Featured artwork, left to right: Diana Kreminski, Michael Thomas, and Michael Kartawinata.

 Sarah Amandolia


  • Bleeding Sun
  • Demaru
  • Hobbyist
  • Still Background 1
  • Nyko
  • "They’re sharing a Drink They Call Loneliness"
  • The Cursed Reign Environmental


  • I am an animator from Acworth, Georgia, who graduated from Kennesaw State University's College of the Arts with a degree in 2D Animation. Over my years I cannot help but be amazed by the growth I have made, both in school and out. I have been fortunate enough to pursue my passions in many ways, I have been both the Secretary and Social Media Coordinator for the Kennesaw Animation Studio Society, as well as one of the founding members of the Kennesaw Comic League. Seeing my passions bloom and being able to discover new ones over the past few years, I have learned how in depth this field of study is, and how dedicated those who pursue a career in animation are. I learned more about myself with the years spent studying, and it helped direct me into learning more about developmental and concept work, as I plan to push further with it after discovering the passions that I have for it.

    I have studied stylistic extremes, from realism to cartoons, and have pursued further explorations into the figure, environments, and concept work. These classes helped my techniques and skills grow outside of the classroom, as I began to see changes in my own personal work. I also became more adventurous in my art and was able to not only draw and create things out of my comfort zone, but I was able to watch my skills match the art and projects that I pictured and was excited to create. I as well continue to try and push my skills and abilities and am excited to see where I can continue to learn and grow, even if I am not in school anymore.

    As a graduate from the KSU College of the Arts, I cannot help but admire the changes and growth I have made during my time here. My skills have not only changed and have adapted to the years spent at the College of the Arts. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to pursue my passions, seeing them bloom and discovering new ones and new abilities I never thought possible. Achieving the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Animation, I learned how in depth this field of study is, and how dedicated those who pursue this career are, and the wide depth and variety it brings to the art world.

    Currently I am pursuing both studio work and freelancing positions, pushing to always improve my dev work and my concepts and creativity in my pursuit of working for a studio or gaming company in the future. I am also excited to use what I have learned and continue to learn to work on my own personal animations as well. I would love to bring to life my own stories, as well as projects I collaborate with my peers. I want to spend my life creating and inspiring others the same way I was inspired when I was younger!

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Grant Carter

  • Heirloom
  • Barn
  • Kiptebanguryon
  • Lightning Bird
  • Run Cycle
  • Self-Caricature
  • Sorceress Supreme


  • I am an animator and illustrator that uses mostly the digital medium but work well in others. If you told me 5 years ago that I would become an artist I would not believe you. I’ve always done little doodles and scribbles when growing up but usually never full-blown drawings. Most of the time I have always wondered how animated shows I’ve watched turn out to be what they are. That wonder eventually turned into a drive that art and animation are something I would want to get into.

    My art has grown and evolved in a manner that has led me up to this point, and I plan on to continue to grow so I can live comfortably with my art and animation.

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Robert Davison

  • Handy
  • robert-davison1
  • robert-davison2
  • I aim to one day be a 3-D animator in one of the biggest animation studios in the world. I started my animation journey with Adobe AfterEffects which lead me on a pathway to wanting to be a motion designer. I’m hoping that as a motion designer I can learn many of the fascinating principles of animation. After a few years of this, I would love to take up an entry job at a big company and work my way up to a big role in that company as an animator.

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Jasmine Etienne

  • etienne_figure-final
  • etienne_hands_pro
  • Etienne_knd
  • etienne-rigged-character
  • etieene-senior-reel-hara
  • etienne-untitled-0.jpg
  • etienne_untitled_artwork


  • When creating art, I tend to have general ideas that grow and change as the process moves along. My work is heavily focused on digital artwork. My focus stems from my enjoyment of animation and video games. I have always enjoyed how beautiful some of the animations and games I’ve played have looked and has continued to inspire me to draw more and more. As I’ve grown, I have become more aware of my surroundings and my observation skills have improved with my growth in the field. I hope my skills can be conveyed in my art, and one day work together with other industry professionals to created something amazing.

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 Kayla George

  • Adventure
  • Angst
  • s10angloa
  • s10benin2
  • Temple
  • Texturefear
  • Traditional Animation


  • With my art I seek to connect to the world and explore and explain human emotions and societal issues visually. I have a strong passion for writing, drawing, painting, and sociology, and often interweave my passions into my projects. Watercolor and overlay of texture also play a part in a plethora of my pieces, as texture adds a tangible quality and interest to my digital or representational work. Color and contrasts are two of the guiding principals in my designs as an artist.

    My pieces are created with both traditional and digital principals in mind. Some of my animations, such as The Dancers, have featured hand painted frames or backgrounds, and some of my paintings, such as my Series of Ten, have mimicked computer work of later overlays. Exploring sociopolitical topics such as racial inequality, the lasting effects of colonialization, and gender norms is important to me and can be seen in my artwork.

    Overall, my time at KSU has taught me how to break further into digital art, and how to find intersectionality between by digital and traditional work. I have had the opportunity to present my paintings at the Georgia Conference of Undergraduate Research, and I will get to present my short film at the Owl Film Festival; seeing myself grow as both a digital and traditional artist the past three years has shaped how I create today.

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 Mitchel Guzman

  • Cartoon Animation
  • Flour Sack
  • Full Size Render
  • Herple Beetle
  • Rigged Screenshot
  • Scared Frog Fire Fighter
  • Told Legends


  • Being an artist allows me to have the opportunity to test my creativity that derives from my own personal experiences and imagination. As we see in today’s social climate, even though we have seen beautiful and uplifting moments and occurrences, the world can be a harsh place. We all have had times where our experiences have been too much to handle.

    I know that everyone has a story, being an artist gives me the availability to express my story in a way that surpasses words, whether it be reality or fantasy. My art is an escapism into my own fantasy world where I can test my abilities and creativeness in ways I wouldn’t normally know how. I create what I create to test my own imagination and my limitations. When people take a look at my art I want them to take a look into my world and see me the way I see myself. I want to be able to show people that I am more than what they physically see, that I am a story worth remembering. One day I can make this fantasy world of mine into my reality.

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Stephanie Heubel

  • Animation Background
  • Environments
  • Lilly
  • Moon Bathing
  • Turn Around
  • Vega Turn Around


  • When I first came to Kennesaw, I never dreamed I would go into digital animation degree. Now it has become one of my true passions in life. Even as a kid, I loved watching different cartoons such as Spongebob Squarepants, Teen Titans, and Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I suppose it was obvious becoming an artist was my true passion. When watching these cartoons I found myself creating my own characters and styles. Going into college, I found myself being introduced to many different cartoons, animés, and video games that expanded my mind into the wonderful world of animation.

    My Senior Animation, Journey to the Stars, was inspired by my love of animals and my obsession of space, the night sky, and nature. Before I came to Kennesaw, I lived up in the mountains and there you can get a clear view of the night sky. I loved the stars twinkling high above and if you were lucky, the occasional shooting star would fly by. Working on my senior animation was shown my how much I have learned and grasped over the years. It taught me how to manage my time in a more efficient manner and my strengths. Despite all the hardships and grueling long nights working on this film, I can say this has been one of the most inspirational and eye-opening experiences.

    Animation also helped me develop my other art as well. Throughout my years at Kennesaw, I can see how my animations and illustrations have grown and developed. I think my demo reel shows this. I am forever grateful from the love and support of both my family, friends, and professors throughout my years.

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Michael Kartawinata

  • Business Card
  • Boba Mama Exterior
  • Kayden Turnaround
  • Liz Turnaround
  • Mystiktiers Character Lineup
  • Short Film Still


  • I love working with characters and creating stories around them the most. I enjoy designing them, writing about them, how they interact with each other, the world they live in, and how they go about daily situations. I am an avid consumer of cartoons and video games, so a lot of my work is based on that sort of style. Unicorn Tea is a film that was based on small everyday situations that my friends and I go through in real life, but dialed up to eleven. I wanted to create a simple story about a world where humans and mythical beings living together is seen as a normal thing that happens. Kayden is a human who lives with his succubus girlfriend, Liz, in a small apartment in a Southern Californian city. The film is based on some stories that a couple of my friends have shared about experiences with trendy items while working at Starbucks.

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Diana Kreminski

  • Scared
  • School
  • Mia and Lucas
  • Mia House
  • Mia Reporter
  • Mia Scared
  • School


  • My film M.I.A, follows a young high school student who strives to become a news reporter. She enlists help from a classmate to travel to the scariest house in town. Many disappearances have happened on that property. Will there be more?

    This film was inspired by my old town. There were many ghost stories about one road that went on for miles without streetlights. It was said to be the scariest road in the whole state. With all the stories I’ve heard my whole time living there I thought I could incorporate it into my film.

    All the disappearances seem to happen at one house on that road. During the production of this film I have learned so much more about the animation process. From creating a story and writing the script to building character rigs, I truly got a small glimpse into what animators do everyday. I would like to focus in my career on building rigs for 2D animation.

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Cyprus Meraz

  • Bull Fighter Full Body
  • Bull Fighter Portrait
  • Still-2
  • Still 5
  • Still 6
  • Still 7

  • Olé by Cyprus Meraz is a 2D animated project created to narrate against animal cruelty. Meraz has been an advocate against the use of animals in entertainment since their teens, and into their mid 20s they continue to push for the message; and will continue to do so for decades to come. Bullfighting has been chosen as the focus, because it is highly debated between a graceful art with legality and illegal within the same countries that have this tradition.

    Spanish-style bullfighting has been chosen, because it is more widely recognized than other nation’s varieties, such as southern France’s that still taunts animals, isolates them to enrage them for the arena, but does not kill them in battle. This project would not be authentic without having experienced flamenco shows in Atlanta to draw the dancing for the bull celebrating their victory at the end of the animation: the dance is also for the humility against the suffering their father endured when he was taken away. The goal of this animation is to make people more aware of the cruelties of bullfighting, to view it from the bull’s perspective, and to discourage the use of animals in other forms of “entertainment.”

    Cyprus Meraz is seeking to work in 2D animation or as a motion graphics artist as they graduate with a BFA in Digital Animation from Kennesaw State University in December 2020.

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 Catherine Pawlowski

  • Background 1
  • Character Turn Around 1
  • Character Turn Around 2
  • Prop 1
  • Characters
  • Background 2
  • Lost and Found


  • Ever since I was young, I’ve loved cartoons and drew my favorite characters constantly. This love grew into a love of the animation industry as a whole as I grew up. Even though most of what I create is someone else’s vision, I work hard to develop work I can be proud of by bringing the story’s culture, time period, theme, etc. into account when creating designs. I also like to use photo references that I take myself and bring as much of the world around me into my work. Doing this, I feel as if I’m bringing the animation industry closer to a more inclusive place.

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Will Stordy

  • Crow
  • Day 21 in Quarantine
  • Dragon
  • Lone Forrest
  • School Days
  • The Town on the Sea
  • Random Encounter


  • I've been a big fan of retro video games ever since I was a kid. Eventually my passion for playing them turned into a wanting to make them. While I had friends who were interested in making games and could program them, none of us knew how to animate. It led me to decide to major in animation. I’ve spent the past year animating various projects in a pixel art style in order to get better at creating and animating sprites. I can take what I learned and apply this to working games.

    My ultimate goal for the future is to push my pixel art even farther so it looks just as good as some of the best examples of it in the medium. I want to make a game that honors all the games that impacted me growing up and that hopefully inspires people the same way those games did for me.

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 Michael Thomas

  • BG
  • Court Side
  • Still of Characters
  • Static Image
  • Still of Characters
  • My work explores all ranges of artistic style and design. From dynamic oil paintings, to traditional figure drawings, to exciting concept art, and to new worlds through my animation –my goal as an artist is to study and execute a variety of artistic styles. In doing so, I strive to complete a finished product that is engaging to the viewers.

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 Kenneth Todd

  • Environment Illustration
  • Illustration 1
  • As an artist, my work has always been about how to blend graphic design, illustration, and animation into clean yet detailed works of art that bring a unique brand of visual appeal. I draw much inspiration from former and current masters of visual art in all mediums. I think the greatest part about art is getting to enjoy the creative process and problem solving to always evolve and become a better artist. I am lucky to love what I do.

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