The Spring Arts Festival at Kennesaw State is an annual community event offering the chance for art lovers of all ages to partake in visual and performing arts activities.

We hope to see you in 2019! 

  • Illustration of the Artist Market of the Spring Arts Festival at KSU
    The Artist Market features artists’ booths offering wares and art for sale from ceramics, jewelry, paintings and sculpture to wood furniture, photography, and fiber arts. Alumni and student clubs are encouraged to participate. A juror will award digitally-submitted exhibitor applications based on technical ability, originality of the art, and quality of the booth display. Judging and awards for “Best Booth” will be held on the date of the event.
    Montage of photos from the 2018 Spring Arts Festival Artist Market at KSU
    Ebru watercolor artist Fatma Akdeniz (first image) was selected by Associate Dean of the College of the Arts, Harrison Long, as the 2018 "Best Booth" winner.

    Drip Painting | Chris Hall (Pollock) | room 102
    Exquisite Corpse | Lisa Kastello | room 102
    Printmaking Activities | Valerie Dibble | room 108
    All Inclusive Art | Rick Garner | room 115
    Pose for a Portrait Drawing | Brotherton/Welsh | room 112
    Digital Illustration | Craig Brasco | room 207
    Animations | Sandee Chamberlin | room 209
    Packaging 3D Print | Carole Mauge-Lewis / Deborah Hutchinson | rooms 223/224
    Calligraphy Workshop | Hwang | room 222
    3-Panel Comic | Chris Malone | room 225
    RAKU Glazing and Firing | Jeff Campana | room 005
    Scratch Molds for Iron Pour | TBD | room 004
    Art History Passport Knowlege Hunt | Jessica Stephenson / Phillip Kiernan | Lobby
    Face Painting | Art Education | outside near Cartersville Drive
    Miss La La Instrument Play Booth | Lauren McBride | outside near Cartersville Drive
    Photo Booth | outside near Cartersville Drive


    Artist Market | Shane McDonald | outside along Bartow Avenue
    Junkyard Art Wars
    | Jaime Richardson | outside along Cartersville Drive
    Collaborative Mural Project | Don Robson / Matt Haffner | outside in entrance courtyard
    Forging | Tom Daniels | outside near loading dock
    Glass Blowing Demo | Janke Studios | outside near loading dock
    Iron Pour | Page Burch / Keith Smith | outside near loading dock


    Tom + Chee
    King of Pop


 Past Pin Up Show Winners

Trophies for Spring Arts Festival by Page Burch

Best in Show

Giselle Torres, Kell  

Giselle Torres Pinup Show Entry

  • 1st place Melissa Yao, Kemp

    Melissa Yoo Pinup Show Entry 

    2nd place Hannah Anderson, Chalker

    Hanna Anderson Pinup Show Entry

    3rd place Pippa McKinney, Fairmount Elementary

    Pippa McKinny Pinup Show Entry

  • 1st place Sophia Singh, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter

    Sophia Singh Pinup Show Entry

    2nd place Kat Nquyen, Simpson Middle

    Kat Nguyen Pinup Show Entry

    3rd place Emma Lovell, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter

    Emma Lovell Pinup Show Entry

  • 1st place Henry Tegethoff, Lassiter High School

    Henry Tegethoff Pinup Show Entry

    2nd place Roxana Juarez, Osbourne

    Roxana Juarez Pinup Show Entry

    3rd place Kayla Michel, Kell

    Kayla Michel Pinup Show Entry

  • 1st place Donna Munsell

    Donna Munsell Pinup Show Entry

    2nd place Suzette Spinelli

    Suzette Spinelli Pinup Show Entry

    3rd place Bryan Kennelly

    Bryan Kennelly Pinup Show Entry

Congratulations to all!


Hands-On Activities

Attendees of the Spring Arts Festival make designs in their scratch molds
  • Pose for Portrait Drawing (112)
  • Drip Painting (102)
  • Exquisite Corpse (102)
  • All Inclusive Art (115)
  • Scratch Molds (004)
  • Digital Illustration (207)
  • Digital Animation (209)
  • Packaging/3D Printing (223/224)
  • Raku Glazing (005)
  • 3-Panel Comic (225)
  • Face Painting (outside)
  • Miss La La Instrument Booth (outside)
  • Passport Knowledge Hunt (everywhere) 

Demonstrations & Exhibitions

Faculty and students of the School of Art and Design our molten iron into scratch molds at the Spring Arts Festival
  • Iron Pour (outside)
  • Raku Firing (005)
  • Print Demo (108)
  • Forging Demo (outside)
  • Glass Blowing Demo (outside)
  • Photo/Painting Mural (courtyard)
  • Artist Market (outside)
  • Junkyard Art Wars (outside)


  • Tome and Chee
  • King of Pop
  • We encourage public and private teachers and schools of the surrounding community to participate in Pin-up Show as groups. Please checkout the details on the flyer below

      General Flyer for the 2019 Spring Arts Festival at Kennesaw State University The Pin-Up Show Flyer of the Spring Arts Festival  The Artist Market Flyer of the 2019 Spring Arts Festival at Kennesaw State University


  • Media: please contact Kathie Beckett, for interview inquiries, high resolution images, etc.