Box Office Call Center

The Box Office Call Center will be open Monday through Friday from 12pm-5pm and 1 hour prior to all Live Stream Events.

The Box Office will not be open for in-person reservations, but reservations may be made by phone by calling 470-578-6650 from 12pm-5pm Monday through Friday, and 1 hour prior to all Live Stream Events. Reservations may also be made online.

All Live Stream Events are FREE! There is no fee associated with reservations or to watch online.

When a reservation is made for an ArtsKSU Virtual Live Stream Event, you will receive an order confirmation with the date and time of your event, and a link to view the Live Stream at the time of the event.

Reservations must be made in order to view a Live Stream event and receive the event link.

If you have made a reservation and cannot find your confirmation e-mail with the event link, or have trouble accessing the ArtsKSU Live Stream Event, please call the Box Office Call Center at 470-578-6650.