KSU Department of Dance to present “Moon Dust”

 Moon Dust
Don’t miss “Moon Dust” at Kennesaw State University, Jan. 30-31 and Feb. 1, at the KSU Dance Theater on the Marietta Campus.

Features two world premieres by Ivan Pulinkala and Lisa K. Lock

KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 14, 2020) — Kennesaw State University’s Department of Dance will present “Moon Dust” Jan. 30-31 and Feb. 1. The performance will feature two world premieres: “Moon Dust,” choreographed by Ivan Pulinkala, dean of the College of the Arts, in collaboration with the College of Computing and Software Engineering, and “Bones,” choreographed by assistant professor of dance Lisa K. Lock

A choreographer, performer and professor, Lock holds a ballet diploma from Switzerland’s Grande Ecole de Danse and an MFA degree from the California Institute of the Arts. Her work “Bones” is physically driven by exploring manipulations of bones. “Bones are the structures that hold us upright, shape our appearances, and tell our histories,” explains Lock. “The performers evolve as they discover the sameness of an inner structure, which allows for trust, support, and individuality.”

Next, patrons will leave the physical body behind and explore the journey of the human spirit as it transitions between life and an afterlife in “Moon Dust.” Pulinkala’s work is based on his research on the phenomenon of near-death experiences. Advances in medical sciences have resulted in a growing population of individuals who have been resuscitated from near-death events. Often, these individuals narrate vivid descriptions of their out-of-body experiences and their journey into the realms of an afterlife.

Through “Moon Dust,” Pulinkala metaphorically explores the journey of soulmates through life into an afterlife, using visually stunning effects developed through a collaboration with Dean Jon Preston and designer Jaylin Gillam from KSU’s College of Computing and Software Engineering. Preston said, “The ‘Moon Dust’ collaboration is an excellent example of the interdisciplinary opportunities at KSU. Creativity spans all disciplines, and this dance production shows what we can accomplish when we work with others who come to a project with different perspectives. Certainly, computing and software engineering students and faculty have benefitted greatly by working with arts faculty and students, and we’re excited to bring this innovative production to the KSU community.”

The production is unlike anything ever produced at KSU. Pulinkala visually alters the audience experience by using a screen that covers the entire front proscenium. At times, the screen is used as a projection surface that interacts with the choreography. A cast of 15 KSU dance majors present this visually gratifying and physically demanding work through Pulinkala’s uniquely sophisticated choreographic vocabulary. The journey of soulmates is explored through a series of duets culminating in a defining male pas de deux that anchors the work and gives it a strong emotional charge.

With lighting design by Jordan Wardach, an alumna of KSU’s Department of Theatre and Performance Studies who now serves as the manager of the KSU Dance Theater, and costume design by Jill Peterson, “Moon Dust” will take audiences into a supernatural world of visual imagination and leave them reflecting on their own spiritual journeys with soulmates, some of whom are fortunate to have in this life.

Don’t miss “Moon Dust” at Kennesaw State University, Jan. 30-31 and Feb. 1, at the KSU Dance Theater on the Marietta Campus. To buy tickets, please visit ticketing.kennesaw.edu.

--Kathie Beckett