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The Georgia Department of Education and Kennesaw State University College of the Arts invite you to the ArtsKSU Masterclass Series. This series provides educators free arts content to stream in their classrooms and studios. Disciplines include Art and Design, Dance, Music, and Theatre and Performance Studies. 

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    • image of digital drawing of a house

      How to Draw with Digital Pen and Ink

      Prof. Brasco is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design and the Assistant Director of the School of Art and Design at Kennesaw State University. Craig teaches Illustration in the BFA Art program and Digital Animation in the Master of Art in Art and Design graduate program. This video shows the process of use digital pen and ink via a popular drawing software on the iPad Pro 3. Thank you for watching and we hope the video inspires you to draw.

      Video length: 22 minutes

    • image of digital drawing

      Magma Studio Drawing with Prof. Craig Brasco

      Do you like to draw and paint digitally? Watch as Prof. Craig Brasco of the Kennesaw State School of Art and Design shows you how he does it. All you need is a digital tablet (Wacom, iPad, etc.) and your imagination.

      Video length: 110 minutes (may be watched in two or more  parts)

    • Craig Brasco

      Making Photoshop Brushes with Prof. Craig Brasco

      This tutorial with Prof. Brasco shows you how to use the Brush Windows in Adobe Photoshop to craft and save your own artistic digital brushes. 

      Video length: 30 minutes
    • Sandee Chamberlain

      Moving Imagery and the 12 Principles of Animation with Prof. Sandee M. Chamberlain

      Join Prof. Chamberlain as she explores the history of traditional two-dimensional animation and how the 12 Principles of Animation, as developed by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, are an essential foundation in the development of animation skills. 

      Video length: 23 minutes

    • Valerie Dibble

      Cyanotype Printmaking with Prof. Valerie Dibble

      Want to do printmaking but don't have a press? Prof. Valerie Dibble shows you how to cyanotype prints without special equipment or space. You will learn how to do some printmaking of blue prints using easy-to-access materials.

      Video length: 23 minutes.

    • image of zach herndon as chalk art

      Chalk the ZMA with guest artists Zach Herndon and Jessi Queen

      Professional chalk artists Zach Herndon and Jessi Queen present street painting with chalk. They discuss the history of the art form in the Western world and current opportunities for chalking as well as demonstrate types of chalk, blending tools, transfer techniques, and how to use your surface to heighten your chalk drawing skills.

      Video length: 87 minutes (may be watched in two or more parts) 

    • headshot of Joe Karg

      How to Create a Comic Book Cover

      Prof. Joe Karg is an accomplished illustrator that specializes in comic art and design for animation. He’s most notably worked on the Emmy award-winning show, Archer, for FX, and in 2016, he was voted Creative Loafing's Best Illustrator of Atlanta. His clients include MARVEL, FX, NETFLIX, AMC, Judd Apatow Productions and Comedy Central. This video pairs Karg with his longtime art partner Chris Bivins as they walk you through the process of illustrating a Batman comic book cover in their signature style. 

      Video length: 32 minutes

    • Chris Malone

      After Effects Rigging with Prof. Chris Malone

      Join Atlanta cartoonist and School of Art and Design professor Chris Malone as he goes over how to rig a cartoon character for animation with After Effects.

      Video length: 32 minutes

    • headshot of Paul Orlando

      Creative pipeline process of creating a 3D design

      Prof. Paul Orlando is a Limited Term Assistant Professor of Animation and Illustration at Kennesaw State University School of Art and Design. His masterclass presentation discusses the general production and design process of 3D design for animation and games. The presentation focus is on how digital artists develop a 3D character from concept, to modeling in a 3D application, texture mapping and painting, and rigging and animation. The goal is to provide an overview and insight of the design and production process in character development for animation and games. 

      Video length: 25 minutes


    • Caroline Clark

      Musicality for Dancers with Prof. Caroline Sutton Clark

      Dr. Caroline Sutton Clark teaches this practical introduction for dancers of how to use beat and simple meter to enhance technique and artistry.

      Video length: 30 minutes.

    • Thang Dao

      Contemporary Dance with Prof. Thang Dao

      Join Prof. Dao in this foundational class that emphasizes articulation in leg work, core strength, flexibility of extension grounded in modern dance theories to help dancers explore complex movement connections through various axes.

      Video length: 32 minutes.

    • headshot of Billy Hawkains

      Finding Flow with Prof. Billy Hawkains, III

      Prof. Hawkains presents "Finding Flow," a movement practice that integrates Somatic and meditative practices such as Safety Release, Yoga, and Qigong, for the sake of promoting body-mind-spirit connectivity and longevity, and conscious connection to the breath. Breathing is a vital part of our existence as humans. That said, it is vital that we consciously consider the breath throughout our daily activities and bodily movements. This is an excellent activity to do first thing in the morning before class, during recess (or a substitute for recess even), quiet times and nap times, and just before the end of the school day. Feel free to modify any movements when necessary.

      Video length: 29 minutes

    • image of Andrea Knowlton

      Finding Connections in Technique, Improvisation and Choreography with Prof. Andrea Knowlton

      This instructional video provides materials for a 60-90-minute dance class. Please pause the video as you review combinations, give students time to work through materials, and conduct showings and feedback sessions.  

      Video length: 32 minutes.

    • Lisa Lock

      How to generate a personal movement vocabulary with Prof. Lisa K. Lock

      Students will create a short movement phrase through structured prompts.   

      The class will touch on the three basic elements of choreography: Space, Time, and Energy, pushing the boundaries of creative problem-solving skills through explorations.  

      The class will allow for individual expression and provides a platform for students to create within their own preference of movement vocabulary.  

      Video length: 14 minutes.

    • image of Sean Nguyen_Hilton

      Pathways, Form, and Movement with Prof. Sean Nguyen-Hilton

      Focusing primarily on physical prompts inspired by imagery and sensation, this class by Prof. Nguyen-Hilton offers various tools to explore movement. These tools can be used simply for exploration or can be applied to existing forms or choreography. 

      Video length: 22 minutes.

    • McCree OKelley

      Intermediate Ballet Barre with Prof. McCree O'Kelley

      Join us inside the KSU dance studio for an intermediate level ballet barre taught by professor McCree O'Kelley.

      Video length: 40 minutes.

    • David Tatu headshot

      Turn Your Studio into a Theater with Lights with Prof. David Tatu

      Many dance performances take place in a dance studio and not a theater. But that does not mean your performance cannot include theatrical elements like lighting. In this workshop, Prof. Tatu will explore ways to use common lights to transform your dance studio into a performance space.

      Video length: 20 minutes. 

    • headshot of Helen Kim

      Conversations in Violin and Cello with Prof. Helen Kim and Prof. Charae Krueger

      This video is an introduction to meet KSU Bailey School of Music violin and cello professors. Professors Helen Kim and Charae Krueger perform excerpts and review five basic foundational tips on their respective instruments: setup, bow hold, tone production/bow direction, shifting, and intonation. 

      Video length: 31 minutes


    • John Lawless

      Timpani with Prof. John Lawless

      Through this percussion-focused masterclass, Prof.  Lawless shares his experiences learning from his past mentors and professional orchestral experience, sharing practical advice to optimize basic Timpani techniques.

      Video length: 37 minutes.  

    • doug Lindsey

      Building a strong and consistent high brass player with Dr. Doug Lindsey

      This video with Dr. Doug Lindsey outlines breathing concepts to achieve consistency in the upper register for high brass instruments. Learn how to alleviate tension and its importance in brass flexibility, and the basics of tonguing and multiple tonguing. 

      Video length: 28 minutes.

    • image of Sam Skelton

      Conversations in Jazz with Prof. Sam Skelton and Prof. Tyrone Jackson

      Prof. Skelton and Prof. Jackson dive into “Green Dolphin Street” performing a wordless dialog. They continue by discussing their thought processes with improvisation and the freedom that they have as a duo. Other topics include chord substitutions, jam session etiquette and most importantly, humility!

      Video length: 27 minutes

    • image of John Warren playing clarinet

      Clarinet Boot Camp with Prof. John Warren

      Prof. John Warren will demonstrate best practices for developing tone, technique, and articulation. These techniques will help you get the most out of your practice time. 

      Video length: 39 minutes.
    • Todd Wedge

      Vocal Health for the High School Senior with Prof. Todd Wedge

      This video with Prof. Todd Wedge covers tips on maintaining good vocal hygiene, vital to your good vocal health.

      Video length: 40 minutes.

    • Jana Young

      Strategies for aspiring high school singers with Prof. Jana Young

      This video, led by Prof. Jana Young, in association with voice professors Eileen Moremen and Nathan Munson, provides a comprehensive guide for the aspiring high school singer who wants to major in music in college. This informative discussion covers topics to guide prospective music majors along their journey.

      Video length: 29 minutes.

    • headshot of Nicole Adkins

      A Playwright's Toolkit: Permission to Play with Prof. Nicole Adkins

      This workshop-style masterclass led by Prof. Nicole Adkins was created to give aspiring and practicing playwrights the tools needed for getting started in the craft, breaking past writer's block, and for more easily accessing and harnessing our most exciting creative impulses.

      Video length: 34 minutes.

    • Brandon Bagwell

      Basics of Lighting Design with Prof. Brandon Bagwell

      This video explores the functions and qualities of lighting design, where you might have seen lighting design before, and how to explore them at home.

      Video length: 30 minutes.

    • Ming Chen

      Scene Design in a Shoebox with Prof. Ming Chen

      This video with Prof. Ming Chen shows you how to use household items—such as a pencil, a ruler, a pair of scissors, a flashlight, and a shoebox—to make scenic models that express your design ideas.

      Video length: 29 minutes.

    • Chuck Meacham

      Portfolio Basics with Prof. Chuck Meacham

      This video with Prof. Chuck Meacham explores the basics of theatre design/tech portfolio construction. You will get ideas on what to include – and how to connect the work you've done for the work you want to do. 

      Video length: 35 minutes.

    • Amanda Morgan video shot

      Shakespeare vs. Sondheim with Prof. Amanda Wansa Morgan

      Join Prof. Amanda Morgan and explore the tools that musical theatre actor-singers use to prepare a musical theatre song and the tools that actors use to prepare a speech or role from the works of Shakespeare! Learn how to attack heightened text and poetry and a musical theatre song with no fear. The tools are in the text and the music!

      Video length: 46 minutes. 

    • headshot of Jacqueline Springfield

      An Introduction to Voice for the Actor with Prof. Jacqueline Springfield

      This video from Prof. Jacqueline Springfield is a brief overview of exercises that actors may use to prepare their voice for performance. Exercises focus on releasing tension, breath support, finding resonant tone and clarity of articulation.

      Video length: 20 minutes.



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