Concert Information

All students should arrive at the Bailey Performance Center, located at Kennesaw State University, between 6:00 and 6:15 PM. Students will report to Scott Rehearsal Hall where they will unpack and have their instrument tuned.  If you are unsure where to go, please see the maps and parking information. The concert will commence promptly at 7:00 PM and should last about one hour.

What to Bring

  • Instrument
  • Violin/Viola: shoulder rest
  • Cello: Rock stop
  • Concert music

What to Wear

Students should dress up in clothes that are comfortable for performances.
Please refrain from wearing blue jeans, shorts, or athletic shoes if at all possible.

Concert Etiquette

The Guidelines for Concert Etiquette
Please read and review them with your child. For some students this will be their first experience at a “classical” music concert, so it is important that everyone knows the behavioral expectations. Concerts are an exciting event where we can share our music with family and friends!

As always, please contact us know if you have any questions!