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Spring 2017 office hours listed for full-time faculty. Most faculty offices are in the Visual Arts building of the Kennesaw campus unless otherwise indicated.


MC=Marietta Campus
KC=Kennesaw Campus
    • Part-time Assistant Professor | 2-D Design & 1107 (P/T)
      MFA, Tyler School of Art, Temple University
      BA, The Evergreen State College

      Email: lbell24@kennesaw.edu
      Website: www.laurabellstudio.com

      Biographical Information

      Laura Bell is an Atlanta artist working primarily in drawing, painting and printmaking. The images reference the natural world and the astonishing, often unsettling beauty found in natural phenomenon is explored through the use of hybrid, imaginary, and existent imagery. She was born and raised in Seattle, WA, received a BA degree from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and a an MFA in printmaking from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1999. As both a graduate student and an undergraduate, she studied in Italy, working at a printmaking atelier in Perugia, Italy in conjunction with artists Francesca Benucci and Jodi Sandford, as well as participating in a graduate art theory seminar in Rome. She has recently been awarded a studio at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. She has had solo exhibitions at the Kostuik Gallery, Pentimenti Gallery, Kiang Gallery, and the Ruby Green Center. Her work has been featured in Domino Magazine, New American Paintings vol 58, and Jezebel Magazine.

      She is represented by Kiang Gallery in Atlanta, the Jennifer Kostuik Gallery in Vancouver BC, and Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia. Recent exhibitions included a group shows at MOCA GA in Atlanta, at Clemson University in Clemson, SC, at Bentley Gallery in Phoenix and at the Swan Coach House in Atlanta. Her work can be seen at www.laurabellstudio.com and www.kostuikgallery.com.

    • Professor | Art Education
      Florida State University
      MFA, Indiana University
      BA, Rollins College

      Email: sbird@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-6435
      Office Hours: VA232 | TR 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Sandra is the senior art educator within the KSU School of Art and Design. She obtained a B.A. in Theatre Arts at Rollins College and then a M.F.A. specifically in Theatrical Costume Design at Indiana University. Later she focused on the visual arts through her Ph.D. studies at Florida State University. Her areas of specialization include cross-cultural aesthetics (with emphasis on the Middle East and Africa), Islamic art history, and intercultural curriculum for university service learning projects within public schools. Her own production interests include drawing and mixed media painting, photography, costume design, installation projects and performance art. She has authored several successful grants, adjudicated state art contests, contributed to books, and has published articles in professional journals. Her first book is complete, Wisdom at the Crossroads, chronicling a service learning curricular project on Turkey, facilitated in a local elementary school in the fall of 2005. She is currently working on another book focused on the arts of the Osun River in Nigeria, in conjunction with African art historian, Dr. Jessica Stephenson. Sandra has served as faculty sponsor for several KSU student organizations, including the Muslim Student Association and the Turkish Student Organization. She has also served on advisory boards to the Islamic Speaker's Bureau of Atlanta and the Istanbul Center of Atlanta.

    • Assistant Professor of Art | Graphic Communications
      MS, The Medical College of Georgia
      BA, The University of South Carolina at Aiken

      Email: cbrasco@kennesaw.edu
      Website: www.craigbrasco.com
      Phone: 470-578-7966
      Office Hours: VA101D | MW 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.; TR 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Coming soon...  

    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Art | Drawing
      MFA, Brooklyn College
      BFA, University of New Mexico

      Email: mbrothe6@kennesaw.edu
      Website: www.marcbrotherton.com

      Biographical Information

      Marc Brotherton's studio practice includes both painting and drawing in a visual attempt to be responsive to his immediate surroundings during a time of rapid global change. Brotherton likes to explore many ideas, some of which are: process, new technology, communication, spontaneity, humor, politics, and design. Christopher Hart Chambers, writing for d'Art International says, "Brotherton's works are what one might playfully term, 'Neo-Geo meets Punk Povera:' Peter Halley plus Antoni Tapies in hot pink and black on white."

      Brotherton exhibits his work nationally and locally on a regular bais. In Brooklyn, New York, he is represented by Causey Contemporary Fine Art through which he exhibits in solo exhibitions; as well as at art fairs in Chicago, Miami, and New York City. In Atlanta, Georgia, he exhibits in local galleries, art centers, and museums. He recently completed a vigorous three year residency program at the prestigious Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Brotherton received his MFA from Brooklyn College.  

    • Temporary Assistant Professor | Art Education
      MAEd, University of Georgia
      BFA, University of Georgia

      Email: aburch4@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-2189
      Office Hours: VA101A | no summer office hours  

    • Part-time Instructor | Art Appreciation | Studio Technician/Coordinator
      MFA, Sculpture, Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta
      MA, Sculpture, Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta
      BA, Sculpture, Georgia Southern University

      Email: pburch1@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-6867
      Office: VA221

      Biographical Information

      Page is an artist who specializes in foundry and fine woodworking. Before arriving at KSU he worked at Highland Woodworking in Atlanta. He received his MFA in sculpture from SCAD-Atlanta where his thesis work was nominated for Sculpture magazine's 2014 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Art Award. He has built iron furnaces and participated in iron performances in England and Latvia, as well as across the southeast United States.  

    • Assistant Professor of Art | Ceramics
      MFA, Indiana University Bloomington
      BFA, University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Cum Laude

      Email: jcampan2@kennesaw.edu
      Website: jeffcampana.com
      Phone: 470-578-7965
      Office: VA101D | MW 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. & 6:15 - 7:15 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Jeff Campana is a nationally exhibiting ceramics artist. His work is characterized by his unique process of deconstruction and reconstruction of functional forms. Before his arrival at Kennesaw State University, he was an Artist in Residence at the world-renowned Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramics Arts. He has held teaching positions at Bennington College, Indiana University Southeast, and the University of Louisville. His work is in craft galleries across the United States, and his work appears in many recent books and magazines.

    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Art | Animation

      Email: schamb37@kennesaw.edu

    • Lecturer of Studio Art | MC Design II202 | 2-D Design & Drawing 

      MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology
      BS, Nazareth college of Rochester

      Email: dcolebec@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 678-915-5562
      Office Hours: MT 3:15 - 4:45 p.m. & by appointment

      Biographical Information

      Donna Colebeck is a Lecturer in the School of Art and Design in the College of the Arts at Kennesaw State University. She holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and is a University System of Georgia Governor's Teaching Fellow. Since 2003 Professor Colebeck has taught on the Marietta Campus. Courses range from Humanities core classes to art studio courses including: Honors Art Appreciation, Art in Society, Introduction to Drawing, Drawing I, Introduction to Painting, Painting and Mixed Media, 2D and 3D Design, 2D Design and Color Theory. She has presented at a variety of art and education conferences and is a former Director of the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, High Museum of Art Education Department, and grant reviewer for the Georgia Council for the Arts.  

    • Professor of Art | Printmaking
      MFA, University of Florida
      BFA, Arizona State University

      Email: vdibble@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-6719
      Office Hours: VA230 | MW 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.; TR 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      As a printmaker and photographer, Valerie Dibble has served the Visual Arts department since 1996. She has a background in printmaking, papermaking, and photography and was trained at Arizona State and the University of Florida.

      Under Valerie's supervision the printmaking area strives to stay current with the most contemporary non-toxic techniques. We cover all traditional processes as well as new processes that incorporate the most recent technology. We have a Digital Darkroom equipped with Macintosh computers, photo quality scanners, card readers and large format archival printers as well as a Xante platemaker for transferring digital images to polyester lithographic plates. We have etching presses and a lithography area as well as silkscreen and relief. Our studio houses a darkroom and flip top exposing unit so we can incorporate photo processes for printmakers in the advanced courses. We engage in alternative processes and will experiment with any new process we hear about! We actively engage with the art community around us in Atlanta. Our studios are as environmentally friendly as we can possible make them, and we continue to look for the highest industry standards for our students in that area. With our Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, our department is enjoying new growth in the areas of photography and printmaking as we continue our efforts to prepare our students for their professional lives.

      Educational Philosophy

      I find the inspiration for my art in things close to home, or especially dear to me. Within each of our lives there are universal experiences, common yet set apart, ordinary while consummately extraordinary, mundane while sacred. These kinds of ordinary experiences that have such simplistic beauty make up the majority of my existence. The role of caregiver is central to my life and my art. This is the most important thing I do. My intent for my art is to visually examine my intellectual and emotional responses to the experience of being a homemaker, wife, mother and teacher-the server rather than the served. I also address formal issues that center around the play of light on forms. Through the manipulation of light I strive for an equilibrium between representation and abstraction. The relationship between light and shadow is the focus of this manipulation. The still life of ordinary household objects is often my choice for this expression. I choose to use still-life subjects with which I interact several times a day and therefore have the opportunity to observe throughout that daily cycle of light. Also by using everyday common objects as the subject of my work, I hope to bring awareness and honor to the role of caregiver. Caregiving is often unpaid labor that our society does not value. My work is an attempt to open the viewers' eyes to see the ordinary as extraordinary. My choice for medium is almost always something in the printmaking field, but I often incorporate other mediums as well such as the computer, photography or hand coloring.

      Another very important area of my work has been in the field of the arts in medicine. I have been an Artist-in-Residence in a cancer center and worked extensively with cancer patients and their families. I started a weekly workshop for patients, staff and families that incorporated the visual arts as well as other art forms such as music, storytelling and the art of laughter! This has been a very rewarding area of sharing my love of art and I find that it mirrors my work at the university as I am educating people to recognize the fulfillment that art can provide in their lives.  

    • Part-time Professor of Art | Graphic Communications

      Email: ldorsett@kennesaw.edu

    • Assistant Professor of Art | Foundations Coordinator

      Email: jfishe51@kennesaw.edu
      Office Hours: VA226 | TR 10 - 11:30 a.m. 

    • Associate Professor of Art Education
      PhD, Florida State University
      MA, Towson State University
      BA, Mary Washington College

      Email: rgarner@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-6137
      Office Hours: VA229 | MW 10 - 11:30 a.m. & 2 - 3 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Rick Garner is an Assistant Professor of Art Education in the School of Art and Design. His educational background includes degrees in studio art, psychology, art therapy and art education. These areas inform his practices as a teacher, researcher, and servant to the arts community.

      Although his teaching philosophy is grounded in constructivist methodology, he is also versed in behavioral and interdisciplinary approaches to art education. Primary importance in the area of teaching is placed upon the integration of students' life experiences, individual differences and the acquisition of new information relevant to the field. Overall, self-initiation, self-regulation and creative exploration in the development of professional skills is encouraged throughout his courses.

      Experiences in working with technology and with individuals with disabilities play a pivotal role in the content of his courses, as well as his research. Research in the areas of graphic development, technology in art education, and visual arts in special education are his current interests. His training in research design and quantitative methodologies guide his collaborative efforts in these areas of study. Students are always invited to play an active part in research endeavors.

      His participation in professional organizations includes committee positions with the American Art Therapy Association and the Georgia Art Therapy Association. He also maintains membership in and has given presentations with the Georgia Art Education Association, National Art Education Association and American Psychological Association.

    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Art | Drawing & Painting
      Georgia State University 
      Kennesaw State University

      Email: bmg4305@kennesaw.edu 

    • Photography (P/T)

      Email: mgortemi@kennesaw.edu

    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Art | Printmaking
      MFA, Book Arts/Printmaking, The University of the Arts
      BFA, Printmaking, The University of Georgia
      BFA, Fabric Design, The University of Georgia

      Email: jgraha55@kennesaw.edu

    • Associate Professor | Art Education
      MEd, Special Education, University of Georgia College & State University
      PhD, Florida State University MS, Florida State University
      BFA, San Francisco Art Institute

      Email: dgregory@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-6577
      Office: MC R-2 326 | 9:30 a.m. - 10:45 p.m. & by appointment

      Biographical Information

      Diana Gregory is Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Art Education at Kennesaw State University. She earned an M.E. in Interrelated Special Education from North Georgia State University and Ph.D. in Art Education from Florida State University. She has exhibited paintings and prints across the country and her recent collaborative performance art piece is the nationally recognized Babes in Crone Land. The Babes show addresses issues of women aging in our culture. A former botanical illustrator and graphic artist, she has conducted workshops and presented lectures concerning the postmodern context of creativity. Her professional training in art therapy has guided her work with children with exceptionalities and adults and children with traumatic brain injury. She has taught in a variety of settings including art galleries, school systems, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. Her interests include creativity in a postmodern context and across the life span. Educational Philosophy

      The process of learning involves a myriad of interactions between students, teachers, the learning environment and the community inhabited. Students are more than passive receptacles of knowledge. Learning is a life-long process. Therefore, the process of education prepares students to educate themselves. I view students as unique individuals who have a natural disposition to learn. As a teacher, I believe that I must creatively construct an environment that promotes the student's natural tendency to grow, to learn and to prosper. Teaching, like learning, is a life-long process that depends on personal discovery, self-awareness, joy and continuing service to the community. To obtain self-knowledge is only half of the goal in life. The other half is to return to society the grace and creative power that I find within myself.

      Philosophically, I believe in the positive nature of all beings. As a humanist I believe that the learning environment and community give opportunity to nurture and bring to fruition the interaction of knowledge and practice. From this dynamical systems perspective a synergy is perpetuated which brings forth emergent properties and potentials residing within the human experience during the exploration of mind, body, and soul. Thus, reflection plays an important part in this process as I continue to integrate and individuate.

      My life long passion and love of art making and teaching is balanced with an equal love of systems especially organizations and institutions of higher learning, government agencies, and non-profits. Creating a working environment that brings together all stakeholders in our communities will enhance not only the individuals involved but provide the foundation for a good society.  

    • Part-time Professor Emerita | Art History

      Email: rgriffin@kennesaw.edu

    • Assistant Professor | Photography
      MFA, Tyler School of Art, Temple University
      BFA, University of Akron

      Email: mhaffner@kennesaw.edu
      Website: MattHaffner.com
      Opportunities Blog: dubblexposure.blogspot.com
      Phone: 470-578-2021
      Office Hours: VA235 | MW 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. & 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Matt Haffner is a mixed-media artist whose gritty and aesthetically graphic artworks range from large-scale installations to diminutive works on paper. His urban and mythological themed works are made from combinations of humble materials including; wheat-pasted paper, cardboard, newsprint, salvaged street signs, rusted metal, and spray paint that pay homage to his roots as a street artist and to his interest in the city's periphery. He often combines his drawings with video projections and photographs that explore ideas about multilayered vision and investigate the dynamic between the static and moving image.

      Matt's works are in a variety of public and private regional, national, and international collections. He has won countless awards and grants in support of his work, including a National Endowment for the Arts Project Award, MOCA Georgia's prestigious Working Artist Award, and a Forward Arts Foundation Award. His works additionally, have been published in a variety of books, magazines, web pages, and periodicals.

      Mr. Haffner is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is an Associate Professor of Photography and Video at Kennesaw State University.

    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Art
      MFA, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA
      BFA, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

      Christopher Hall is a mixed media artist and freelance writer residing in Atlanta, GA. Working in sound art, installation, drawing, painting, and just about anything that can be affixed to a canvas or board, his work balances the thin razor edge between the humor found through moments of absurdity and earnest, sincere reflections on the human condition. He has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, and was recently honored with representing the United States at the 8th International Painting Symposium in Torun, Poland.

      Email: chall161@kennesaw.edu
      Website: christopherhallart.com

    • Art1107 & 2-D Design (P/T)

      Email: ehaslam@kennesaw.edu

    • Professor | Fiber Arts
      EdD, University of Georgia
      MFA, Georgia State University
      BA, Columbus College

      Email: lhightow@kennesaw.edu
      Website: www.LinHightower.com
      Phone: 470-578-6239
      Office Hours: MC R-2 329 | MW 11:30-12:30 a.m.(MC), 4-5 p.m. (KC VA208)

      Biographical Information

      Kennesaw State University professor Dr. Lin Hightower, holds a Master of Fine Arts in Textiles Arts and a Doctorate in Art Education and has served as an artist art product designer for low-income artisans in Turkey, Nepal, India, Thailand, Egypt, Morocco and Peru. Her product designs expand artisans' sales markets while preserving the indigenous art techniques and cultural heritage of the artisans. She also leads art and business workshops and trainings for the collectives' artisans and art communities, as well consulting on sustainable ecological practices. In 2013 she received a Fulbright Specialist Award with Mahasarakham University, Thailand to work on three initiatives: creative product design for low-income artisans, teach textile software to preserve historical patterns and design a textile museum space. Dr. Hightower was recently in a BBC documentary with Anarouz collective in Marrakech, Morocco. She has a long history of "Art for Positive Social Change" work that is interwoven into her teaching and research presentations and has published papers on this topic of engaging the arts to positively change lives economically, educationally and socially. Her KSU art students have designed 22 websites for nonprofits around the globe, which have gleaned the organizations' donations and supporters, such as two wells for Saboreswell.org in Kenya. She has received numerous awards to support her work in employing the arts to create a more equitable world community. Her CV, in-depth information about her accomplishments, work with art collectives, images of her art and design work and her students' website work can be found at www.LinHightower.com.

    • Part-time Assistant Professor | Jewelry, 3-D Design | Art1107 Coordinator
      MFA, Georgia State University
      BFA, Georgia State University MA, Lehigh University
      BA, Arizona State University

      Email: dhutchi8@kennesaw.edu

      Biographical Information

      Deborah Hutchinson teaches Small Metals and Jewelry Design at Kennesaw State University. She introduces the classes after completing her Masters in Sculpture from Georgia State University in 2005, she began teaching for the Fulton County Arts Council's Art At Work Program. Her undergraduate degree is in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, also from Georgia State University. She has exhibited in local and national art shows, was a Niche Award Finalist in 1999, received various awards for both her art jewelry and sculpture. She was a featured artist on HGTV on the Carol Duvall Show and her early work can be seen on the Silverhawk.com in which she was the jewelry award recipient in 1999. Deborah also has a Masters and Bachelor degree in Education and has worked on the Pima Maricopa and Navajo reservations in Arizona.

    • Associate Professor | Graphic Communications
      MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology
      BA, San Diego State University

      Email: khwang@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-6035
      Office Hours: VA233 | MW 11:30 - 12:30 p.m. (KC VA233) & TR 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. (MC J305-Atrium)

      Biographical Information

      Kristine Hwang is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Communication Program at Kennesaw State University and an award-winning graphic designer. Hwang has always prided herself on delivering cutting-edge and innovative graphic design. Hwang enjoys creating design concepts for better communication using the most current technology. Her passion is teaching and sharing her experiences and knowledge with students. Her working experiences at Eastman Kodak and several web site and design consulting companies as well as her educational background (BA in Graphic Design at San Diego State University and MFA in Computer Graphics Design at Rochester Institute of Technology) all bring all excitement and practical assets to the classroom. Hwang also loves working on projects for non-profit organizations and pro-bono projects because she strongly believes that her creative graphic and multimedia design can influence and improve our daily lives and our society. Her current research interest is in the sustainability (broadly defined).

    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Art | Illustration & Animation
      Portfolio Center Ringling College of Art and Design Art Center College of Design

      Email: minman6@kennesaw.edu

    • Assistant Professor of Art Education | Art Education

      Email: lkastell@kennesaw.edu
      Office Hours: MTWRF 8:00AM - 8:00PM  

    • Assistant Professor of Art History | Art History

      Email: pkierna1@kennesaw.edu
      Office Hours: VA101A | MW 1:15PM - 3:15PM

    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Art | Graphic Communications
      MFA, Georgia State University
      BFA, Kennesaw State University
      BS, Kennesaw State University

      Email: klord@kennesaw.edu

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    • Professor | Graphic Communications 
      MFA, Howard University 
      BFA, Howard University

      Email: cmaugele@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-3409 
      Office Hours: VA238 | MW 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.; F 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

      Educational Philosophy

      With graphic design being such a powerful and dynamic discipline for solving visual problems, my focus is on the students' understanding of and the ability to apply the design elements and principles to develop solutions that deliver clear messages to the right audiences. They must understand and explore typographic form, syntax and communication, with meticulous attention being paid to page layout and composition.

      In the classroom, I encourage students to commit to researching and looking at all sides of the problem to find the most effective solutions. This is accomplished by building a strong foundation of problem-solving and effective critiquing skills along with thoughtful strategic plans. Positive critique and articulation of concepts help to develop a strong design vocabulary and are very important during the design process. Of course, thumbnails, roughs and comps are all part of that process.
      Mastery of the ever-changing technology calls for excellent technical skills for every graphic designer and so the student must become proficient in these skills by constant practice. 

      Graphic design takes a highly motivated, disciplined and strategic thinker who looks within the problem to find the right solution, with the goal being to design effective solutions that deliver thought-provoking and meaningful messages to audiences across multiple media formats. The ultimate goal however, is to produce students who are motivated to become critical thinkers, understand design thinking and have a passion for visual communication. I believe that my teaching philosophy over the years has become more effective as I have matured. I also know that I have a very patient and nurturing teaching style.

    • Associate Professor | Art History
      PhD, Emory University
      BA, Duke University

      Email: dmcclin1@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-3245
      Office: WB219 | T 9:45 - 10:45 a.m.; R 2 - 4 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Diana McClintock has a Ph.D. in Art History from Emory University (1998). Before joining the faculty at Kennesaw State University (2006) she was an Associate Professor of Art History at the Atlanta College of Art (1997-2006), and before that she taught at Emory, and at several colleges and Chapman University in Southern California. Prior to entering academia she was Curator of Education at Laguna Art Museum (Orange County, CA), and a museum educator at the Municipal Art Gallery (Barnsdall Art Park) in Los Angeles, experiences that inform her approach to her discipline today. Her focus is 'Engaged Scholarship' that brings her work down from its ivory tower to integrate scholarly activity with community involvement. She has developed several Service Learning projects that provide active learning experiences and hands-on application of academic concepts to real-life situations for her students.

      McClintock's current research interests include the examination of changes to art criticism and critical writing in the age of digital technology, and the continued investigation of Finster's Paradise Garden and other transformative "Outsider" site. Both projects involve rethinking standard approaches and methodologies. McClintock also reviews for Art Papers and writes for ArtsAtl.

    • Part-time Assistant Professor | Foundations
      MFA, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
      MA, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London
      BA, Staffordshire University

      Email: smilkidi@kennesaw.edu

      Biographical Information

      Originally from Thessaloniki, Greece, Stefanos Milkidis is an interdisciplinary scholar who is committed to exploring the interrelations between visual culture studies, American studies, and creative production. Working across different theoretical frameworks, he investigates the intricate co-productions of space and identity in urban and suburban environments. As an artist, he has produced visual forms of communication that emphasized the potential of art as critique and intervention, and exhibited in alternative, commercial, and not-for-profit art venues in Europe and the United States. With this artistic license he addresses current questions of gender and sexuality, identity politics and civil rights that are at the heart of many cultural, political, and liberation movements.

      Teaching Philosophy

      I view art education as a vehicle for empowerment and personal development. Drawing on my training, I have developed not only a set of skills for understanding, critiquing, and challenging society, but have also discovered my own voice and my ability to create change in the world around me. I credit much of my personal transformation to the professors who have challenged my way of thinking, who treated me as a valued member of the classroom community, and who introduced me to a world I had not previously known. These lessons have strongly influenced my own teaching philosophy, and the role I play in academia as an educator and mentor.

      I believe in a flexible and interactive approach to teaching and learning. To provide an education that is unmistakably useful to my students’ efforts to discover their own voice, I incorporate course materials that encourage them to become critical readers, thinkers, and makers. My goal is to help them grow by stimulating in them an intellectual interaction with academic texts, films, various visual resources, and/or museum visits. I believe this approach is imperative in order to consider art within its larger social, historical, and conceptual contexts. Ultimately, I want my students to walk away from my courses with tools that will help them to critically engage with the world around them and to discover their own goals and interests. I continuously strive to improve my pedagogy to mentally challenge students, to help them develop their own unique perspectives and thoughts, and to create a classroom environment of intellectual rigor where every voice is valued and respected.

      Courses Taught:

      • American Identities, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA
      • Art in Society, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA
      • Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA
      • Drawing II, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA
      • Art History: Survey Egypt to Renaissance, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
      • Constructed Body, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
      • Public Space, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
      • Drawing I, Rutgers' The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ
      • Drawing II, Rutgers' The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ
      • Research Studio, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
    • Assistant Director | Art Education
      PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
      MA, University of Kentucky
      BA, University of Kentucky

      Email: amunson1@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-6138
      Office Hours: VA227 | T 12:00PM – 3:00 PM | Summer by appointment

      Biographical Information

      I am woman, teacher, friend, Kentuckian, researcher, many things. All of these impact who I am as a learner. Learning is a value-laden, deeply contextualized process. Each new thought, idea, and experience needs to be bridged to what exists in the individual learner. A teacher in training will learn about various approaches to classroom management, but without understanding the human needs engaged by a classroom management plan, any new plan is disjointed and unabsorbed. Students (teachers in training, and ultimately their students) learn better when offered the space to understand and imagine what theories, ideas, and philosophies look like in practice. I feel that students are able to explore and critically examine new information and experiences when given the support and autonomy to do so. As the learning experiences are anchored in personal values and contexts, the learner can begin to take ownership of their understandings. With that ownership comes empowerment.

      My research focuses on assessment of quality in the art classroom, and that extends to my own teaching. I believe that I change as a teacher with each course, each class. I invite students to offer suggestions both about the course content and my style of teaching, and work to respond to those suggestions through changes in my curriculum and reflecting on my teaching practices, making changes when needed. My teaching has improved from student suggestions, and I have seen student learning deepen as they see their concerns and ideas implemented in the classroom. I am committed to being an active member in professional communities so that my understandings and ideas of teaching, learning, research, and the field of art education continue to evolve.

    • Professor | Sculpture
      MFA, Howard University
      BFA, Howard University

      Email: aodeleye@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-6484
      Office: VA228 | MW 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. or 9:30 - 10:30 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Ayokunle Odeleye is a professional sculptor who has specialized in the creation of three-dimensional art for more than thirty-five years. He was trained at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and at Howard University in Washington, D.C. He received a BFA Degree from Howard University in 1973 and the MFA Degree in 1975.

      Mr. Odeleye has consistently been teaching art since 1973. He has held teaching positions at Dunbar High School, The Duke Ellington School for the Arts, Howard University, Spelman College, Woodland Middle School, Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University.

      His personal work involves the creation of large-scale sculpture for public environments. He works both abstractly and figuratively. He maintains two separate state-of-the-art studio facilities: one for woodworking, and another for metal fabrication. He is represented nationally by several galleries.

    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Art | Art1107

      Email: cpavel@kennesaw.edu

    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Art | 3-D Design & Sculpture
      MFA, Sculpture, University of Minnesota
      BFA, Painting, Birmingham-Southern College

      Email: apeter68@kennesaw.edu

    • Assistant Professor and Director of Curatorial Affairs, Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art
      PhD, University of Georgia
      MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond
      BFA, University of Georgia, Athens

      Email: treeve11@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-3223
      Office: LeoDelle Lassiter Jolley Collection Research Center, Zuckerman Museum of Art | by appointment

      Biographical Information

      I was born in Athens when my father was an art student at the University of Georgia. I, too, earned my BFA in drawing and painting from UGA, as well as a PhD in art history. I also hold a MFA in painting from Virginia Commonwealth University.

      I moved to New York City after completing my MFA. My first job was at Pearl Paint, the art store mecca on Canal Street in lower Manhattan. I also began a proof-reading and copy-editing position for Grove Press and later worked with a small independent publisher, Tanam Press, where we produced books by Jenny Holzer, Theresa Hak Kyung, Werner Herzog and others. Having worked for the Anderson Gallery, VCU's three-story exhibition space in Richmond, I was able to secure my first gallery-related job in NYC at Artists Space. This was followed by work as a Curatorial Assistant at The New Museum of Contemporary Art and, later, at the Guggenheim Museum. I also worked for two years with independent curator Lynn Gumpert on "Beyond the Frame: American Art 1960-1990", an exhibition that traveled to three major museums in Japan. This experience, in combination with work as the Assistant Director of The New York Kunsthalle, led to an invitation to be the Gallery Director and Curator for the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. In that position, I gave Atlanta-based artists such as Kojo Griffin, Chris Verene, Roe Ethridge and others their first major exposure and organized projects that brought internationally known artists like Ilya Kabakov, Gregory Green, James Castle, and Matthew Ritchie to Atlanta viewers. From Fall 2001 through Spring 2011, I taught all levels of drawing and painting, graduate seminar, and courses in contemporary art history for the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design at Georgia State University.

      My work as a painter is represented in Atlanta by Sandler Hudson Gallery. I was formerly represented by Althea Viafora Gallery and Information Gallery in NYC, and ID Galerie in Düsseldorf, Germany. In addition to solo shows at these commercial venues, I have also presented solo projects at the Jersey City Museum, P.S. 1 Museum and White Columns as well as being included in numerous group shows in Atlanta, New Orleans, NYC, Cologne and Paris. I was awarded a Pollock-Krasner Grant, and Fellowship Residencies at the MacDowell Colony, Cite International des Arts (Paris), Hambidge Center, and the P.S. 1 National Studio Program.

    • Professor | Drawing & Painting
      MFA, University of Georgia JD, Albany Law School
      BA, Siena College

      Email: jremilla@kennesaw.edu
      Website: www.joeremillard.com
      Phone: 470-578-3592
      Office: VA236 | TR 8 – 9 a.m. & 6:15 – 7:15 p.m. and by appointment

      Biographical Information

      Mr. Joseph Remillard is a professor of drawing and painting. Although he practiced law for several years in New York, his desire to create art led him to return to school to earn an M.F.A. Degree. Recent accomplishments in his painting career have included the creation of two public murals in 2001 in the Atlanta area, one of which is a 10 x 24 foot image located in the lobby of 260 Peachtree Street.

      In teaching, he strives to nurture a passion for creation. In the foundation drawing and painting classes, he stresses traditional techniques, particularly the technique of training the eye to see shape and volume accurately. Mr. Remillard agrees with the nineteenth century Russian painter, Fechin, who analogized painting to traveling. He observed that a painter without traditional training is like a tourist leaving home without his luggage: he will probably have to turn back to get it if he wants to go very far. In his advanced classes he stress individual expression and content. He tells students that their greatest challenge will not be mastering techniques; that will come in time. Rather the greatest challenge will be deciding what to depict, reminding them that art is a window to one's soul.

      For artworks by Mr. Remilllard, please visit www.joeremillard.com.

    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Art | Printmaking
      MFA, Printmaking, The Ohio State University
      BFA, Studio Art, University of Texas at Austin

      Email: greynos2@kennesaw.edu

    • Assistant Professor | Drawing & Painting
      MFA, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
      BFA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

      Email: drobson1@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-2014
      Office: VA231 | TR 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. & 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Donald Robson is a painter who has been showing in Atlanta for the past seventeen years. Born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Don received his Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1986. Don has also studied at the Scuola Lorenzo DeMedici in Florence Italy in 1985. He received his Masters of Fine Arts Degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

      In 1992 Don relocated to Atlanta and has been exhibiting his paintings, drawings and mixed media constructions at various venues around the city. Don's work is represented in collections in Pennsylvania, Georgia, California, and Rhode Island. Don also has designed and created furniture for locations throughout the country and places as far away as Aruba and the United Arab Emirates. Donald Robson is currently represented by Gibson Gallery in Los Angeles and Soho Myriad Art Consultant Services in Atlanta Georgia.

    • Assistant Professor | Art History
      PhD, Case Western Reserve University
      MA, Hunter College, City University of New York
      BA, State University of New York, Stony Brook

      Email: dsachs@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-3591
      Office Hours: VA237 | TR 8 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.; 11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Dr. Sachs received his B.A. in art history from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1978, specializing in Renaissance and Baroque painting and sculpture. Following his undergraduate studies, he attended the Boston Museum School for one year and then did an independent study in oil painting with John Burns. Dr. Sachs worked as a freelance illustrator in New York after moving there in 1981 and then returned to his studies in art history at Hunter College of the City University of New York in 1987, where he received his M.A. in art history, concentrating on American Watercolor Painting, in 1990. He then went on to complete is Ph.D. in art history at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in nineteenth-century American landscape painting.

      Today, Dr. Sachs's art historical interests include all of nineteenth-century art and culture, particularly Romanticism and the Victorian era, as well as the history of illustration and Jewish symbolic imagery in Western art. Dr. Sachs is in the process of completing his first novel and has written over thirty short stories.

      Educational Philosophy

      As a practicing artist, skilled in many media and addressing a wide variety of subject matter, Dr. Sachs brings to his teaching an open-minded, widely focused philosophy. He believes that art history should not only be informative, but should also be intriguing and entertaining. Every lecture is a performance that includes some histrionics, sound effects, colorful anecdotes and, of course, the history of ideas and images and the character of each period's culture. With such an approach to the teaching of art history, Dr. Sachs believes that art history can never be dull or boring, and that students, no matter what their concentration of study, will enjoy and remember the history of art.

      Scholarly Activity

      • Catalogue essay for "Parallax: The Paintings of Katherine Taylor" for the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art (October 2010)
      • "Michelangelo and Rodin: A New Perspective" (Source: Notes in the History of Art, Winter 2012)
      • "The Enigma of Jewish Symbols, Ritual Objects and Ritual Practices Hiding in Masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque Painting and Sculpture" (Final Draft. Already contacted the Dutch journal "Images" who will consider publishing the article upon its completion)

      Historical Studio Practices Cycle of Courses

      I teach a cycle of four courses each Maymester that explore three different general periods of art history, i.e. the Renaissance, Italian and Dutch Baroque Art, and Romanticism, and one more closely focused course called "Caravaggio and the Spaniards." What makes these four courses unusual is that I combine an art historical study of the period and then teach the students how to re-create a masterpiece in the techniques of the Old Masters from a bare wooden panel to the final stages of the oil glazing technique. Each Maymester I explore one of the four periods.


    • Part-time Assistant Professor | 3-D Design & Sculpture
      MFA, Georgia State University
      BFA, Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogota, Columbia

      Email: msarmien@kennesaw.edu

    • Photography (P/T)

      Email: sschaef3@kennesaw.edu

    • Professor | Drawing & Painting
      MFA, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
      BFA, Georgia State University

      Email: rsherer@kennesaw.edu
      Website: www.robertsherer.com
      Phone: 470-578-4378
      Office: VA239 | MW 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Robert Sherer is an internationally-exhibiting visual artist who studied drawing, painting and printmaking at Walker College, Atlanta College of Art, Georgia State University, Rhode Island School of Design, and Edinboro University where he received his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in 1992.

      In addition to his profession as an educator, Sherer's career in the arts has also covered such disciplines as gallery artist, art critic, juror, lecturer, art dealer, and international art competitor. In 2001, Sherer represented the USA in the Florence Biennale in Florence, Italy. In 2002, he represented the USA in the Triennale de Paris in Paris, France.

      His current American dealers are Matre Gallery in Atlanta, GA., Robert Kidd Gallery in Detroit, MI., New Arts Gallery in Bantam, CT. and Garden Gallery in Provincetown, MA.

      Sherer's current aesthetic concerns and their lines of visual inquiry fall into three distinct categories: the Neo-Classical figurative oil paintings, the Retro-Kitsch wood-burnings of nostalgic images from his youth, and the Blood Works botanical illustrations concerning sexual-politics. Robert Sherer's website: http://www.robertsherer.com

      Professor Sherer believes that great art represents the perfect marriage of the technical and the conceptual. He is the founder and primary operator of the Art Career Mentoring Service at KSU. The service maintains an e-mail listserve to keep KSU artists informed of This Week's Art Shows and Exhibition Opportunities. This service is free and is for the exclusive use of KSU Artists.

    • Director and Professor
      MFA, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
      BFA, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

      Email: gsipp@kennesaw.edu
      Website: GeoSipp.com
      Phone: 470-578-6139
      Office: VA202 | by appointment


    • Assistant Professor | Ceramics & Sculpture
      MFA, University of Florida
      BS, Morgan State University

      Email: ksmith1@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-2041
      Office Hours: VA234 | TR 6:20 – 8:20 p.m.

      Biographical Information

      Keith Smith is a figurative sculptor working primarily in ceramics and cast metal with a long-standing commitment to making and teaching art. In 1994, he received his Bachelor of Science at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD in art education. He attended graduate school at The University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, where he studied ceramics under Nan Smith and Linda Arbuckle. He received his MFA in 1999 and went on to teach, sculpt and exhibit in several different states throughout the east.

      Smith has received several fellowships and scholarships that have helped fund educational and artist residency opportunities, including; The Board of Regents Graduate Fellowship, The Delores Auzenne Fellowship, The Shimpo Scholarship, The ORTGE Graduate Minority Fellowship and the Kiln God Residential Scholarship.

      His teaching and administrative experience includes positions as Associate Educator for the Baltimore Museum of Art, Program Coordinator of Art in State Buildings at The University of Florida, Teaching Lab Specialist at The University of Florida, Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University and Lecturer/Technician at Northern Kentucky University.

      He remains an active member of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, having done shows at several of the annual conferences and a panel discussion/presentation on "Figuring the Figurine" in 2001. In addition to teaching, he exhibits on a consistent basis and gives workshops and lectures on his work.

    • Part-Time Assistant Professor | Art1107 & 2-D Design
      MFA, Printmaking, Pratt Institute
      BA, in Fine Arts, Printmaking, Bryn Mawr College

      Email: dsosower@kennesaw.edu

    • Assistant Professor | Art History
      PhD, Emory University
      MA, Emory University
      BA Honors, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
      BA, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

      Email: jsteph55@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-796
      Office Hours: VA101B | MW 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. & T (online) 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.

      Biographical Information

      Jessica Stephenson received a masters and doctorate in African art history from Emory University in 2006, with a minor in ancient Egyptian art and ancient American art. She received BA and BA Honors degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa in 1992 and 1993 with a dual major in art history and anthropology. Dr. Stephenson has pursued a two-pronged career as curator and academic. She worked in a number of museums including the Windhoek State Museum, Namibia and the Johannesburg Art Gallery, South Africa. In 2003 she was appointed as Associate Curator of African and Ancient American Art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University, and in 2009 was promoted to Curator of African Art. She has taught a wide range of non-western art history courses at the University of the Witwatersrand, Atlanta College of Art and Design, Bauder College, Emory University and at Kennesaw State University. She joins the School of Art and Design at KSU as full-time faculty in 2013.

      Her research specialty is the emergence of novel art forms in contexts of rupture and change; transtextuality and intercultural arts; art, heritage and tourism; art and agency; and histories of museum collecting and display. These issues inform her research with rural art collectives in Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia and in archives and museum collections within the United States. She has curated many exhibitions including Spirited Vessels: the Ritual and Practice of African Ceramics (2004) and Divine Intervention: African Art and Religion (2011). Her current curatorial project in collaboration with the Smithsonian Museum for African Art is African Cosmos: Stellar Arts which is a component of the 2014 city-wide Atlanta-Africa program. She has presented papers at numerous venues including the College Art Association, and has published in several venues including most recently "Mirror Dance: Tourists, Artists, and First People Heritage in Botswana" which appears in the edited volume The Anthropology of Art/The Art of Anthropology, Newfound Press, 2013.

    • Part-Time Assistant Professor | 2-D Design, 3-D Design, Sculpture
      MFA 18 semester hours, Illustration, Academy of Art University
      MFA, Sculpture, Georgia State University
      BFA, Sculpture, Auburn University 

      Email: kthames@kennesaw.edu

    • Professor | Art History
      PhD, University of Texas at Austin
      MA, Southern Methodist University
      BFA, North Texas State University

      Email: jthom205@kennesaw.edu
      Phone: 470-578-7963
      Office Hours: VA101C | M 4:45 - 5:15 p.m.; T 1 - 3 p.m.; W 1:30 - 2 p.m. & 4:45 - 5:45 p.m.

      Joe Thomas came to KSU as Professor of Art History and Chair of the Department of Visual Arts in 2008.  During his five years as chair, the department became the School of Art and Design, began two new degree programs, and saw significant improvement in facilities and enrollment management.  He was an exhibiting studio artist (primarily in ceramics and weaving) as an undergraduate student before starting graduate school in art history.  

      Professor Thomas has previously taught at the University of Houston, Whitman College, and Clarion University of Pennsylvania, where he served six years as department chair. His research has covered a broad array of subjects, from Italian Mannerist painting, to the camp sensibility, to contemporary art, but primarily has focused on aspects of sexuality and representation.  He has published in journals such as the Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte and The Journal of Sex Research, and in the anthology Sex for Sale (ed. Ronald Weitzer).  He also has extensive curatorial experience, both at Clarion University (where he served a term as Director of the University Galleries) and at KSU.  

      In addition to his teaching duties, Professor Thomas is an affiliated faculty member with American Studies in the Interdisciplinary Studies Department (where he spent a semester as interim assistant chair).  He is also an adjunct curator at the Zuckerman Museum of Art, where he helps develop exhibitions and offers other assistance as needed.  

      More information

    • Part-Time Assistant Professor | Drawing & Painting
      MFA, Academy of Arts University, San Francisco
      BFA, Kennesaw State University

      Email: btt4851@kennesaw.edu

    • Part-tike Assistant Professor of Art | Drawing & Painting

      Email: stwiddy@kennesaw.edu

    • Part-time Assistant Professor | Art Education
      MS, State University of New York College at Buffalo 
      BS, State University of New York College at Buffalo

      Email: jwachtma@kennesaw.edu

      Biographical Information

      Jeanette Wachtman for over thirty years has been an art educator, artist and author.  She received her degrees in Art Education from State University College at Buffalo and participated in a Cultural Educational Program in Siena, Italy. After teaching 27 years in the public sector, she retired and continues teaching part time in the area of Art Education for Kennesaw State University and Georgia State University in the Atlanta Georgia area.

      Wachtman received Georgia Council of the Arts Grant, a co-authored effort in 2007, and was listed in Marquis Who’s Who of American Women in the2007 Edition.  She has been the recipient of the Southeastern Elementary Art Educator Award 1999 from the National Art Education Association, and Georgia’s Elementary Art Educator of the Year in 1997-98 awarded by Georgia’s Art Education Association. She was selected Teacher of the Year 1996-97 for Bryant Elementary School, Mableton, Georgia, and received the Outstanding Continuing Educator Award 1993 from Kennesaw State University Continuing Education Department.

      Wachtman has presented workshops and lectures held at international, national and state art educational conferences; for university art education students; and classroom teachers since 1982.  She visited Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea and delivered lectures to Art Education students and an art lesson at Seongdong Youth Center in 2010.  In 2009, Wachtman’s lecture on Community-based Arts Program was presented at the 4th International Arts in Society Conference, in Venice, Italy.

      Some presentations include Designing Thematic Curriculum, Art Advocacy Program, and Mentoring and Beyond.  Her thematic cultural arts program on the culture of Turkey, Land of the Sultans was designed and implemented on the elementary level. Her contribution for the Year of Turkey class module, The History and Art of Turkey was implemented in KSU’s classes ART 1107 and ARED 4410 Curriculum and Assessment in Art.  In 2006, with a co-presenter, Trekking from Turkey to the Classroom, was presented at the Georgia Art Education Association Conference, Valdosta, GA.  In 2008, she presented at the 7th Annual Georgia Consortium for International Studies Symposium held at Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, GA.  She presented her art education curriculum on the culture of China after experiencing the seminar trip to Seoul, South Korea, and China in 2007. 

      As an artist, Wachtman has exhibited in regional and one-woman shows and received awards in juried competition since 1977.  As a result of her 2005 tour of Turkey, she presented a photographic exhibit, Windows of Change-a visual narrative of Turkey, at the Istanbul Center for Culture and Dialogue, Norcross, GA and at The Art Station-Big Shanty, Marietta GA in 2006-07.  Her photographs from Turkey were viewed in The Art Place Gallery exhibit, Art of the Art Teacher, Marietta, GA, and in the Institute For Global Initiatives gallery promoting KSU’s Year of Turkey.

      Ms. Wachtman is the author of three books published by her company RaJean & Company, Artists, Elements, and Principles of Art, a yearlong thematic art curriculum, and The How of It - A Cultural Program Resource Guide, which illustrates innovative educational tools for designing a thematic cultural program.  She co-authored Rhythm-ongsThe History of Art - The Artists in History, which incorporates brain-based teaching strategies when teaching art history units at the elementary level.

      As a board member of Georgia Art Education Association (GAEA), Wachtman chaired the Youth Art Month State Capitol Art Exhibit for five years, and was GAEA’s Elementary Division chair for two years.  She co-chaired GAEA’s Capitol Gallery Art Exhibit, Office of the Governor for four years, and was Georgia’s Commission on Woman, Art Advocacy Representative in 2000.

    • Part-Time Assistant Professor | Art Education
      MA, Piedmont College
      BS Art Ed, Kennesaw State University

      Email: pwest1@kennesaw.edu


    • Retired Director of Galleries Associate Professor of Art Emerita
      BEd, University of Miami
      MA, University of Miami

      Email: rgriffin@kennesaw.edu

      Biographical Information

      Roberta Griffin retired in August 2006, after twenty-three years as an art faculty member and Director of Galleries. She arrived at KSU in 1983 during a time of transition, when the institution had moved from a junior college to a prominent four-year undergraduate school. There were 4,400 students and no art major. Ms. Griffin worked to develop the first art major and introduced many new art courses that contributed to the growth of the undergraduate visual arts program. She has curated more than 100 major exhibitions, many with award winning catalogues and educational brochures. The KSU gallery program regularly receives favorable coverage in regional publications.

      She was one of the founders of the country study program, "The Year of........" in 1984 and organized a major art exhibition each year that focused on the art of the country selected, often teaching new art history courses for that particular country as well. She taught in "Summer Studies Abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico" for five years and has curated many Latin American exhibitions. Ms. Griffin co-founded the Latin American Art Circle with a group of Latino artists in 2001 and organized LAAC exhibitions in the Sturgis Library Gallery in 2002, 2004, and 2006.

      As gallery director, she was responsible for the donation of over 200 contemporary works of art valued at two million dollars to the university's permanent collection, and created a master plan for a sculpture park and gardens on campus through the ongoing project, "Sculpture on the Grounds." The university currently displays twenty-six works outdoors, with more under development. She worked with the KSU Foundation, architects, and the College of the Arts to develop plans for the new art museum. The first phase of the museum, adjacent to the performance hall, will open next year. In retirement, she continues to work with community arts patrons to increase KSU's permanent art collection and raise awareness of the high quality of the visual arts program.

      "What I enjoy most about the art program here at KSU is its ability to grow, the exciting students, dedicated faculty, and the university itself for being so supportive of having a strong gallery and art program," Griffin said. "Throughout my career here, it was really nice to see growth occur and be a part of it. I have learned as much from my students and faculty colleagues as I hope they may have learned from me, not just about teaching but about becoming a complete human being." (KSU News, Aubrey Hall, 9/6/06.)

      She was the recipient of the Governor's Award for Outstanding Georgia Woman in Art in 1997 and the KSU Distinguished Service Award in 2001. Ms. Griffin exhibits her work regionally, and her art is in the permanent collections of several museums and numerous corporate and private collections. The Sturgis Library Gallery showed a thirty year retrospective of her paintings, drawings and prints from June 7-July 26, 2006. "Transmutations: The Art of Roberta Griffin" received wide recognition in the Atlanta press. She plans to teach several art courses each year as well as to continue to develop and exhibit her own work.

    • Associate Professor Emerita
      MA, Syracuse University
      BS, Kent State University

      Educational Philosophy

      Graphic Design is a powerful and fully-engaging discipline. Graphic design takes a highly-motivated, disciplined and independent thinker who looks within the problem to find the right solution. In the classroom, Jeanne Sperry encourage students to be effective problem-solvers first, and to reach for higher levels of achievement, commitment and responsibility, and to make things of value.

      With a strong emphasis on service-learning, her classroom becomes a real world experience which makes a significant contribution to help clients within the university and surrounding community, while giving the student a high level of responsibility and reward.

      Her focus in the classroom is on building a strong foundation of graphic design principles and problem-solving skills, with a focus on building a strategy plan, effective research, and a high level of technical skill. She not only practices this in her own graphic design firm, but stresses this in the classroom, as well.


    • Studio Coordinator and Facilities
      Email: pburch1@kennesaw.edu
      Office Location: VA 221 | Phone: 470-578-6867

    • Studio Coordinator and Facilities
      Email: jdziejow@kennesaw.edu
      Office Location: VA 221 | Phone: 470-578-6867

    • Coordinator of Mac Lab, Visual Resources, and Special Events for the School of Art & Design
      Email: smcdona4@kennesaw.edu
      CP304 (Office of Marketing and Communications) & VA224 (Mac lab) | Phone: 470-578-6557 

      Bachelor of Art in Art, Kennesaw State University, April 1992
      More information

    • Office Manager
      Email: ctate8@kennesaw.edu
      VA202 (Main Office) | Phone: 470-578-6139, Fax: 470-578-9207