Open Studio Event

Thursday, February 15th, 5 - 8 p.m. 2018

The Open Studio Event gives the community and prospective students the opportunity to walk a self-guided tour of the Visual Arts Building while classes are in session.  

  • Visit the studio classrooms
  • Meet students and professors
  • Listen-in on class discussions and learn about the resources our studios provide
  • Watch KSU students work on their projects and ask them questions about their process and experiences at KSU

  • Students show-off their work...

    Several art teachers will be available to give high school students advice on the contents of their portfolio.  Prospective students are invited to bring their drawings, small paintings, or photographs of their three-dimensional work for review.  This opportunity is especially helpful for students planning to submit their entrance portfolio to attend art classes at KSU.

  • 1. Drive to one of the two visitor lots on the Kennesaw Campus.

    Visitor Parking V icon

    2. Download the (Kennesaw Campus Parking Map) and look for the (V) for visitor parking locations.
    3. Note your license plate number and walk to one of the electronic pay meters.
    4. Enter your license plate number and use the keypad to select the length of time you wish to stay.
    5. You'll be asked if you have a coupon, and select "Yes"
    6. At the prompt, enter coupon number: 03030AAF.
    7. Your coupon will expire at the time indicated on your receipt.

    PLEASE NOTE: This coupon code (03030AAF) is only valid between 4-8 p.m. February 15, 2018.