Featured artwork, top, left to right: Emily Lafebre, Jade Le, Kayla Bowden, and Randall Kooistra. 

This virtual exhibition features capstone animation reels from senior students in Professor Sandee Chamberlain's ANIM4660 class. 

Chase Ashford

  • As long as I can recall, animation and storytelling was a constant passion in my life. From; Hey Arnold, The Wild Thornberry’s, Dexter’s Laboratory, Avatar The Last Airbender, and countless others; inspired me to become the artist I strive to be. My overall purpose in my art is to create that same level of joy, excitement, and inspiration.

    My senior film, Diner 49, is a coming of age journey that I really enjoyed exploring. It tells the story of an Ivy-League college student who has some hard decisions to make about his future. While on spring break, he secures a serving job from his cousin; to make a few extra bucks. On his journey, he discovers that his cousin's type of freedom has serval setbacks and might not be all that it’s cracked up to be. After walking out on the job, with his passions renewed; going on to finish exactly what he started.

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Kayla Bowden

  • My passion for animation and storytelling started when I was young with my love for cartoons, movies, and video games. Since then I spent most of my time creating characters and stories. In high school I didn’t know where to go so that I can grow and learn. Luckily enough when I finished high school KSU started their animation program, and I finally had a goal to follow. Going to KSU has helped me grow more than I could have ever imagined as an artist and has expanded my creativity. My dream as an artist is to help bring characters and stories to life. I want people to relate to those stories and to hopefully spark the passion for art in them like other artists did for me. One day I hope my own stories and characters will come to life and inspire others. I want to make art that sparks conversions and helps bring people together by seeing other points of views. 

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Miles Carter

  • Ever since I could remember, I have always been drawn to certain aesthetics and forms of visual art, especially towards stylish mediums such as animé and video games. Ever since then, I have been searching for a way to express myself creatively, whether it be through drawing or other mediums. While I did study animation, my favorite form of visual art will always be in the form of illustration (character and concept art in particular). I am currently learning about user interface design in hopes of becoming a designer soon. 

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Khadijah Coleman

  • When I was in elementary school, I had it set in my mind that I would be an art teacher. Middle school came, and I changed my desired field to animal husbandry. It wasn’t until I graduated high school that I knew I was destined to be an artist. I went in as an art education major, and I’m coming out as a digital animation major! This year I spent most of my time creating my senior film “Passing Through.” “Passing Through” is about a robot protagonist O and her companion named Guardian passing through an abandoned desert city. On their journey they find out exactly why the city was abandoned. Creating this film was such a great learning experience. I found my strengths and weaknesses, what I liked and what I disliked about the process. In the end I was happy with the result. I brought to life a concept that started as an amalgamation of ideas and aesthetics that I liked and wanted to see more of. 

    It’s going to be almost a decade since I picked up the stylus of my first Wacom tablet, completely green to the concept of digital art. I have grown with my appreciation and love of art. It’s as much a part of me as the blood in my veins and the skin on my body. I have survived hardships and problems, but I could always escape with a pencil and paper. Life was never a bleak affair as long as I had my imagination and the always restless itch of a pencil in hand. I am happy to do what I love. I am still growing as an artist. Every day I try to hone my skills and learn about as much as my mind can take. I’m finding out what I like and what I want to challenge myself with. In the end, I’m glad I followed my heart and went with something I love to do. 

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Christopher Jourdan

  • "One's Journey” is a story about how breaking through your mental walls can lead you to achieve your goals. Creating “One’s Journey” was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to learn more about myself as an animator. This short film taught me how to manage my time properly, and patience is crucial when meeting deadlines. It is remarkably special to me because it is the story of my life. That sentiment made me strive to produce something great. Not only was this an enjoyable journey, but also a very humbling one. Seeing the work that goes into making a short film makes my respect for animators go up immensely. The amount of time that goes into creating animations can only be understood by people in the industry. I one day hope to work with the men and women that define this industry and create something praiseworthy. 

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Randall Kooistra

  • I have enjoyed developing as an artist here at Kennesaw State. Ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed all types of storytelling and have always used art to express myself. My film is about two cowboys who find themselves in a dream, end up shooting each other, and realizing that they are the same person. I like to incorporate a lot of different mediums into my work and try to make something unique.

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Emily Lafebre

  • I’m a 2-D animator, character and background designer majoring in digital animation at KSU School of Art and Design. I have a passion creating characters, stories, and writing about topics that are either satirical or humorous. My short film, Mutt, is based on my affection for dogs. The film is centered around the premise that we should embrace who we are despite our physical appearance or background.

    When I first joined in the digital animation program, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. When I took these classes, I realized that I needed to improve and shape my artistic skills, and I think that going into the animation program was worth it. I’ll never give up my passion and continue to work and collab with other artists out there. I’m going to miss the years I’ve spent in this school because it was a wonderful eye-opening experience.

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Jade Le

  • Kennesaw State University’s School of Art and Design has given me a wonderful opportunity to strengthen my fundamentals of art, principles of design, and principles of animation. These fundamentals allowed me to become an artist who works in illustration, animation, 3D modeling, and so much more. My love for fantastical abstract forms and unique textures generates my strong desire to incorporate a wide variety of mediums into my work. I am constantly experimenting with traditional and digital media and appreciate a good challenge. I hope to one day create a project that fuses these two mediums in a harmonious and whimsical manner.

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Gabrielle Talbot

  • I enjoy working in things character-based. The most interesting thing about characters is how their hearts and minds can be shown in unique ways. It’s exciting when you make a new character and get to go through the process of high emotional points in their life. Specifically, I tend to enjoy the conceptualization and planning stages the most. However, there’s a magic that happens with seeing the execution of your ideas come to fruition. Be it someone’s messy bedroom, or how a character acts around others, I’m always elated to have my hand in that process.

    Reflecting on my time at KSU, I can’t help but think that the professors and staff have been integral to nurturing my love of art. They always encourage students to push themselves to their fullest extent. Simultaneously making sure to emphasize the importance of self care. I don’t think I’d be in the state I am today without their support. I’m incredibly grateful to them.

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Sierra Turpin

  • As a child, I would always watch cartoons while being oddly entranced by the characters. I remember wanting to create my own from my imagination. When I finished my first character design, my heart was racing, and I was ecstatic of the outcome. I said to myself, “I made this. I’ve brought my ideas to life.” “Is this the meaning of art?” From that day forward I knew what I needed in my future. I wanted more, and I reached for a higher goal. I wanted my art to move, speak, and interact with one another. That is when I took on animation. For the first time ever my art was moving, and I experienced that moment from my childhood all over again. 

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Asia Walden

  • I’m a character artist who loves to create and illustrate different worlds and characters and bring their personality to life through clothing and accessories. I’ve been designing characters for over 6 years and using them to explore different areas of life and different cultures, fantasy or otherwise.

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