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Thank you for your interest in our Undergraduate Research Forum. Watch our students from the College of the Arts as they share their scholarship and research in these interesting presentations. 

School of Art and Design

Misha headshot
Micaela “Misha” Lewinson is an artist and student at Kennesaw State University.
Misha Lewinson presents "Chieko Takamura: A Psychoanalytic and Feminist Analysis"

Abstract: Chieko Takamura is a Japanese woman who developed as an artist during the turn of the 20th century. She began her art career as a student at Nihon Joshi Daigaku, Japan Women’s University, studying figure drawing and Western art techniques. The University was one of the earliest institutions to foster and support progressive women as Japan experienced their first wave feminist movement. At the University, Hiratsuka Raicho was a “New Woman” advocate fighting for equality between the sexes. She and Takamura became fast friends. Raicho invited Takamura to design the front cover of the Seito Magazine, a publication dedicated to giving women space to create and write freely. During this time, Takamura switched her art style from figure drawing and oil painting to colorful paper cutouts.

The art she creates exemplifies her love for life and nature and her vibrant personality. At 26 years old, Takamura married, and accounts of her life after marriage become dubious. The few written records known – letters and interviews from family members, friends, and neighbors – describe odd behavior from the young woman. Her husband, Kotaro Takamura paints a picture of their life together through poetry and prose composition detailing Chieko Takamura slowly losing herself to mental instability and psychosis. In 1931, diagnosed with symptoms of schizophrenia, she attempted suicide. In 1932, she stopped making art. In 1935, she was committed to a psychiatric hospital. Before she dies in 1938 at 52 years old, medical treatments helps her to regain her creativity and she creates paper cutouts of flowers, fruits, fish, and vegetables. With acknowledgment to the limited records of Chieko Takamura’s life, in this project I used psychoanalytic and feminist methodological lenses to analyze her work.

Throughout Takamura’s oeuvre, her history, culture, and desires are intentionally expressed and shared as an extension of herself. Takamura’s story exemplifies the connection and interaction between the unconscious and art. With this research, I hope to demonstrate the use of poetry and creative prose as an avenue to investigate and interpret artwork.

Bio: Micaela “Misha” Lewinson is an artist and student at Kennesaw State University. She studied Architecture and Design before focusing her studies on Art History. Prior to attending Kennesaw State University, she explored four additional disciplines at Agnes Scott College: Studio Art, Women’s Studies, Queer Studies, and Cultural Anthropology. Her other areas of interest include Asian, Native American, and African Studies, Linguistic Anthropology, and Narrative Theory. Her research focuses on how art creates a narrative with limited use or without words, and how different cultures and experiences affect how stories are interpreted and understood. She has an interest in studying human culture and history as a dialogue and as a story.

Department of Dance

headshot of Laney Burns
Laney Burns is pursuing a degree in Dance.
Laney Burns presents "Male Dancers on Pointe"

Abstract: For over two hundred years, it has been rare to see male dancers en pointe. However, in just the past several years, more and more male dancers are performing and excelling onstage in pointe shoes. This research explores issues for men dancing en pointe including differences in the anatomy of the male dancer’s foot and the professional male pointe dancers working today. Through doing so, this presentation gives insights into gender roles and the presence/absence of men in ballet history.

Bio: Laney Burns is a sophomore student at Kennesaw State University’s Department of Dance pursuing a degree in dance (BA) with a concentration in ballet. Her interest in ballet culture and gender issues stems from extensive years of training, including en pointe, and the research presented in this Forum was inspired by her own challenges with these shoes. Burns’ current research investigates best practices for injury prevention through dance movement. Burns looks forward to a career in teaching dance, and she currently teaches at a studio in Marietta, GA.

Ashley Robinson headshot
Ashley Robinson is a junior pursuing a BA in Dance.

Ashley Robinson presents "What Really Happened at the Premiere of 'The Rite of Spring?'"

Abstract:  Igor Stravinsky created many groundbreaking compositions as a composer with the Ballet Russe. Unfortunately, Stravinsky is remembered as being responsible for one of the worst premiere nights in ballet history. This research uses an interdisciplinary literature review to offer a more complex interpretation of the riots at the Paris Opera.

Ashley Robinson is a junior pursuing a BA in dance with a modern concentration. She graduated from Ralston High School in Omaha, NE and joined the military soon after, leading her to Georgia. Ashley has developed a new perspective when looking at topics for research within dance and is gratified in knowing a little research can hold new information that isn’t well known. With her research, she has potentially found the true cause of the disaster premiere night of the world-famous ballet “Le Sacre du Printemps,” also known as “The Rite of Spring.”

Bailey School of Music

headshot of Victoria Brodeur
Victoria Brodeur is a senior Bachelor of Arts major in Applied Studies at Kennesaw State University.
Victoria Brodeur presents "Crossover Legacy: Passing the Baton of Crossover Technique in 2022"

Abstract: In this presentation, I cover the importance of cross-training in young singers to make them more marketable. In this performative lecture, I will explain five different vocal qualities and apply them to various musical theater pieces.

Bio: Victoria Brodeur is a senior Bachelor of Arts major in Applied Studies at Kennesaw State University. She has experience on both the performing and teaching spectrums in music. As an aspiring performer, Victoria values every performance opportunity. She was seen in the Honors Voice Recital in 2020-2022. She also has performed in all the opera theater productions at Kennesaw State University since 2018. Victoria has had the opportunity to work with professionals in the field through coaching and masterclasses with William Ferrara and Jennifer Larmore. She has the drive and passion for uniting both musical theater and opera and strives to teach students the importance of being cross-trained. Through her experience and performance endeavors, Victoria will inspire to take musician’s careers to the next level.

headshot of Grady Housworth
Grady Housworth is a senior pursuing a BA in Music Performance.
Grady Housworth presents “Lennie Tristano and His Influence on Cool Jazz”

Abstract: In this PowerPoint, we explore the origins of cool jazz through the music of Lennie Tristano, an undercelebrated jazz great whose contributions to the art form go further than one might think.

Bio: Grady Housworth was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 2000. Growing up in the Decatur area, he started playing the piano at age eight and picked up the trombone two years later at age ten. Throughout high school, he became more interested in music as a serious pursuit and played with several decorated groups including the All State Jazz Ensemble and the Rialto Youth Jazz Orchestra as well as participating in the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program in 2017. After graduating from Druid Hills High School, he began his bachelor of arts in Music Performance and is now a senior. In addition to his scholarly pursuits he regularly plays throughout the southwest with bands such as One More Song, the Joe Gransden Big Band, and Steel Toe Stilletto as well as musical acts like Gwen Hughes and Zach Wilson. 

Ryan Kingsley
Ryan Kinglsey is a senior at Kennesaw State studying musicology.
Ryan Kingsley presents "Music Dedicated to the Virgin Mary Across Time"

Abstract: This PowerPoint presentation is titled “Music Dedicated to the Virgin Mary Across Time, and it is an exploration of music by three composers in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods dedicated to Mary.

Bio: Ryan Kinglsey is a senior at Kennesaw State studying musicology. Born in Atlanta, Ryan studied music and singing in the Atlanta Boy Choir. He currently sings with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus. After graduation, Ryan plans on continuing to earn a master's and PhD in Musicology. Ryan wants to specialize in German and Austrian vocal and choral music of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Joey Moore
Joey Moore is a music education major who is also passionate about composition, theory, and musicology.
Joey Moore presents "Music and Love in France: An Annotated Playlist"

Abstract: This research project is an exploration of French themes and narratives of love and how these themes impacted the idealization of love in France. In addition, How the French idealization of love has impacted the modern global view of love is addressed. During my presentation I analyze three French love songs from three different time periods of French history. Outlining the defining characteristics of each time period as well as the musical style of the songs chosen. 

Bio: My name is Joey Moore and I am a music education major at Kennesaw university. Graduating from Spalding High School I began my music education at Valdosta State University before transferring to Kennesaw State. Although, majoring in music education I am very passionate about many studies of music including composition, theory, and musicology. During my time at Kennesaw state I have had the wonderful experience of having many avenues to explore these passions. 

Tatiana Reyes
Tatiana Reyes is a senior at Kennesaw State University, graduing with a BA in Music with a concentration in Musicology and a minor in Professional Writing.
Tatiana Reyes presents "Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew"

Abstract: This video discusses Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew album. For this presentation, I describe the recording process in its entirety and the album’s impact upon its release.

Bio: My name is Tatiana Reyes. I am in my final semester at KSU. This spring, I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music that contains a concentration in Musicology, along with a minor in Professional Writing. After I graduate, I plan on going to graduate school and getting my Master’s in Library Science. I would like to pursue a career as a music librarian and work in the cataloguing division of the field. From there, I hope to work in the Special Collections department. I am currently interning at the Kennesaw State University Archives and Special Collections facility. I have learned a lot about document preservation, digitization, and much more, so this knowledge will certainly benefit me in my future endeavors.

Eli Rickles headshot
Eli Rickles is studying to receive dual degrees in Music Performances and Organizational & Professional Communication.
Eli Rickles presents: "Sources of New Orleans Jazz Instrumentation"

Abstract: This presentation is derived from academic research conducted in MUSI 3319 discussing how the instruments that make up the “front line” and “rhythm section” in New Orleans jazz came to be solidified in the context of the broader history of the development of New Orleans jazz.

Bio: Eli Rickles is a student at Kennesaw State University who is studying to receive a dual degree in Music Performance and Organizational & Professional Communication. Eli has much experience playing trumpet in both collegiate and professional performing ensembles, notably the KSU Symphony Orchestra, KSU Wind Ensemble, KSU National Trumpet Competition (NTC) Ensemble, various KSU Jazz Ensembles, and the Georgia Brass Band, as well as communications and public relations experience working as an intern at YKK Corporation of America. His primary area of expertise in the field of music is Western classical music, but he is also well-versed in the subject of New Orleans jazz, an interest fueled by his family’s continuous habitation of the city dating back to the 1870s.

Camden Wing
Camden Alyza Wing is a choral music education student at Kennesaw State University.
Camden Alyza Wing presents "Transcribing Four Gregorian Chant Leaves from the KSU Archives"

Abstract: The Kennesaw State Library Archives has several Gregorian chant leaves. In this project, Camden Alyza Wing chose four consecutive leaves to transcribe into modern notation. Read more.

Bio: Camden Alyza Wing is a choral music education student at Kennesaw State University. She has enjoyed several education positions, including teaching at a K-8 special education school, a bilingual children’s choir, English as a second language in Cusco, Peru, and running multiple after school programs. Her passion for translating Argentinian progressive rock music has led her to consider obtaining a master’s degree in ethnomusicology. When not working or studying Camden can be found rigorously hiking barefoot or curled around her cat while watching Star Trek

Department of Theatre & Performance Studies

Andrew Hunt presents “Twelfth Night: Costuming Against the Status Quo”

Andrew Hunt headshot
Andrew Hunt is a Senior Theatre and Performance Studies Major with a concentration in Musical Theatre and a Minor in Dance.
Abstract: During the English Renaissance, outward clothing was a visual symbol of social status and was enforced by English law. The paper provides a close reading of clothing and gender in Twelfth Night contextualized by primary and secondary early modern sources. The analysis focuses on the character of Viola, as she uses male clothing to change her gender identity from female to male, as well as Malvolio’s use of cross-gartered, yellow stockings as a mode of gender reversal. Ultimately, the paper shows how Shakespeare used costuming against the norms to entertain and trick, but also to challenge prevailing hierarchies.  

Bio: Andrew Hunt is a Senior Theatre and Performance Studies Major with a concentration in Musical Theatre and a Minor in Dance. Andrew was recently accepted into the Disney College Program in Orlando, FL and dreams of a career with the Disney Cooperation. He has a passion for the ritz and glitz of live theatre.