Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

August 22 - December 6, 2015
Zuckerman Museum of Art | East Project Space and East Galleries

Forget Me Not focused on conceptual practices that mirror the process of memory through forgetting--blurring, gaps, irregularities in a normally regular format, bit rot, decay, hidden value, erasure.  This group exhibition included a number of contemporary female artists who are working in the Atlanta area and nationally, as well as non-art and art objects from collections.

Artists included: Kelly Kristin Jones, Katherine Taylor, Penelope Umbrico, Gretchen Hupfel, Lauren Peterson, Zipporah Thompson, Jess Jones, Judith Scott, and Emily Gomez


ATLas Oral History Excerpts

The exhibition also presented ATLas, a research project by the curators that unearthed and visualized past significant art events and local organizations in the 1970s that were started, run, or organized by women who are still integral to the arts in Atlanta. This project compiled oral histories, objects, photographs, and maps to look at sites, events, and people who are less known or forgotten today.