EPIC: Selections from the SGCI Collection

EPIC Selections from SGCI installation
EPIC Selections from SGCI installation

January 28 – May 7, 2017
Zuckerman Museum of Art | Mortin Galleries
Sarah Higgins, curator

EPIC presented prints by members of the Southern Graphics Council International (SGC International), a not-for-profit educational organization committed to informing their members about issues and processes concerning original prints, drawings, book arts, and handmade paper. It is the nation’s largest organization of printmakers. The Southern Graphics Council was co-founded in 1972 by Boyd Saunders, Bernie Solomon, and John O’Neil with the intent of joining artists together to advocate, celebrate, and collect contemporary printmaking in America. In 2010 the organization’s name was changed to the Southern Graphics Council International (SGC International) to remain true to tradition and origin, yet reflect an expanding membership.

The SGC International archive and print collection began in 1979 when the organization’s first historian, Dr. Thomas Dewey initiated open portfolio sessions and accepted the first sets of portfolios. The print portfolios, along with historical documents and photos were originally housed at Dewey’s affiliate institution, The University of Mississippi.

The ZMA permanently acquired the collection in 2013. The collection will continue to grow as the ZMA receives future works from the SGC International’s annual conference. In March of this year, SGC International celebrates its 45th year with the 2017 conference in Atlanta, GA. SGC International is committed to showcasing members’ work through open portfolio sessions and archiving, and the ZMA is proud to be the recipient and caretaker of this ever-growing collection of prints by students, professors, and professional members.

- Valerie Dibble, Archives Coordinator, SGC International