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  • Vivid layered print by Dennis O’Neil titled "Moscow Revisited," created in 2011 with cold wax medium and oil paint, unique print, 26.5 x 32 Inches. The print shows an abstracted city scene with layers of colors printed on top of one another on the print edges in an abstracted, irregular format.

    The Hand Print Workshop International: Process & Innovation

    June 5 – July 18, 2021

    Location: Don Russell Clayton Gallery

    Dennis O’Neil [1946  - 2020] founded the Hand Print Workshop International [HPWI] in 1984 with a vision of furthering the innovation of screen printing through establishing international collaborations with artists. Dennis was an inspirational artist and collaborator who dedicated his life to this endeavor. In 1989 at the fall of the Soviet Union, the workshop embarked on a unique journey in partnership with Russian artists in Moscow. What began as a risky endeavor to conceive the Moscow Studio would ultimately become the center for collaborative screen printing in Russia for nearly a decade, featuring some of the most renowned Russian artists of the past twenty-five years. The workshop returned to the United States in 1997 and continued to support an active artist residency program locally, nationally, and internationally— including artists from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Chile, Israel, and Cuba. The experiences and lessons cultivated from the Moscow Studio influenced the studio’s work and role as a model for the future of contemporary printmaking practices. By creating support and opportunities during uncertain times, HPWI provided artists with a platform and a voice to express individuality and perspective on critical social justice and human rights issues.

    The Hand Print Workshop International: Process & Innovation, presents a dynamic selection of twenty-five collaborative prints by sixteen artists. The exhibition visually chronicles a studio committed to experimentation and discovery, and to contesting the boundaries of contemporary screen printing through innovative new practices that embrace the artistic potential of the medium. Dennis was a champion of silkscreen printing, establishing a legacy of cross-cultural connections and advancing printmaking as a powerful contemporary art form. The works on view exemplify Dennis’ visionary acumen, commitment to mutualism, and love for the medium. Moreover, through these works his legacy endures.

    Dennis O’Neil, Moscow Revisited, 2011, cold wax medium and oil paint, unique print, 26.5 x 32 Inches.


    • Rachel Simmons work titled, "GHOST SHIP,"  Ink on paper, screenprint, Created for the 2016 Southern Graphics Council International Membership Exchange. The work is an abstracted glacier screen with a vivid red sky.

      In Collaboration: selections from the SGCI Archive

      June 5 – July 18, 2021

      Location: Mortin Gallery

      In Collaboration: Selections from the SGCI Archive, presents a rich selection of offerings illustrating the notable and vital developments in the field of contemporary printmaking practices. The SGCI organization has long maintained national and international recognition in the discipline of printmaking, which now extends into the collaborative arenas of both papermaking and book arts. This exhibition frames, in both a physical, historical and visual sense, the context of this art-making discipline as punctuated milestones chronicling its past.

      In Collaboration celebrates the achievements made by contemporary artists who are challenging and redefining the medium to create works that are technically and conceptually diverse; innovative and consistently flawless in craftsmanship; and above all true to each of the artists’ concept and vision. 

      Rachel Simmons, GHOST SHIP, 2016, Ink on paper, screenprint, Created for the 2016 Southern Graphics Council International Membership Exchange.
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