Summer FAQ

  • Parents, teachers, professionals, and enthusiasts are invited to attend a free recital each night of the symposium. All concerts will take place in Morgan Concert Hall at Kennesaw State University’s Bailey Performance Center, and no tickets are required. Please see the Schedule tab for more information. Vendor booths will be open to the public for registration-free shopping only on Sunday, June 9, 2019. Registration is required for all other events. Please see the registration tab for registration options.

    Please see the registration tab for registration options.
  • Masterclasses: Each full-participant is required to play in one half-hour masterclass during the festival. Solos and orchestral excerpts are preferred, but students may also choose to play etudes.

    Plug & Play Orchestral Excerpts Class: Students wishing to participate in this masterclass should prepare the excerpts that will be posted on this website.

    Mock Audition: Participants in the optional mock audition should prepare the specified lists that will be posted on this website.

    Solo Competition: Participants in the optional solo competition should have their solo work fully prepared. Students must play from original parts and should bring original accompaniment parts if a specific edition is required.

    Quartets & Horn Choir: All students will be assigned to a quartet and play in the horn choir. This music will be provided.

  • Although housing is not provided, the university is near multiple hotels. The following link contains a list of nearby hotels and dining options:

    Please Note: The university is not responsible for any housing or activities outside of the scheduled events. No transportation is provided to or from hotels.

  • We are happy to connect any attendees who may wish to carpool. If interested, please email Richard Williams.

  • Horn, applicable music, and a snack if you think you will be hungry between meals. There will vendors present, so you may desire to bring cash or a card if you plan to shop.
    Please note: that valuables should not be left unattended.

  • Students may wear casual clothing that is modest and not distracting to other participants. Solo competition finalists should dress formally for the recital on Monday, June 10. (Students will have access to private changing locations.) For the closing recital on Tuesday, June 11, students will wear their KSU Summer Horn Festival t-shirt and jeans/slacks.

  • Only participants over 18 may leave campus, but all full participants are required to attend all scheduled events. Students who skip required events may be dismissed from the festival without a refund at the discretion of the faculty.

  • The price of full-participant tuition includes lunch each day and dinner each evening except the final day, Tuesday, June 11. On this evening we invite students and their families to join us for a nearby final dinner outing and social event.

    Auditors registering for the full festival may add the above meal package during registration or procure their own meals. (Auditors under 18 may not leave campus during the day, so please plan accordingly.) Single-day auditors will be responsible for their own meals. Meals at the KSU Commons dining hall may be purchased at the dining hall door.