Guest Artists and Scholars

The KSU Program in Theatre and Performance Studies provides students with numerous opportunities to work with regional, national, and international guest artists and scholars through residency programs, performances, lectures, workshops, and master classes.

Thanks to our annual residencies, students hone their skills, gain exposure to a broad array of perspectives, and establish connections with accomplished professionals in the fields of theatre and performance studies.

Our Guest Artists and Scholars include: 

Benjamin Evett, actor and adapter
Matthew Spangler, playwright, adapter, professor (San Jose State University)
Ofir Nahari, actor, clown, solo performer, composer
Mary-Mitchell Campbell, musical director, orchestrator, musical supervisor, conductor and musician. Broadway and Regional Theatre.
Mary Antonini, Broadway and regional theatre performer


Patdro Harris, director, choreographer, and writer
Dael Orlandersmith, playwright, actress, and poet
Andy Offut Irwin, storyteller
Lyn Ford, storyteller
Ofir Nahari, actor, clown, solo performer, composer
Eryn Murman, actor and choreography


Ping Chong, Director, Playwright, and Ethnographer
Violet Juno, Performance Artist
Travis Sharpe, improviser, Dad’s Garage Theatre
Jasmine Guy, stage, television, and film actress, director
Michael O'Hara, Associate Dean and Professor of Theatre, Ball State University, and President of the International Shaw Society
Robert Wierzel, lighting designer for theatre and opera. Broadway, regional, and international theatre

Carmen Deedy, Storyteller
John Anderson, Performance studies scholar and solo performer Associate Professor, Emerson College
Han Lixun, Scenic Designer, Chief Stage Designer and Art Director of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

Cuatrotablas Theatre Ensemble (Peru)
Melissa Hurt
Shuler Hensley
Kerrigan and Lowdermilk
Shannon Maney
Peter Petralia
Robb Telfer

Scott Warren
Ariel Gratch
Benjamin Hass
Tim Miller
Laura Simms
Jack Zipes
Amber Nash

Matt Stanton
George Faughnan
Angie Bryant
Elizabeth Rasmusson
Brenda Wong Aoki

E. Patrick Johnson
Gene Tagaban
Andre DeShields

Per Brahe
Vincenzo Tortorici
Rachel Hastings
Gypsee Yo!
Eddie Lenihan
Jeff Gere

Sergei Tcherkassky
Antonio Sacre
John Stephens
Taylor Mali

Regi Carpenter
Javon Johnson
Michael Laskin
Javon Johnson
Mr. Boom!
M. Ayodele Heath
Karen Wurl

Tim Miller
Batt Burns
John Stephens
Dan Keding

Karen Sigers
Kristin Adams
M. Ayodele Heath
Mr. Boom!
Daniel Roop
Karen Wurl

Tim Miller
Shontelle Thrash
Kodac Harrison

Henry Hylan Scott
John Schmedes