Spoken Word Performance Artist Minton Sparks to Perform at KSU

Minton Sparks at KSU
Tickets are on sale now for Minton Sparks. 

Spoken word and music collide in unique performances by famed speaker-songwriter

KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 29, 2020) — Performance theatre comes in many forms, yet something about self-proclaimed “speaker-songwriter” Minton Sparks sets her work apart from the rest, and she has the track record to prove it. Often referred to as the love child of Flannery O’Connor and Hank Williams, Sparks brings her melodic and captivating show to Kennesaw State University February 6-8, hosted by the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at the Stillwell Theater.  

An active performer over the last 20 years, Sparks has proven her worth as a “speaker-songwriter,” an original term she attributes to herself and her work. Her unique style of poetic storytelling set to music keeps the audience entranced and engaged by her voice and the harmonious music of acoustic guitar player John Jackson, most famously known for his work with Bob Dylan. Sparks transports the audience to her small hometown in the South, taking on the personalities and mannerisms of each character she presents—including her own family—with the rhythm and flow of poetry set to honky-tonk music.

Although Sparks earned her degrees in Psychology (B.A.) and Human Development Counseling (M.Ed.), her interests migrated towards poetry and music. For example, she was awarded the Leonard Bernstein Fellowship grant from Brandeis University in 1998 and promptly used the money to teach poetry in Tennessee high schools. While serving as adjunct professor of Psychology at Tennessee State University for 13 years, she also found time for the recording studio and taking her show on the road in live performances at universities, clubs and music, poetry, and storytelling festivals. She has taken the stage with many renowned musicians, including the Punch Brothers, Nanci Griffith, and Rodney Crowell. With five albums, two books and a performance film under her belt, Sparks has a compelling repertoire for audiences and gives patrons a unique experience.

“Minton’s unique fusion of music, poetry and storytelling helps us understand ourselves more deeply even as we are heartily entertained. We are delighted to include Minton Sparks as a featured performer in our professional presenting season.” said Professor Harrison Long, Interim Chair of the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies.

Get lost in the musical poetry of a small-town world with Minton Sparks and guitarist John Jackson February 6 through 8 at the Stillwell Theater on the Kennesaw Campus. Tickets are $12-20 and are available by calling 470-578-6650 or online at ticketing.kennesaw.edu.

--Lauren Richmond