Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family Performance Center
10th Anniversary Season

Since opening in 2007, the Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family Performance Center has been a major cornerstone of Kennesaw State University's campus and arts district. In October 2017, Kennesaw State University School of Music celebrated 10 years of creating music and memories in this magnificent building. The celebration was held over two days, Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8, and featured performances by School of Music alumni, faculty, and current students.

  • Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family Performance Center

    Opened in October 2007, the Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family Performance Center is the primary performance venue for the Kennesaw State University School of Music and is among the many fine facilities of the College of the Arts’ Arts District at KSU. Located within the Bailey Performance Center are several world-class spaces: 624-seat Morgan Concert Hall, 3,600-square-foot Katherine Scott Rehearsal Hall, the Mortin Art Gallery, and the neighboring Zuckerman Museum of Art. Each year, the Bailey Performance Center hosts over 150 performances and other public events in addition to rehearsals, seminars, recording sessions, and masterclasses year-round.

    Audrey B. and Jack E. Morgan, Sr. Concert Hall

    Morgan Concert Hall, the primary performance space for the School of Music’s more than 150 concerts, recitals, and events per year, is a single-level, 624-seat concert hall located within the Bailey Performance Center. Morgan Hall boasts a superior live audio reinforcement system as well as a state-of-the-art digital multi-track recording system allowing for high-quality recordings of both live and studio projects. Adjustable acoustic curtains located on both the main and mezzanine levels of the hall encircle the space and allow the room to be optimally configured for a wide variety of events and musical presentations. The seating area offers great views from every seat and features several distinct seating sections that accommodate general admission, reserved, and VIP seating options. During performances and events, Morgan Hall often makes use of adjoining back-of-house facilities including two star dressing rooms with restrooms, a green room, and a large rehearsal hall/ensemble holding area (Scott Rehearsal Hall).

    Katherine Scott Rehearsal Hall

    The Katherine Scott Rehearsal Hall located within the Bailey Performance Center is 3,600-square-foot rehearsal space located adjacent to the back-of-house areas of Morgan Hall. This space is accessible from both the lobby of the Bailey Center and the backstage area of Morgan Hall as well as from the rear entrance of the Bailey Center and the building’s loading dock. The rehearsal hall is sonically isolated from the performance hall through a series of sound-locks, but is integrated with the facility’s audio recording and communications infrastructure allowing production tasks and capabilities to be extended to this space for a variety of uses. During business hours, KSU School of Music ensembles rehearse in both the rehearsal hall and Morgan Hall simultaneously without any sounds bleeding between spaces. For performances and events, the rehearsal hall is often used as either a large ensemble holding area, or as a separate performance space, classroom, or exhibit hall for peripheral activities. The space is equipped with tiered risers allowing seating for up to 60 individuals.


  • About the Concept Drawings of the Bailey Performance Center

    The first two images in the gallery are sketches right out of John Abbott’s sketchbook.

    • Image 1 is a traditional performance center design layout.
    • Image 2 is asymmetrical to respond to the fact that the hall would be loaded from one corner
      and not from both rear corners.
    • Image 3 is a sketch of the hall concept and has been blown up.
      This sketch was essentially the basis for which Acoustic Distinctions designed the hall in CAD.
    • Image 4 is the first CAD drawing of the room and is very close to what was built.
    • Image 5 sketch shows John’s concept for using precast panels as a cost-effective solution to get sufficient volume/height in the hall which was one of the key challenges – to get enough volume to create the grand concert hall sound in a room with fewer than 700 seats within the construction budget. The insulated precast panels also provided a very effective barrier to outside noise.

    • Image 1
    • Image 2
    • Image 3
    • Image 4
    • Image 5

    Concept Drawing Courtesy of ACOUSTIC DISTINCTIONS
    New York • Stamford • Los Angeles • Lancaster


Name a Seat in Morgan Hall

Permanently dedicate a seat in Morgan Concert Hall and add your name to those who've chosen to support the long-lasting legacy of this important building.


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