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The Georgia Department of Education and Kennesaw State University invite you to the ArtsKSU Masterclass Series. This series provides educators free arts content to stream in their classrooms and studios. Disciplines include Art & Design, Dance, Music, and Theatre. These masterclasses will be supplemented with real-time virtual Q&A sessions with the College of the Arts to enhance learning experiences.

Please complete the reservation form below, including all contact information and class details. If you have any special requests or questions, please include them at the end of the form. Someone from KSU will reach out to you within 2 business days.

Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email that will include a link to view the masterclass for your requested times. You will receive another courtesy email with the link 1 hour prior to the scheduled session and a separate email for the live Q&A session.

Download the ArtsKSU Masterclass Series brochure. 

Fall 2020 Masterclasses

    • Sandee Chamberlain

      Moving Imagery and the 12 Principles of Animation with Sandee M. Chamberlain

      Join Professor Chamberlain as she explores the history of traditional two-dimensional animation and how the 12 Principles of Animation, as developed by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, are an essential foundation in the development of animation skills. 

      Video length: about 90 minutes, may be played over 2-3 classes. 

    • Lisa Lock

      How to generate a personal movement vocabulary with Lisa K. Lock

      Students will create a short movement phrase, through structured prompts.   

      The class will touch on the three basic elements of choreography: Space, Time, and Energy, pushing the boundaries of creative problem-solving skills through explorations.  

      The class will allow for individual expression and provides a platform for students to create within their own preference of movement vocabulary.  

      Video length: approximately 14 minutes. 

    • image of Andrea Knowlton

      Finding Connections in Technique, Improvisation and Choreography with Andrea Knowlton

      This instructional video provides materials for a 60-90-minute dance class. Please pause the video as you review combinations, give students time to work through materials, and conduct showings and feedback sessions.   

    • image of John Warren playing clarinet

      Clarinet Boot Camp with John Warren

      Best practices for developing tone, technique, and articulation. Techniques regarding how to get the most out of your practice time. 

      Video length: approximately 40 minutes.
    • Todd Wedge

      A Day in the Life of a Voice Major

      Join Prof. Wedge as he reflects on the lived journey of a typical university voice student. This unique perspective may help aspiring voice students learn about the opportunities and successful strategies to optimize both studies and growth.

      Video length: approximately 10 minutes.

    • Amanda Morgan video shot

      Shakespeare vs. Sondheim with Amanda Wansa Morgan

      An exploration of the tools that musical theatre actor-singers use to prepare a musical theatre song and the tools that actors use to prepare a speech or role from the works of Shakespeare! Learn how to attack heightened text and poetry with no fear. Learn how to attack a musical theatre song with no fear. The tools are in the text and the music!

      Video length: approximately 45 minutes. 



Please check back often as new classes will be added! 

Do you have questions or need to speak with someone? Please email, or call 470-578-6650. 


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