Degrees and Concentrations



Bachelor of Arts Degree

This liberal arts degree in dance is designed to provide students with a diverse and comprehensive curricular experience, preparing them for a variety of career options in dance and other related fields. Students audition to be accepted into the program and have the option of pursuing a concentrated study in modern and ballet dance forms. The core curriculum prepares students with a theoretical and practical experience of dance, while the 15-hour concentration allows students to develop technical proficiency in the area selected.

The 3-credit applied professionals skills requirement allows students to receive academic credit for professional internships and practical experience in the field. The senior seminar and senior project requirements ensure that graduates gain a creative and scholarly understanding of the art form, emphasizing a scholar-artist approach that is central to the Department’s educational mission.

Audition Requirements

Applications will be available for submissions beginning Wednesday, August 26th. Due to the social distancing guidelines of Covid-19, we are only accepting video audition submissions for the 2020-2021 academic year.

In order to ensure that we can accurately evaluate technical proficiency and personal potential, you will be asked to learn a condensed class in ballet technique and contemporary combinations through a video link. You will then record your performance of both the ballet and contemporary material and upload it as a single file to YouTube or Vimeo. Then, please include your video link to your audition in your Dance Audition application form.

Please watch these two videos (ballet and contemporary) to create your audition video. Then, please complete your Dance Audition application form and remember to include a link to your video audition. 

Transfer Auditions
Students who wish to transfer to the Department of Dance at KSU from another institution or from another department follow the same audition procedures as new students. A special audition may be scheduled for students who wish to enter the program at a time when regular auditions are not scheduled.

Course Placement
At the time of acceptance into the program, students will be advised about course scheduling and technical level placement. The individual course instructor reserves the right to request a student to take a different level technique course if the student is not technically at the level appropriate for the course.

Applied Professional Sequence (Internship)
Students are encouraged to complete the above requirement only at the junior and/or senior academic levels. Every student will be assigned a faculty internship advisor, and will be required to obtain approval from the advisor prior to pursuing an internship or professional opportunities in the field. 

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*Please note that the course offerings are subject to change at the department's discretion.

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The dance minor is designed for students who wish to continue their dance training while pursuing another major field of study offered at Kennesaw State University. Of the 15 credit hours required for the dance minor, 9 must be taken at the upper division level.

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All KSU dance productions are fully produced and managed by KSU dance majors.


The Department of Dance recognizes and values the labor, achievements, and knowledge of professionals in the field of dance. For consideration of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), the department requires the equivalent of ten years of professional performing experience in a nationally or internationally recognized dance company. The performing experiences of career practitioners differ widely, and for this reason, PLA for students will be considered on a case-by-case basis by a faculty committee. After review, faculty evaluators make a recommendation to the Chair who approves the PLA credit in the Department. Thirty credit hours is the maximum allowable credit for PLA, typically used to test out of 2000 and 3000 level courses.