Summer Music Intensives

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Hello, Musicians! 

The KSU Virtual Summer Music Intensive links are below. We are excited to give you the opportunity to experience technical and artistic growth in an environment that fosters creativity and learning. Watch the videos anytime! 

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KSU Virtual Summer Music Intensive

  • 11:00 “Violin Basics 101” with violinist Helen Kim. A brief overview of basic technical elements relating to intonation and sound production with brief musical performances by Helen Kim.

    Watch Prof. Kim's lecture here 

  • 11:00 “Engage Efficiently - How to Structure Your Daily Routine” with Paul Dickinson. Whether you’re preparing for All State auditions or a solo in band class, how you approach your practice sessions determines how you will perform. This video discusses how to practice your brass instrument in a way that gives you more security and ease in your playing. It features a sample play-along daily routine and discussion about principles of brass pedagogy with Dr. Paul Dickinson, Artist-in-Residence for Tuba and Euphonium at Kennesaw State University. Note: "Engage Efficiently Exercises" PDF is available below for download. 

    Watch the lecture here

    Engage Efficiently Exercises

    2:00 “Intro to Scales” with Ben Wadsworth: A concise introduction to different scales for musicians. Curious as to the scales used in a song? Now you will be able to figure them out! Familiarity with reading music is required, but no other theoretical training is necessary.

    Watch the lecture here

  • 11:00 “Piano-Playing Tips Every High Schooler Needs to Know” with Robert Henry. In this video, we will discuss the basic elements of a practice routine, starting with how to develop an effortless technique, how to warm-up at the instrument, and finally, how to practice a piece in the most efficient way. 

    Watch the video here

    2:00 "Getting Down to Basics" with Richard Williams. You will learn the best way to warm up your horn; includes fundamental exercises and technique.

    Watch the workshop here

  • 11:00 “Practical Piano Skills - what a working pianist needs for survival!" with Judy Cole. This virtual workshop will touch on aspects of accompanying, reading chord charts, sight reading and efficient practicing.

    Watch the workshop here

    2:00 “Cello Technique: Excellence in the Basics” with Charae Krueger. Includes the basics of how to practice orchestral excerpts and how to make a great college audition video.

    Watch the video here

  • 11:00 “Warm up with Hollie” featuring Hollie Lawing Pritchard. In this session, we’re going to start our day together with a daily routine that touches every essential element of playing to get you going! Fun, trombone-specific Lip slurs, long tone exercises (with glissandos), and real talk about scales and why they’re important (middle, high school, college and beyond).

    Watch the video here

    2:00 "Percussion Instruments from across the world" with John Lawless. This video examines Prof. Lawless' crazy collection of world percussion instruments. 

    Watch the video here