About the Residency

The Windgate Foundation Artist Residency Program offers a unique opportunity for an individual to work as a resident artist exploring and developing their personal vision, while interacting with students and guiding them on a project-based assignment. The Program will be embedded in the curriculum of selected courses each semester. The artist in resident will  propose an engaging project idea for students, and will work with the students in different disciplines to conceptualize and work through the idea.

Beginning in Fall 2021, there will be two residencies a year for the next three years, until 2024. The four-week residency is offered to nationally and internationally recognized artists of all disciplines, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, digital animation, photography, illustration, and sequential art. A selection committee will review the work of emerging and established artists and select two individuals each year to be awarded the four-week Windgate Foundation Artist Residency Program at Kennesaw State University School of Art and Design. 

amy pleasant working with students
Amy Pleasant works with students in the Printmaking Studios.

Curriculum Goals

  • Expose students to the artistic techniques and creative process of the artist's practice

  • Engage students in an art-making project that is about ideas and content, as opposed to single disciplinary technical processes

  • Provide students with a platform for self-discovery and expression

  • Expose students to the variety of occupational options and career paths possible in the arts

  • Increase student visual literacy and their ability to articulate ideas in both visual and verbal platforms