Thank you for your interest in giving to the College of the Arts! We rely on generous donors like you to help create scholarships for our students, expand our facilities, and grow our endowments. Your support of the College of the Arts will help us continue to create great programs for a new era of artistic integrity and academic achievement. Make a difference in the lives of our students by donating today.

Your gift may support your passion for the arts in numerous ways.  You may want to consider funding one of the following as a way to support your passion for the arts.

- College of the Arts/Dean's Fund
- School of Art and Design
- Department of Dance

- School of Music

- Department of Theatre & Performance Studies
- Scholarships

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Do you want to leave a lasting legacy? You may want to consider our naming opportunities or a scholarship.

For more information, please call Allison Fichter at 470-589-3129 or e-mail for details.


The College of the Arts relies on its benefactors. The financial support of friends like you allow us to expand our facilities, offer scholarships, enhance student recruitment, add new programs, and grow our endowments for future students and programs. Together, we are building a university for the 21st century.


The Golden Circle is an honor society for individuals whose contributions have had a significant impact on the arts at Kennesaw State. These individuals have demonstrated leadership within the College of the Arts and continued commitment to the advancement of the arts at Kennesaw State University. These individuals have given a single gift of at least $250,000 or a gift of $25,000 or more for ten consecutive years.

  • M. Bobbie Bailey

    M. Bobbie Bailey

    Benefactor of the Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family Performance Center
    Benefactor of the Bailey Softball Stadium
    Benefactor of the Audrey B. and Jack E. Morgan, Sr. Concert Hall
    Benefactor of the Mattie Borders Todd Fellowship for Undergraduate Instrumentalists

  • Fred Bentley, Sr.

    Fred Bentley, Sr.

    Father of the KSU Permanent Collection of Art
    Co-Chair of the first two arts galas
    Benefactor of the Bentley Rare Book Gallery
    Benefactor of the Fred D. Bentley, Sr. Scholarship

  • Gwendolyn Halstead Brooker

    Gwendolyn Halstead Brooker

    Benefactor of the Eric and Gwendolyn Brooker Endowed Voice Scholarship

  • Don Russell Clayton

    Don Russell Clayton

    Inaugural Donor of the Athos Menaboni Collection of Art at KSU
    Naming Honoree of the Don Russell Clayton Gallery Sponsored by the Robert Woodruff Foundation

  • Audrey B. Morgan

    Audrey B. Morgan

    Benefactor of the Audrey and Jack Morgan Music Scholarship Endowment
    Benefactor of the Audrey and Jack Morgan Nursing Scholarship Endowment
    Naming Honoree of the Audrey B. and Jack E. Morgan, Sr. Concert Hall

  • Fred Stillwell

    Fred Stillwell

    Benefactor of the Howard Logan Stillwell Theater
    Benefactor of the Stillwell Baseball Stadium

  • M. Bobbie Bailey

    Bernard Zuckerman

    Donor of the Ruth Zuckerman Collection of Art at KSU
    Benefactor of the Ruth A. Zuckerman Sculpture Pavilion
    Benefactor of the Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art


Generous gifts from our friends create opportunities for success from which students, faculty and the community benefit. Please consider making your gift to the College of the Arts today.

Friends (up to $249)

Patrons ($250-$999)

Benefactors ($1000-$2499)

Ambassadors ($2,500 to $4,999)

Dean’s Club ($5,000-$9,999)

Dean’s Club Patrons ($10,000-$24,999)