Meet Lisa K. Lock

 Lisa K. Lock
Lisa K. Lock is featured in the February Faculty Spotlight.

Dancer, choreographer, and KSU professor

KENNESAW, Ga. (Feb 19, 2020) — A choreographer, performer and KSU Dance professor, Lisa K. Lock holds a ballet diploma from Switzerland’s Grande Ecole de Danse and an MFA degree from the California Institute of the Arts. She attempts "to create works that are collages of instances in a person's life, inspired by deeply felt emotions and a desire to grasp fleeting memories" and wants to "offer a different reality that is haunting, both in its beauty and its metaphoric imagery, drawing from the unassuming ordinary."

Lock choreographed the work Bones in the recent dance performance MoonDust. Bones is physically driven by exploring manipulations of bones. “Bones are the structures that hold us upright, shape our appearances, and tell our histories,” explains Lock. “The performers evolve as they discover the sameness of an inner structure, which allows for trust, support, and individuality,” says Lock.

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--Kathie Beckett