Tori Tinsley: Hug on Redtop


Tori Tinsley Hug on Redtop Zuckerman ZMA
Tori Tinsley Hug on Redtop Zuckerman ZMA

August 29, 2017 – July 1, 2018
Zuckerman Museum of Art | Stairwell Project Wall
Sarah Higgins, curator

In her mixed media artworks, Tori Tinsley examines the emotional and psychological effects of caregiver relationships. In these instances, the role of parent and child are frequently reversed in complex and challenging ways. This mural is part of Tinsley’s Hug Series, which typically features two figures in a space of struggle, facing obstacles ahead. The implied narrative between these characters reveals shifts in power, authority, and co-dependence when a loved one requires intensive care.

In Hug on Red Top, the characters embrace through a struggle that echoes the experience of caretaking for a loved one with chronic illness or injury. Their larger-than-life scale dominates the space, just as giving and receiving care can, at times come to dominate our lives.