Necessary Supplies

A good quality student instrument will be easy to play, easy to tune, and will help you to play with beautiful tone.

Please DO NOT purchase an instrument from an online auction site, craigslist, a department store, etc. without consulting us.  A poor quality instrument will only frustrate students and make learning difficult.

Here are the supplies you will need for String Project:

  • Instrument & Bow with case (be sure to get the appropriate-sized instrument)
  • Rosin (for the bow hair)
  • Cloth (for wiping instrument clean)
  • Violinists and violists: Shoulder rest to help support the instrument on the shoulder. We highly recommend a “rigid” style shoulder rest. The “foam/sponge” style rests, affixed to the instrument with a rubber band, are usually not as supportive.
  • Cellists: Rock Stop or Cello Strap to prevent floor damage and slipping.
  • A folding music stand
  • Pencil
  • Essential Elements for Strings, Book 1. Be sure to purchase the book for your instrument.
  • Also, please put your name on your case and all belongings.
    A luggage tag works well for instrument cases.


Caring for your instrument

Remember, your instrument is not a toy and should be cared for at all times. Do not attempt to tune the instrument yourself.  Please let a teacher or someone at the music store tune the instrument for you. Store it safely in the case when you are not practicing. Always loosen the bow when not in use.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.