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Feathers and Teeth



Feathers and Teeth is the story of Chris, a 15-year-old girl who is struggling with her mother’s death and her father Arthur’s impending re-marriage to his malevolent fiancée Carol. As if this weren’t enough, Arthur injures an animal on the way home from work and brings it into the house so his family can nurse it back to health. They don’t know what the animal is, but it has feathers and teeth. And it wants to kill them all. 


Charise Castro Smith
Charise Castro Smith is an up-and-coming playwright, television writer, and actor. She got her B.A. at Brown University and her M.F.A. at the Yale School of Drama. Castro Smith has been involved in various festivals including the Goodman Theatre’s 2013-14 New Stage Festivals and 2016 La Jolla Playhouse’s DNA New Work Series. She has also written episodes for the television show Devious Maids as well as a writer and producer for the shows The Exorcist and The Death of Eva Sofia ValdezFeathers and Teeth’s premiered at the Goodman Theatre in 2014. 




THE INTERVIEW - Playwright, Charise Castro Smith, about Feathers and Teeth

OUR SHOW - Interviews with the Actors

When asking the lead actors (Ashley Behrend, Brady Brown, Zach Elton, Jimmy O’Connor, and Willa Sanders) to speak about Feathers and Teeth and the process, we asked two questions: how did they prepare for their role/the show and what would the actors like the audience to take away from the show?


COSTUME DESIGN - by Nicole Clockel 
  • Hugo-Feathers and Teeth Costume Design
  • Chris-Feathers and Teeth Costume Design
  • Carol-Feathers and Teeth Costume Design
  • Carol Nurse-Feathers and Teeth Costume Design
  • Carol Mom-Feathers and Teeth Costume Design
  • Arthur-Feathers and Teeth Costume Design

  • Feathers and Teeth Set Design Top View
  • Feathers_and_Teeth_Set_Design_Front_View
  • Feathers_and_Teeth _Groundplan_View


Feathers and Teeth is set in the spring of 1978. The Vietnam War had just ended, and, as a society, we were living through the television revolution. The 1970's brought various monsters to the big screen, such as Frankenstein, Jaws, and the horror comedy Dr. Frank-n-Furter, putting monsters at the center of popular film culture.  

Additionally, the monsters of the 1970's didn't just live on the screen, they also resided in our everyday lives as well.  You may want to check out a docu-series on the 1970s, The Seventies on CNN,covering everything from Watergate to the music of the time.

One of Castro Smith’s influences for the play was pop culture media from the 1970s, with a primary focus on the sitcom television genre, including advertisements and horror movies. 

Television advertisements that were on during a typical spring day in 1978

The Brady Bunch Poster image
Our production’s director, Jim Davis, found a lot of inspiration in sitcoms such as The Brady Bunch for its seemingly perfect, yet extremely complex, familial structure. 

Lastly, and most importantly, the 1970's horror genre structure and content was a muse for Feathers and Teeth. The supernatural/monstrous themes of these movies represented modern fears of war, revolutionary movements, political turmoil, etc. View the 70's Horror genre Movie Trailers