BA Art History

Examining visual culture through interdisciplinary study

The Art History major introduces students to visual culture from a range of periods, regions, and contexts, and it teaches them how to analyze both objects and texts as historical evidence. We train our students to examine all aspects of visual culture in society, including its techniques, makers, patrons, viewers, and collectors. The program is rigorous, global, and interdisciplinary: our students explore art history and its theoretical methods, and they take courses in related disciplines such as anthropology, film studies, gender and women’s studies, history, literature, philosophy, and studio art. Our students also study at least one ancient or modern language that is associated with their main area of interest.

Throughout their programs, students learn to do independent research, to construct effective arguments, and to produce well-written prose. We encourage the publishing of their research in the Kennesaw Journal of Undergraduate Research as well as to present it at campus, regional, and national conferences. Our students may work at Kennesaw State’s Zuckerman Museum of Art, do internships at other metropolitan Atlanta museums, participate in archaeological excavations, and study abroad. Kennesaw State’s Art History Club, moreover, takes students on field trips and enables them to make both professional connections and lasting friendships.

Our alumni have found our curriculum to be especially helpful preparation for work in museums, galleries, and graduate school. And because it improves marketable skills in critical thinking and communication, art history is not just a pre-professional major for future art historians. It is an effective major for students who plan to enter a variety of careers, including those in business, law, private and non-profit organizations, professional writing, and publishing. Please consider joining our global, interdisciplinary, and exciting program!

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archeological illustration special topics course

Global and encyclopedic offering of courses

  • In addition to teaching western art of the ancient through contemporary era, our faculty additionally have backgrounds teaching art and architecture of Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Near East, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Ancient Americas, Modern and Contemporary Latin America. We teach the ancient world in the global perspective.  We also offer courses that are discipline-centered through the lens of history; focusing on studio practices within a historical perspective.

    • ARH 3200 - Ancient American Art/Architecture

      ARH 3300 - Anc. Egyptian/Nubian Art/Arch.

      ARH 3320 - Anc. Near Eastern Art/Arch.

      ARH 3350 - Greek Art and Architecture

      ARH 3370 - Roman Art and Architecture

      ARH 3400 - Medieval Art and Architecture

      ARH 3398 - Internship 

      ARH 4400 - Directed Study 

      ARH 4490 - Special Topics in Art History 

    • ARH 3500 - Italian Renaissance Art/Arch.

      ARH 3600 - Baroque Art/Arch.

      ARH 3700 - Nineteenth-Century Art/Arch.

      ARH 3750 - History of American Art/Arch.

      ARH 3850 - Art Since 1900

      ARH 4000 - Historical Studio Practices

      ARH 4150 - African-American Art

      ARH 4500 - Women in Art

      ARH 4700 - Victorian Art and Culture

      ARH 4740 - History of Illustration

      ARH 4750 - American Landscape Painting

      ARH 4840 - History of Graphic Design

      ARH 4870 - History of Photography

      ARH 4900 - Contemporary Art

      ARH 3398 - Internship 

      ARH 4400 - Directed Study 

      ARH 4490 - Special Topics in Art History 



    ARH 3000 - Asian Art and Architecture

    ASIA 4422 - Archaeology of Asia

    ARH 3100 - African Art and Architecture

    ARH 3150 - Islamic Art and Architecture

    ARH 3240 - Native North American Art/Arch.


    ARH 3250 - Latin American Art/Arch.

    ARH 3398 - Internship 

    ARH 4400 - Directed Study 

    ARH 4490 - Special Topics in Art History 

Capstone Experiences

Our junior and senior students are required to research a topic at the undergraduate level, publish and present a paper at local, regional, and national conferences. Faculty encourage students to spend much time with independent research and mentor their progress.

Art history students Ivelisse Rivera-Rodriquez, Mariah Heilpern, Stephanie King, Kelsey Moran, and Professor Jessica StephensonArt history students Ivelisse Rivera-Rodriquez, Mariah Heilpern, Stephanie King, Kelsey Moran, and Professor Jessica Stephenson

Local Opportunities for Student Participation in Research

  • Symposium of Student Scholars at Kennesaw State
  • Annual Kennesaw State African and African Diaspora Student Research and Community Engagement Conference

Regional Opportunities for Student Participation in Research

  • South East College Art Association - SECAC

National Opportunities for Student Participation in Research

  • National Conference for Undergraduate Research – NCUR
  • Annual Meeting of the American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies
  • Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting -AIA 

Internship Opportunities

A 3000 level ARH course is offered specifically for Internships. Students must formally apply for an internship and it is approved through the School of Art and Design Career and Internship Advisor in Department of Career Planning and Development. Our students have had opportunities at the following noted institutions:

  • Booth Western Art Museum 
  • High Museum 
  • Michael C Carlos Museum
  • Smithsonian
  • Zuckerman Museum of Art

Graduates with Arts-related employment:

  • Clare Timmerman - Associate Director, Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)
  • Mersia Martin (Addie Gant) - Education Program Coordinator, Booth Western Museum
  • Jesse Blowers - Chair of the Art and Culture Commission for the city of Kennesaw.
  • Kelsey Moran - Curator, Marrietta/Cobb Museum
  • Mariah Heilpern - Gallery Manger, Zucot Gallery, Atlanta

Alumni in Post-graduate Studies:

  • Lauren Bearden - MA Art History,  Georgia Sate University; MA Arts Education,  Mercer University
  • Ashli Hazel - MA in Museum Studies, University of Sussex, UK
  • Abby Simmons - MA, Art and Museum Studies, Georgetown University

Sample Student Publications:

  • Lauren Bearden: Repatriating the Bust of Nefertiti: A Critical Perspective on Cultural Ownership,” The Kennesaw Journal of Undergraduate Research Vol. 2.1 (2012): 1-16.
  • Jane Custer: “Stripped of Her Power: Sebastiano Ricci’s Susanna and the Elders” published in Valley Humanities Review Spring 2015
  • Maddie Beck: “The Representation of Prostitutes in Ancient Greek Vase-painting,” 2016 Proceedings of the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (2017)