College of the Arts Committee Lists

  • Committees of the whole

    Dance Faculty Council

    Lisa K. Lock (Chair)
    Dr. Sarah Holmes
    McCree O'Kelley
    Dr. Meghan Quinlan
    Sean Nguyen-Hilton

    Staff Faculty Council

    David Tatu (Chair)
    Hannah Buhler
    Jordan Wardach

    Dance Awards Committee

    Dr. Sarah Holmes
    McCree O'Kelley
    Lisa K. Lock
    Dr. Meghan Quinlan
    Sean Nguyen-Hilton
    David Tatu
    Hannah Buhler
    Jordan Wardach

    Dance Curriculum Committee

    Sarah Holmes (chair)
    Meghan Quinlan

    Assessment Committee

    Sarah Holmes (chair)
    Meghan Quinlan

    KSU Dance Festival Committee

    Dr. Ivan Pulinkala (Chair)
    Dr. Sarah Holmes
    McCree O'Kelley
    Lisa K. Lock
    Dr. Meghan Quinlan
    Sean Nguyen-Hilton
    David Tatu
    Hannah Buhler
    Jordan Wardach

  • School of Art & Design Faculty Council

    Committee of the Whole
    Design: Craig Brasco, Chair

    Representatives from each area:

    Art History: Dinah McClintock
    Art Education: Diana Gregory
    2-D: Valerie Dibble
    3-D: Jeff Campana
    Design: Craig Brasco, Chair
    Foundations: Jonathan Fisher

    Curriculum Committee

    Matt Haffner, 2016-2019
    Art Education: Lisa Kastello
    Art History: Dan Sachs

    Recruitment Committee

    April Munson
    Dinah McClintock
    Joe Remillard

    Scholarship Committee

    Philip Kiernan, 2017-2020
    Jeff Campana, 2015-2018
    Lin Hightower 2015-2018

    Promotion & Tenure Committee

    Joe Remillard
    Sandra Bird, 2016-2019
    Joe Thomas, 2017-2020

    Visiting Artist/Lecturer Committee

    Teresa Reeves, Ex Officio
    Valerie Dibble
    Matt Haffner
    Philip Kiernan

    Portfolio Review

    Donna Colebeck
    Don Robson
    Kristine Hwang
    Jeff Campana
    Jonathan Fisher

    Assessment or Improve KSU

    Rick Garner
    Jessica Stephenson
    Craig Brasco

    Student Groups

    Art History Club: Diana McClintock
    Art Education Student Chapter: Rick Garner
    Visions:  Jonathan Fisher
    Mudslingers:  Jeff Campana
    Print Club: Valerie Dibble
    Graphic Design Club: Craig Brasco
    Sculpture Club: Ayokunele Odeleye


    Curriculum Committee

    Ben Wadsworth [Theory/History/Composition, 2016-19] 
    John Warren [Performance, 2015-18]

    Faculty Council

    Cory Meals - [2016-19]
    Edward Eanes - [2014-17]
    Alison Mann - [2014-2017]

    General Education Committee

    Edward Eanes

    Music Scholarship Committee

    David Kehler - Band [2016-18]
    Trey Wright - Jazz [2016-18]
    Nat Parker - String/Orchestra [2016-19]
    Leslie Blackwell - Voice/Choir/Opera [2016-19]

    Teacher Education Council

    Cory Meals

    Promotion and Tenure Committee

    Laurence Sherr [2016-19]
    David Kehler [2015-18]


  • Faculty Council

    Committee of the whole
    Chair: Rebecca Makus

    TPS Season Selection Committee

    Committee of the whole
    Chair: Rick Lombardo

    Assessment Committee

    Chair: Karen Robinson
    Margaret Baldwin
    Jamie Bullins
    Angela Farr Schiller

    Curriculum Committee

    Chair: Charlie Parrott [also representative to the UPCC]
    Jamie Bullins
    Amanda Wansa Morgan
    John Gentile

    Scholarship Committee

    Chair: Jan Wikstrom
    John Gentile
    Amanda Wansa Morgan

    Promotion & Tenure Committee

    Chair: Rebecca Makus
    Ming Chen
    Charles Parrot

    Faculty Grants Committee

    Chair: Rick Lombardo
    Angela Farr Schiller
    John Gentile

    TPS Faculty Senate Representative

    Jim Davis


    COTA Global and Community Engagement Coordinator
    (3 year term)

    Lin Hightower

    COTA Awards Committee
    (3 year term)

    Lisa K. Lock [2015 - 2018]
    Robert Sherer [Fall 2016- Spring 2019]
    Jeff Yuenk [Fall 2017 – Spring 2020]
    Angela Farr Schiller [Fall 2017 – Spring 2020]

    COTA College Faculty Council
    (3 year term)

    Lisa K. Lock [2016 - 2019]
    Dr. Sarah Holmes [2017 - 2020]
    Jana Young [Fall 2016-Spring 2019]
    Harry Price [Fall 2017- Spring 2020]
    Jonathan Fischer [Fall 2017-Spring 2020]
    Diana McClintock [Fall 2015- Spring 2018]
    Charlie Parrot [Fall 2015 – Spring 2018]
    Rebecca Makus [Fall 2015 – Spring 2018]

    COTA College Tenure, Promotion, and Post-Tenure Review Committee
    (2 year term)

    Debra Traficante [Fall 2017- Spring 2019]
    Helen Kim (Fall 2016- Spring18)
    Rick Garner [Fall 2016- Spring 2018]
    Keith Smith [Fall 2017- Spring 2019]
    Karen Robinson [Fall 2017- Spring 2018]
    Jim Davis [Fall 2017- Spring 2018]

    COTA Curriculum Committee
    (Membership: Curriculum Chairs from each COTA unit)

    Charles Parrott [TPS]
    Sarah Holmes [Dance]
    Ben Wadsworth [Music]
    Daniel Sachs [SOAAD]
    Harrison Long [ex-officio]



    Academic Standing Appeals Committee
    (2 year term)

    Sandra Bird [Fall 2016 - Spring 2018]
    Ayokunle Odeleye [Fall 2018 - Spring 2020]

    Adult Learning Committee
    (2 year term)

    Harrison Long [Fall 2016 – Spring 2018]
    Mary Akerman [Fall 2018 - Spring 2020]

    Distance Learning Advisory Committee

    Jessica Stephenson [Fall 2017- Spring 2019]
    Edward Eanes [Fall 2016 - Spring 2018]
    Valerie Dibble [Fall 2018 - Spring 2020]

    Distance Learning Executive Committee

    Trey Wright

    Distinguished Professor Award

    Rebecca Makus [AY 2017-2018]
    Karen Robinson [AY 2018-2019]

    Diversity Advocate Award

    Tyrone Jackson [AY 2017-2018]
    Tyrone Jackson [AY 2018-2019]

    Education Abroad Standing Committee
    (2 year term)

    Diana McClintock [Fall 2016-2018]
    Edward Eanes [Fall 2018 - Spring 2020]

    Education Preparation Curriculum Committee (EPCC)

    Diana Gregory [Fall 2017 - Spring 2019]
    Alison Mann [Fall 2018 - Spring 2020]

    Faculty Senate
    (3 year term)

    McCree O'Kelley [Fall 2015-Spring 2018]
    Jim Davis [Fall 2015-Spring 2018]
    Jana Young [Fall 2015-Spring 2018]
    Craig Brasco [Fall 2016 – Spring 2019]

    General Education Council

    Natalie Berry
    Margaret Baldwin
    Edward Eanes
    Debbie Hutchinson

    Graduate Policies & Curriculum Committee
    (2 year term)

    Harrison Long (ex-officio) [Fall 2016 - Spring 2018]
    Lisa Kastello (ex-officio) [Fall 2017- Spring 2019]
    Rick Garner [Fall 2018 - Spring 2020]

    Information Technology Advisory Committee
    (2 year term)

    Valerie Dibble [Fall 2017- Spring 2019]

    International Achievement Award (formerly Global Achievement)

    Lin Hightower [AY2017-2018]
    Lin Hightower [AY 2018-2019] 

    Library Faculty Advisory Committee
    (2 year term)

    John Gentile [Fall 2017 - Spring 2019]

    President’s Planning & Budget Advisory Committee

    Rebecca Makus

    Professional Service and Engagement Award

    Diana Gregory [AY 2018-2019]

    Research, Creative Activity, and Book Award

    Joe Thomas [AY 2017-2018]
    Sandra Bird [AY 2018-2019]

    SoTL Funding Committee (3 yr. term)

    Diana Gregory [Fall 2017 – Spring 2020]

    Teaching Award

    Margaret Baldwin Pendergast [AY 2018-2019]

    Undergraduate Policies and Curriculum Committee
    (2 year term)

    Amanda Morgan [Fall 2017- Spring 2019]
    Charles Parrot [Fall 2016 – Spring 2018]
    Nancy Conley [Fall 2018 - Spring 2020]

    Undergraduate Research Funding Committee

    Jeff Campagna [2017 - 2020]

    University Faculty Committee on Global Engagement

    Phil Kiernan [Fall 2017- Spring 2019]