Summer FAQ

  • You will find links to registration and tuition payment on the Registration page of this website. Registration will open on January 1, 2018, and the deadline to register is June 9, 2018.

  • No. All players are encouraged to compete in the solo competition and mock audition, but these competitions are by no means a requirement. It is ok to participate in one, both, or neither. All students will play in a horn quartet and horn choir, and will be asked to play in the warm-up class as part of a large group. Students will be assigned to play in masterclasses, but will have the ability to opt out before the masterclass begins. Students who choose not to play in masterclasses or competitions are still asked to attend these events.
  • Parent, teachers, professionals, and enthusiasts are invited to attend a free concert each night of the symposium. All concerts will take place in Morgan Concert Hall at Kennesaw State University’s Bailey Performance Center. No tickets are required. The event exhibits are also open for free during the listed times, and all are welcome to come shop during these times. Registration is required for all other events. Please see the registration tab for registration options.
  • Any piece or movement for solo horn and piano between 5 and 12 minutes in length. Your selection must be submitted to & by June 1st in order to be eligible to compete. The finals will be accompanied and open to the public. A pianist will be provided for all finalists, and finalists will have one rehearsal with their accompanist before the finals.
  • Based on your level of experience with the orchestral repertoire, you can choose between the following two excerpt lists. Younger students or students who have not studied much orchestral music should choose the intermediate list. Older or more experienced students (advanced high school/college) should choose the advanced list. Participation in the mock audition is optional but encouraged. If you plan to play in the mock audition, please come to the symposium with these excerpts already prepared.

    Intermediate List:


    Advanced List:

  • Yes, this is fine. If you already have a horn quartet formed (in your youth orchestra, university, etc.), send an email to & with the names of your group members, and you can be placed together for the chamber music portions of the symposium. 
  • If you are competing in the solo competition or mock audition, come prepared to play your selected repertoire. All students need 2-3 minutes of a prepared etude, solo, or excerpt to play for your placement audition, as well as one diatonic or chromatic scale that demonstrates your entire range. Each student will play in a masterclass at least once during the festival, so each student should have at least one etude, solo, or orchestral excerpt prepared for this. It is fine to play your solo competition or mock audition music in masterclasses. Music will be provided for horn quartets and horn choir. A small number of students with orchestral experience will be asked to demonstrate in the orchestral section playing masterclass, and those students will be sent music in advance.
  • Although housing is not provided, the university is near multiple hotels. The following link contains a list of nearby hotels and dining options:

    Please Note: The university is not responsible for any housing or activities outside of the scheduled events. No transportation is provided to or from hotels.

  • Once all registrations have been received, we will be happy to connect people from the same areas of Atlanta who wish to carpool. Please email & if you are interested in carpooling.
  • Horn, applicable music, and a snack if you think you will be hungry between meals. Keep in mind that there will be vendors present, so you may desire to bring cash or a card if you plan to shop. Please note that valuables should not be left unattended.
  • Students may wear casual clothing. Those competing in the solo competition or taking the mock audition should bring more formal attire specifically for these events. (Students will have access to private changing locations if they prefer to dress casually the day of except for these events.) For the culminating concert, students should wear jeans/slacks and the KSU Summer Horn Festival t-shirt.
  • If you are over 18, you may leave campus for meals provided you are back in time for the next event on the schedule. Students under 18 may not leave campus during the day.
  • The price of full tuition includes lunch each day, whether catered or from the KSU Commons. Middle and high school students will always be with a chaperone over the age of 18 during meal breaks.

    Single-day registrants may bring their lunch or purchase meals at the KSU Commons at the door using a credit card only. Please note that all unattended single-day registrants under 18 will need to ensure that they prepare a way to eat lunch.