Kennesaw State’s Zuckerman Museum of Art to host Faculty Exhibition

 image of tanker teapot
Keith Smith,Tanker Teapot 2, 2020 ,  ceramic; courtesy of the artist.

Full-time faculty from School of Art and Design share their individual artwork

KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 15, 2021) — A part of Kennesaw State University’s School of Art and Design, the Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art (ZMA) will present art from professors in a special Faculty Exhibition, opening January 23 and running through May 9 in the Mortin Gallery.

This exhibition spotlights the incredible talent and creativity of the artists who teach full-time in the School of Art and Design (SOAAD). As one of the largest public art schools, SOAAD exemplifies a breadth of expertise in artistic practice.

Geo Sipp, director of SOAAD, said, “Our faculty are the bearers and conveyers of this expertise with their demonstrably exceptional artistic skill and notable drive for innovation. We are thrilled to be able to share the latest discoveries and accomplishments in their individual artistic practices.” 

Cynthia Nourse Thompson, director of curatorial affairs at ZMA, stated, “Faculty members at the School of Art and Design not only teach, but they are also working, professional artists, from sculptors to jewelry-makers to photographers and illustrators. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate their work outside of the classroom in our museum space.”

Each artist has also submitted an artist statement to help the viewer better understand the work. Professor Keith Smith’s work is “inspired from folklore, my own experiences, beliefs, or concerns, and is created with the expectation that people will find something in the work they relate to personally.” His piece “Tanker Teapot 2” is featured in the exhibition. 

Kristine Kim, professor of graphic design, brings her passion for recycling and upcycling to her work “Earth Matters, 2020.” She “wanted to utilize the items, just holding space in my home, for a newfound purpose. This artwork is not a reformed figure nor a specific object, but by arranging them within the wooden frame and overflow the frame for a sculpture, I wanted to highlight humanity’s unnecessary need for overconsumption.”

Other artists featured include Craig Brasco, Page Burch, Jeff Campana, Sandee Chamberlain, Donna Colebeck, Valerie Dibble, Jonathan Fisher, Matt Haffner, Debbie Hutchinson, Joe Karg, Chris Malone, Joe Remillard, Don Robson, and Robert Sherer. 

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--Kathie Beckett