College of the Arts: Welcome

Welcome to the College of the Arts!

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Dean Patty Poulter Amazing things happen every day in the College of the Arts.

Discoveries are made, new art is created, new relationships are forged, and new skills are acquired. Lives are changed for the better. We nurture students to become scholars first; then, they may grow to be outstanding actors, visual artists, dancers, musicians, and teachers.

We teach them to see their art as a lifelong endeavor in which they can thrive artistically and professionally.  By encouraging community involvement and responsibility, we are using the arts to shape a new generation of leaders.

Our mission at Kennesaw State University is to create a vibrant environment for the arts. We want to not only change the lives of our students, but also to change the lives of people in our community through outstanding artistic performances and exhibits.

After 50 years of growth, the College of the Arts stands on a solid foundation with a leadership team committed to the College’s continued growth and student success. With our strong visionary leadership, dedicated faculty, and strategic community partnerships, we are excited about the future. We are diligently engaged in pursuing additional degree programs, expanded facilities, and an enhanced community impact.

We invite you to visit our campus and experience our rich traditions of innovative, student-centered arts education and performance. Become a part of our vibrant community of celebrated scholars and artists.

(photo: Dr. Patty Poulter, Dean of the College of the Arts)