This exhibition will document the production history and display examples of their work.

    Featuring works by KSU Master Craftsman Program students: Daniel Barnard, Brooke Barrett, Jonathan Copeland, Thomas Daniel, Dylan Doyle, Jane Erwin, Ellen Foose-Kutty, Emmy Keenan, Randall Kooistra, Carrie McDaniel, Cameron Moore, Megan Pace, and Amber Williams.


2021 Virtual Exhibitions 

  • Detial of colorful abstract work by Jimmy Roberts titled "Creation," created with oil pastel on toned paper in 2020.

    Capstone Exhibition - Studio

    Senior Portfolio (ART4990), Spring 2021
    Professor Robert Sherer

    Featuring Senior Students:

    Kaitlyn Blade
    Gloria Chan
    Alexandria Hankins
    Sarah Jaston
    Sierra Kazin
    Deona Lizette
    Marc Mills
    Mary Beck Pinkston
    Jimmy Roberts
    Tiffany Sanchez
    Michael Windley

    Featured work: Jimmy Roberts, Creation, 20 x 25 in. oil pastel on toned paper, 2020 (detail image). 
  • Artwork by Lindsay Hardiman, Senior Graphic Designer, Graphic Communications Concentration, May 2021 Graduate.

    Capstone Exhibition - Graphic Communications

    A Virtual Capstone Exhibition featuring graphic design students from Art4980, Spring 2021, with Professor Carole Maugé-Lewis. 

    Featuring senior students:
    Kimberly Balila
    Elizabeth Brumley
    Megan D'Errico
    Lindsay Hardiman
    Davis Henderson
    Jonah Holcomb
    Abbey King
    Briana Lovelace
    Karsten Nebiker
    Neelu Noori
    Ansley Petty
    Lauren Spratt
    Xuconoxtli Xenia

    Featured artwork, above, courtesy of Lindsay Hardiman, Senior Graphic Designer, Graphic Communications Concentration, May 2021 Graduate. 
  • Still image of two individuals from Michael Kartawinata's senior capstone animation reel.

    Capstone Exhibition: Senior Animation Reel

    A virtual exhibition featuring capstone animation reels in Professor Sandee Chamberlain's ANIM4660 class featuring senior students:

    Sarah Amandolia
    Grant Carter
    Robert Davison
    Jasmine Etienne
    Kayla George
    Mitchel Guzman
    Stephanie Heubel
    Michael Kartawinata
    Diana Kreminski
    Cyprus Meraz
    Catherine Pawlowski
    Will Stordy
    Michael Thomas
    Kenneth Todd

    Featured artwork by Michael Kartawinata. 
  • Vans

    Capstone Exhibition: Graphic Communications

     A virtual exhibition featuring capstone projects in Professor Kristine Kim's ART4400 and ART4980 classes from senior students:

    Jordan Crowl
    Valeria Diaz
    Shane Lobsinger
    Michael Valenti

    Featured artwork: Vans Pro Classics Family, vans ad campaign, various sized prints and packaging, 2019, courtesy of Shane Lobsinger. A team composed of Shane Lobsinger, Emily White, Kyla Resnick and Karsten Nebiker, created an ad campaign for Vans Pro Classics Family.
  • Fireworks

    Capstone Exhibition: Art Education

    A virtual exhibition for Art Education, with professor Dr. April Munson, featuring senior students:

    Autumn Baxley
    Tori Lane
    Erin Light

    Featured artwork: Fireworks Series | Erin Light, 2020 | Burned fireworks on 6x6 in. canvases