Kennesaw State University Department of
Theatre and Performance Studies presents

Devised by KSU Students
Directed by Rosemary Newcott
Composed and Music Directed by Amanda Wansa Morgan
Additional Music by Riley Schatz and Ra'Mya Aikens

April 2: 8 p.m.; April 3: 11 a.m., 3 p.m.; April 9: 8 p.m.
Stillwell Theater and ArtsKSU Virtual

Meet-and-Greet and Sing-Along Community Event
April 10: 11 a.m., Stillwell Theater*

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    Join us for a new and original production  created by the theatre students of KSU alongside composer Amanda Wansa Morgan and award-winning guest director Rosemary Newcott! 

    Featuring an all new score of folk, R&B, and a'capella music with a cast of 12 vibrant young actors giving you music, dance, and storytelling in a colorful and fully-realized world!

    Greatness comes in all shapes and sizes.  Thumbelina is tiny, beautiful, and delicate. She is also resourceful, creative, and courageous. Join her as she explores the world of Maybugs, Toads, and more, as she discovers her nascent powers in a new musical version of the treasured Hans Christian Andersen story. 

    You will be the FIRST to see this tiny yet mighty production of magic, courage, and self-identity.  

    Read about the various adaptions of Thumbelina.

    Kids Corner




    toad mom and son
    bird flying through air
    • Pamela

      Pamela Rodriguez-Montero (she/her/hers) is a theatrical designer, educator, and visual artist and Assistant Professor of Costume Design at KSU. 

      She earned her BFA degree in Arts and Visual Communications from the National University of Costa Rica. She received her MFA in Scenography from the University of Kansas, graduating with honors. 

      She is the proud recipient of the Ethel Hinds Burch Outstanding New GTA in Theatre Award and the Ethel Hinds Burch Outstanding GTA in Theatre Award in recognition of her excellence in teaching. 

      After receiving a Tinker Field Research Grant, she visited Guatemala to develop contextual research and collect reference materials for her research in the Mayan dance/drama of Rabinal Achí. Currently, her areas of interest include Latin American and Indigenous Ceremonial dance/drama, intersectionality and anti-racism in the practice of costume, makeup, and hair design, and computer-aided design, animation, and digital rendering techniques.”  


    Moles can barely see at all, but they have a very good sense of smell to make up for it.
    swallow fluing
    Swallows live on every continent in the world besides Antarctica.
    MaybugsMaybugs are also known as doodle bugs!
    golden retriever
    Golden retrievers are often used as therapy dogs because they are sweet and friendly.
    Some fish that live in ponds can live to 50 years old or more!
    Toads start out as tadpoles like frogs, but can spend most of their life on dry land!
    Field mouiseField mice eat up to 15 or 20 times a day!
    butterflyButterflies taste using their feet!


    • Our work on Thumbelina began in the Fall of 2019 with a class at Kennesaw State full of Theatre & Performance Studies majors, taught by Coordinator of Musical Theatre Amanda Wansa Morgan and Internationally known Theatre for Young Audiences director Rosemary Newcott. Rosemary joined us as a guest teacher to lead our students through a series of devising exercises which resulted in their writing of amazing material, both spoken word and songs. One of our students – Riley Schatz – ended up composing some full songs for the piece, while pieces of other student’s musical ideas also ended up in the project.

      We had some beautiful work sessions that involved physical movement, creating music together, and unpacking the original Hans Christian Anderson story of Thumbelina.
      There was a particularly wonderful session with the participants of the Global Village Project from Atlanta, where our scholar artists interacted with students from across the world who are here in Atlanta living and going to school.

      Our work in the Fall culminated in a final showing to the public. After that, Rosemary and Amanda worked together on edits to the script, adding in new music, and rearranging some parts to mold around the new Spring 2020 cast.

      Now that we are in rehearsal, it’s amazing to see how the new cast is coming up with additional ideas. We are added choreography, new musical arrangements, and much more. It’s beautiful to see a fully realized piece of theatre take shape in space when there was nothing before and to know that it came from the minds of dozens of our students and faculty and guests working together. Maybe this line came from a student in the Fall class… that line came from an actor in the Spring cast… and the next line came from Amanda or Rosemary. It’s very exciting and something we think everyone will enjoy.



    • Rosemary NewcottKennesaw State is pleased to welcome Rosemary Newcott as Guest Director and Co-creator of Thumbelina. Rosemary has worked at the Alliance Theatre as the Sally G. Tomlinson Artistic Director of Theatre for Youth and Families. Over the past twenty years, she has directed a large number of plays for youth and family audiences, including The Wizard of Oz, Paige in Full, Knuffle Bunny, Honk!, The Hobbit, and many seasons of The Christmas Carol. 

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    • Amanda Wansa MorganAmanda Wansa Morgan is an Atlanta-based music director, composer, director, and actor who serves as Coordinator of Musical Theatre & Associate Professor at Kennesaw State University.

      At KSU, she teaches classes in musical theatre performance, voice, acting, and musical theatre history and literature. She directed the KSU productions of Ragtime, Heathers, and A Man of No Importance.

      Amanda has served on the faculty at The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and also as Director of Music Education at Charleston Stage, working as music director, director, sound designer, dialect coach, music arranger, and composer for various productions.

      Additionally, she has music directed at The Alliance Theatre, Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta Lyric Theater, Actor’s Express (2018 Suzi Bass Award for The Color Purple), Synchronicity Theater, Wallace Buice Theatre Company & BUICEentennial Productions, Playhouse on the Square, Post Playhouse, and Osceola Center for the Arts.

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    • Thumbelina  Ra’Mya Aikens  
      Sierra Benning  
      Riley Borst  
       (u/s) Mya Burns  
      Amani Clanton  
       (u/s) Jacob Craig  
      Amarih Matthews  
      Brooklyn Norrington  
      Kee Horton  
      Coriana Raynor  
      Jillian Seibert  
      Zach Tellez  
      Ashlin Williams

    • Director  Rosemary Newcott  
      Music Director & Composer  Amanda Wansa Morgan  
      Scenic, Costume, Lighting Designer  Pamela Rodriguez-Montero  
      Stage Manager/Asst. Dramaturg Vanessa Lopez  
      Choreographer  Kee Horton  
      Dramaturg Dr. Tom Fish 
      Properties Manager  Parker Osmann  
      Production Sound Engineer  Anna Lee  
      Audio Engineer  Mikaela Fraser  
      Lighting Programmer  Brandon Bagwell  
      Asst. Director/Asst. Dramaturg Savannah Peeples  
      Music Assistant/Toad Mom (u/s) Alex Osborne  
      Asst. Scenic Designer & Scenic Charge Jess Ford  
      Asst. Scenic Charge  Hannah Robertson  
      Asst. Costume Designer  Sophi Gordon  
      Asst. Lighting Designer  Hannah O’Driscoll  
      Design Assistant  Mackenzie Scales 
      Light Op.  Kourage Cooper  
      Lead Asst. Dramaturg Katie Nelson 
      Asst. Dramaturgs  
      Meggan Collins 
      Ayanna Palmer 
      Veronica Sanders 
      Issa Solis 
      Set/Props Crew  
      Lance Brown  
      Kylie Talbott  
      Lucas Pollitzer  
      Wardrobe Crew  
      Maya Christian  
      Terence Foxx  
      Cristine Giacomo  
      Syrus Henry  
      Mariah Johnson  
      Riley Wilson  
      Anna Wooley