The Spring Arts Festival was a virtual event March 20, 2021. 

The Spring Arts Festival at Kennesaw State University is an annual community event offering the chance for art lovers of all ages to partake in visual and performing arts activities. In these challenging times, we decided to conduct this year's festival in a virtual format. As always, it was FREE and open to the public.


In addition to the availability of streaming video workshops, there were a few virtual live events. Please bookmark this page and share with your friends!
The event was Saturday, March 20, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Chalk-the-ZMA

    The ZMA staff annually collaborate with Cobb Public Schools for this festive sidewalk chalk art event! This year's virtual event will include participation from students who create at their schools or at their homes.

    Elizabeth Thomas
    Education Coordinator of the Zuckerman Museum of Art

    Tunnel Books Virtual Workshop

    70 participants will follow this workshop on Zoom from 2-4 p.m.

    Elizabeth Thomas
    Education Coordinator of the Zuckerman Museum of Art

    Comics Workshop

    In this demonstration you will examine an assortment of compositional techniques used to build exciting narratives for readers. Discover and practice ways of framing and points of view to deepen your storytelling capacity through various comic exercises.

    Chris Malone
    Professor of Sequential Art and Animation

    Magma Studio Draw Session

    Do you like to draw and paint digitally? You can join us live and draw and paint digitally with us live! All you need is a digital tablet (Wacom, iPad, etc.) and your imagination.

    Craig Brasco
    Professor of Illustration and Design

    Digital Photography Demonstration

    The Photo and Video concentration will be showcasing a studio environment photo shoot in collaboration with the department of dance. 

    The shoot will demonstrate:

    • Digital photography and image workflow in a studio environment
    • Collaborations between the art department and the department of dance
    • Our students will be doing the photography work, dancing, and documenting through video
    • We will showcase tethered shooting to a laptop (for client type simulation)
    Matt Haffner
    Professor of Photography and Video

    Iron Pour Demonstration

    This video will document the iron casting process at KSU. We will show how the molds that the molten iron is poured into are made. This process will document different types of molds and how they are made using resin-bonded sand. From there, we will show how the coke and iron, which act as the fuel for the furnace, are prepared. The furnace is then preheated for approximately one hour using a propane torch. When hot, the furnace goes on blast with forced air and the coke and iron charged are placed into the furnace. Charges are placed into the furnace until the well is filled, at which time the furnace is tapped into a ladle. The iron in the ladle is then poured into the molds. This process is repeated until all the molds are filled. At this point, the contents of the furnace are emptied through the bottom door, and the iron pour is complete.

    Page Burch
    Lecturer of Sculpture and Coordinator of the Master Craftsman Program

    Metal Figurine Sculptures Demonstration

    Allen Peterson will demonstrate how to make a small mold using a flexible molding compound that can withstand the heat of molten pewter, a low-temperature metal that is often used for miniature figures and other small sculptures.  Once the mold is made, he will demonstrate how to safely melt pewter using equipment and safety gear that is readily available to the average sculptor.  See our project go from an idea, to a model, to a reusable mold, to a finished metal version that is made of pewter.

    Allen Peterson
    Part-time Professor of Sculpture

    3D Printing Demonstration

    3D Modeling and 3D printing your own Pokémon! How does virtual 3D modeling work? Can you really design and then print your three-dimensional idea into reality? This is a basic beginner experience in modeling and printing a simple organic character inspired by Pokémon. We will discuss basic modeling programs, 3D printers and the tools materials and techniques used in both designing and producing 3D prints. The first 25 people to register will get their designs printed by KSU’s School of Art and Design.

    Presenter, Keith Smith
    Professor of Sculpture and Ceramics

    Renaissance through Modern Art History Lecture

    The Renaissance through Modern Art History course at KSU is an introductory survey of global art and artistic practices from the late 1400s to the present. Think of it as the “greatest hits of global art!” This course fulfils university general education requirements, so it’s designed for students who may or may not have any prior experience with “art.” The only written assignment is a “Formal Analysis” [ie, an analysis of the artwork’s form, not a “ceremonial, ceremonious, conventional, orthodox, regular,” or “routine” analysis!] For this assignment, students visit their choice of local museum or gallery to view, and then analyze (and interpret) a work of art there. The course provides students with tools and strategies necessary to explore, experience and understand every kind of artwork and artistic practice (produced since the late 15th century) from anywhere.

    Dr. Diana McClintock
    Professor of Art History
  • Media: please contact Kathie Beckett,, for interview inquiries and high resolution images.
2017 Spring Arts Festival Artist Market
2017 Spring Arts Festival Artist Market

Collaborative outdoor mural of a previous year's Spring Arts Festival

Iron Pour of a previous year's Spring Arts Festival
The Festival typically has outdoor events such as the Artists Market, an outdoor collaborative artwork, and an Iron Pour.