Dance Festival at Kennesaw State University

Festival celebrates concert dance for high schools and dance studios


Kennesaw, Ga. (March 18, 2014)––Kennesaw State University’s Department of Dance will host the 2014 KSU Dance Festival March 28-30. The Festival is the first of its kind in the state of Georgia, and features over 30 classes, two nights of adjudicated performances, and teacher seminars.  Approximately 150 students have registered to participate in the three-day Festival.

Ivan Pulinkala, Chair of the Department of Dance, said, “The KSU Dance Festival is intended to promote concern dance at the high school and studio levels, supporting our mission of dance education on campus and within the community. Master classes, adjudicated performances, guest companies, and faculty seminars will provide a unique artistic and pedagogical experience for participants.”

Twelve participating companies will present work for adjudication, and a panel of three national adjudicators will select a work for festival recognition.

Mara Mandradjieff, Instructor of Dance, said, “KSU’s Dance faculty and staff are thrilled to be part of this initiative. The KSU Dance Festival will create a supportive environment that fosters valuable dialogue between various dance institutions. It is opening new doors to meaningful connections and learning experiences for the Atlanta dance community.”

Dance Instructor Natalie Berry echoed Mandradjieff and said, “It has been a wonderful experience creating the inaugural festival both from a creative perspective and a personal one.  As faculty, we have been given a wonderful opportunity to work closely with our colleagues, which is such a treat, to design an exciting and fulfilling experience for festival attendees.”

Attendees will benefit from the experience and so will KSU dance majors, who will gain valuable arts management experience as they work closely with dance faculty and staff to organize the festival.  Prior to the Festival, students will assist in organizing and serving on committees, and during the Festival, they will help with production, student registration, and classroom monitoring.

Dance Board Member Andrea Edmonstone has been watching the growth of the Department of Dance for a while. A teacher at North Springs High School, she said, “I’ve been passionate about a Georgia-based high school dance festival for years, for myself and my students, and I’m so excited to see Ivan Pulinkala and KSU help bring this to life!”

Patty Poulter, Dean of the College of the Arts, said, “The KSU Dance Festival not only celebrates dance, but also brings the dance community together in a fun way. The Festival’s unique approach to performances, techniques, and creative choreography will be extremely valuable. The Department of Dance continues to set the bar for dance education in Georgia.”