Foundation Courses

Learning Elements and Principles of Art and Design
Foundations courses prepare students for vigorous studies in upper-level courses by providing a thorough grounding in fundamental principles and techniques associated with each degree or concentration.

  • Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory

    Two-Dimensional Design & Color Theory

    Elements of art and the principles of two-dimensional design, with emphasis on line, shape, texture, space, value elements of color theory executed through conventional methods.
  • Drawing 1

    Drawing I

    Drawing, using a variety of media and techniques, including work from figure, still-life and landscape. Some drawing with digital media.
  • Three-Dimensional Design

    Three-Dimensional Design

    An introductory course in exploring, evaluating and resolving concepts related to basic three dimensional design problems. Exercises include three-dimensional drawing techniques and model building. Emphasis is placed on the application of elements and design and principles of organization as well as form and space relationships using a variety of media.
  • Drawing II

    Drawing II

    Pictorial composition with studies in use of line, form, value and texture, including work from nature, the life model and setups.
  • Computer Applications in Art

    Computer Applications in Art

    The study of computer technology employed by professional artists. Digital presentation and documentation techniques covered. Limited work with art production software.
  • Concept, Creativity, and Studio Practice

    Concept, Creativity, & Studio Practice

    This is a studio art foundation course and is a prerequisite for the BFA majors in all concentrations. It is designed as an introduction to the studio practices and conceptual processes of a creative artist.