String FAQ

  • The String Project is open to the public! We accept 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.
  • If your child has expressed interest in playing a stringed instrument, and you are willing to commit to attend each week and support your child’s home practice, the KSU string project is right for you! We accept new students in August each year. Contact us to inquire about the next organizational meeting to get more information.
  • The Prelude Strings class was designed to teach students who have never played a stringed instrument before. All Prelude students should be at the beginning level. Your child will learn everything they need to know to be successful on their chosen instrument. Instrument care, playing with a nice sound, music note reading, ensemble skills, and more are all covered!
  • The Overture Class was designed for students with approximately 1 year of playing experience in a group class or private lessons. We can help you decide what class placement will be best of your child.
  • The instruments offered in the KSU String Project are violin, viola, and cello . If you are not sure which instrument to choose, you can come to our informational meeting (see calendar) or watch some YouTube videos. Our staff can demonstrate each four of the instruments and measure your child for the correct size.
  • Tuition is $85 for the Spring 2019 semester.
    The tuition cost does not include instrument rental, which will vary from store to store.
  • It is highly recommended that you rent an instrument, particularly because your child most likely not be ready to play a full size instrument. Rental programs will upsize your child’s instrument at not additional charge. In addition, the rental payments accrue toward the purchase of an instrument once the student reaches a full size.
  • Every student should bring the following materials to class:

    • Instrument & Bow
    • Shoulder Rest (violin/viola) or Rock Stop (cello)
    • Folding music stand
    • Book (Essential Elements)
    • Sheet music and/or other handouts
    • Pencil
  • It is recommended that you let us measure you for the correct sized instrument before you go to the music store or have the music store size you. You will also receive a list of required supplies. You will probably want to rent a student line instrument in the beginning. Most stores offer a low monthly rental rate, and you can trade the instrument in for the next largest size with no fee as your child grows. You’ll want to choose a music store with excellent customer service, high quality rental instruments, and employees that are knowledgeable about stringed instruments so can they tune and play the instrument for you.
  • We don’t recommend you purchase any instrument from a large online reseller or auction site. These instruments are usually of very poor quality. Most importantly, the instruments are never set up well because they come straight from a factory. The “set up” of an instrument includes setting the sound post, and the cutting/fitting of the bridge and other moving parts, such as the pegs and fine tuners. Poor instruments usually leave the student feeling frustrated as they try to produce a good sound and keep them from being successful. There may be some good deals in buying used instruments, however before you invest money in an instrument, you should consult your child’s teacher.

    The usual route that most parents follow is to rent an instrument from a local music store. We recommend finding a store that specializes in string instrument. The rental programs are rent-to-own, so if your child decides that playing a string instrument is not for them, you aren’t out too much, but if your child sticks with playing, there are lots of options to upgrade. The instruments found in most string shops are also of higher quality and are properly set up by a string instrument repair specialist (luthier). The biggest advantage of using a local shop is their service in providing maintenance, any necessary repairs, size/quality upgrades, and good advice.

    Whichever shop you choose make sure you tell them you are with the KSU String Project.
  • It is important that you get the correct size instrument for your child. String instruments come in a size to fit everyone. A string teacher or local string instrument shop can fit your child for the correct size. If your child is not ready for a full size instrument, there is a size that will fit them. String instruments are measured in fractional sizes (1/4, 1/2, 3/4), and a full-size instrument is a 4/4. If your child starts on a fractional sized instrument, then grows into a full size instrument, the rental stores do not charge to upgrade sizes. When you purchase an instrument that isn’t full size, you will have to purchase another one eventually.
  • A list of materials can be found HERE.
  • We recommend rigid style shoulder rests as they provide better support, more comfort, and less dampening of the instrument’s sound.
  • We will always follow announcements from the Cobb County School District and/or Marietta City Schools.  In addition, we will post any important announcements on our news page.

    • If school is DELAYED, we WILL have String Project class.
    • If school is CANCELLED, we WILL NOT have String Project class.
    • If school is RELEASED EARLY, we WILL NOT have String Project class.