See Through Walls

See Through Walls

March 1 - May 17, 2014
Malinda Jolley Mortin Gallery and East Galleries

See Through Walls celebrated the opening of the Zuckerman Museum of Art and brought together 15 artists whose work responded to spatial considerations, exploring the function and inner workings of real and conceptual constructions.

Starting with the fundamental element that defines an architectural space, the wall, the exhibition looked at the physical and psychological dimensions of division, articulation, support, and structure. This close examination of what is both on and beneath the surface allowed for unexpected association and moments of revelation.

In addition to the physical exhibition, an art history resource room was built into the installation to broaden the context of the exhibition, expanding the conversation beyond the physical walls to include historical materials, documentaries and media, international works, and records associated with site-specific installations.

To celebrate the history of the KSU Permanent Collection and to highlight the many donors who have contributed to it, See Through Walls featured a take on the on the 19th-century traditional European salon hanging style. Artists who created or loaned work for the exhibition also provided pieces for Salon Style Highlights: 40 Years of the KSU Permanent Collection. These contemporary pieces were placed in direct dialogue with what represented a small selection of the objects housed in the Leo Delle Lassiter Jolley Collection Research Center at the Zuckerman Museum of Art.

Artists included: Adriane Colburn, Bethany Collins, Annette Cone-Skelton, Ben Goldman, Cheryl Goldsleger, David Haxton, Imi Hwangbo, Casey Lynch, Gordon Matta-Clark, Casey McGuire, Jenene Nagy, Michael Oliveri, Sam Parker, Stanley Beaman & Sears, Ruth Stanford


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For Educators

The ZMA worked with the School of Art and Design's Art Education Department to develop the following materials. A special thanks goes to Diana Gregory and her 2013 Fall Semester 3302 students for creating these lesson plans.

Lesson Plans and Rubrics:
3rd Grade
6th to 8th Grade
9th to 12th Grade

Supplemental Materials: 3rd Grade Worksheet, Mystery Questions

Image: Installation detail featuring work by Casey McGuire, Gordon Matta-Clark, and Jenene Nagy. Photo by Mike Jensen.